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  2. Get the head hardness/ crack tested and if it passes then skimmed and valve heights set.
  3. There is a pretty cheap ebay kit containing all the seals for the pump available, it was a few years ago now I bought it and fitted a fair bit of it. ebay search There is also a good set of videos first video showing the process to do it in place and finally Simon Brown has a post here in the tech archive forums detailing some of the same work. If you are happy to remove from the car then it's going to be heaps easier, but presents it's own set of problems for alignment afterwards. The only thing I remember is making sure you mark the shaft properly, not like I did , and that you should push down on the throttle shaft while you remove the plate or I reckon you can bend the linkage, which makes for very strange running afterwards. No leak after the job for at least 12 months until I sold mine.
  4. I'm in the throws of giving the old girl a total service getting ready for our/my trip down the Canning Stock Route (see my thread on trips etc) and I noticed after fitting the auxiliary 35 litre fuel tank and running it for a while to recharge batteries and flush some fuel through the system before I changed all the fuel filters that there was a slight drip of diesel coming from a bleed rubber just below the turbo actuated diaphragm. I removed the diaphragm assembly, the upper section had a smattering of engine oil from the turbo pressure line and the underside quite a bit of diesel, I cleaned it up replacing it so the wear mark on the pin aligned with the plunger etc. and ran the engine, --- so far no more dripping fuel however ------ ??????? This doesn't appear to be normal as I would have noticed it before now, so does it signify a need to have the FIP overhauled ? or is there an easy fix ?
  5. I think you should rethink the PLB - it is not an alternative to other communications devices it is supplementary - it is the final failsafe if all else fails - in the hundreds and thousands of activations there has never been a non receipt by AMSA. For $250 it is you ultimate protection when all else has failed. For sure if you can ring on the satphone but if it fails or you cannot use it - the PLB on your belt may save your life - as it did with a couple out near where you are going last week. As I said - it is not an alternative to other communications methods - it is the failsafe when all else has failed. I carry mine in my car all the time and when heading to remote areas it is on my belt. Garry
  6. The fuel side is okay, the overland distance from Halls Creek to Kunawaritji (the only fuel stop on the CSR) is around 660 kilometres and from there to Wiluna around 1000 kilometers, so even at over 15 litres per 100 kilometers I'm easily covered. The last time I did the trip up the CSR it was south (Wiluna) to North (Halls Creek) and we did it comfortably with the 135 litre tank and two 20 litre Jerry cans. When we refueled at Kunawaritji I had only used an estimated 132 litres - on the journey I had emptied the two Jerry cans into the main fuel tank to reduce the roof rack load and the main tank only took 92 litres to refill it, meaning it still had 43 litres remaining. I carry a satellite telephone, I've never bothered with an emergency location beacon, I've only once used the sat phone to call up spares and my Inmarsat phone is set to automatically send my GPS location at the start of any phone call, email or text message. I wouldn't want the cavalry coming over the hill for no good reason. My reservations about emergency beacons as against a satellite phone is you never know when the signal has been received while with a satellite phone you can, if needed, call up the required emergency services, give then your exact location and explain your problem and receive advice and the time of arrival of aid if its needed. De Ranged, yes he has, I'll ask him if I can make it "public"
  7. from what i know 300's just wont tolerate boiling so doing a gasket is wasted time. Turners seem to be popular place for a new head. or find a known good 2nd hand engine for sale
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  9. Thinking about this, black smoke is usually unburnt diesel. Either not enough air (Blocked air filter) or too much diesel re-mappped incorrectly.... Or, your engine isn't burning the fuel properly! Reading it's reasonably high mileage and using oil, I'd be suspicious that your bores / rings are worn and your compression is low, meaning poor burn and back smoke......
  10. Ah fair enough been helpful if the full info was there in the OP
  11. Hi Guys. I'm replacing a cam belt that sadly has snapped. I know I should have done it before now but it was still within the mileage window, what I didn't know was that it was not done correctly! Anyway, the engine might have survived and I'm putting it back together but when i line up the pulleys the camshaft pulley wants to be half a tooth off from the timing mark. I remember this happening last time I did one, is it common? any advice of which way to let it fall? there's a photo in the tech archive where it looks to be retarder half a tooth? Any advice would be great, thanks
  12. A couple of Danish Teams are going as well, in fact a Viking Winch will be present
  13. That's what I was thinking.
  14. The chap I bought it of has put a head gasket on it already.It sounds like he used one of those multi layer ones. Unfortuntaly he decided against getting the head checked out. Luckily the motor was cheap and it can just about stand the cost of a new head.
  15. I've done this on on series 3 88" you need a kit from Ashcroft unfortunately they aren't cheap. The other problem is the Lt 77 is 4" longer so something has to move.
  16. I think I overthink sometimes. Chatting to Neil reminded me that I have a copper faced hammer. It just tapped in with that. As did the railko bush housing.
  17. With the rocker cover off there's is no access to the seal from inside the head. The cam is between the two parts of the head and fills the section completely. The seal will only come out from the rear of the engine. Try as we might, we couldn't get purchase on the seal ..... You might get some better access by lifting the engine, remove the engine mounts and then drop the engine away from the bulkhead.... Only a theory. Not tested.... As you can see from the attached picture of a TD5 head split, the cam is clamped in the hole at the end... The wider inset hole is where the seal is pushed in. With the cam in, there is deffo no access from inside the head. Sorry.. I didn't take a picture of the head built up from that end.... Probably quite a simple task in a Defender as you should be able to drill the plug and extract... Might need to remove the airbox and bracket, but that'll only take a few minutes.
  18. that's where the oil temp thermostat housing attaches when rad has a built in oil cooler, a new seal or a gasket should cure the leak
  19. Could just be the head gasket? Take the head off and get it crack tested, then decide one whether to replace it, you can't test this with the head on.
  20. Turner Engineering..
  21. It's been a while (years) since I posted on here. I've just bought a 300 tdi disco. The expansion bottle is pressurising and bubbling straight after starting and the heater is blowing cold when it should be hot. With my limited skills I've come to the conclusion my head is knackered. I've looked on the forum to see if there is any preferred supplier of heads with no luck. So the question is, where is the best place to get a new head? I'm guessing Britpart isn't the way to go. Also can a normal torque wrench be used on the (new) headbolts? Thanks Stewart
  22. this is the part, the diamond plate has an O ring behind it..... Here's the old and new, suppose it's done well for 30 odd years.....
  23. 😂😂 Mo it's killing me !! Just when I think I've got them all, boom ! 😂 I took a leap leap of faith and when in, I'll try get a picture up but Photobucket is playing up 🙄 Viton O rings are coming in very handy indeed . I also did the rocker cover gasket as it was leaking too !! Now I've done the transfer box oil, the gearbox ATF, new seals on those too. Sure to god that's it?? 😂🤣
  24. That should be all it takes to sort out. That said, I wish you luck!
  25. DC is now the official forum leak magnet 😂 Mo
  26. If you use a VW 99 relay, a quick push on the end of the stalk gives a single flick wipe, holding it gives you wash / wipe. Mo
  27. Aforementioned soft bar and wallop ! Mo
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