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  1. Denz1l, Where are you located approximately? What prices one pays in England make those of us in North America quite envious. Pictures help also. Welcome to the forum. It is a great place to learn. C
  2. Phil, My 1995 ex MOD 2.5 n/a 110 is a Defender...says so right on the front. Cheers, Colin
  3. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of pedal lock? It seems that it might do. Thanks, Colin
  4. I have never heard of replacing the arms either as any changes can be 'compensated for' in the valve clearance adjustment. Mine looked exactly like this when I rebuilt my 2.5. I have heard of replacing the shaft that holds the rockers should it be worn, but that is not what you are asking here. Don't forget the little mushrooms on top of the valve stems! Cheers, Colin
  5. My 12J is also an Ex MOD 110 LHD from the British base in Alberta, Canada. It has the same tag on the rocker cover as well as this re-manufacture tag. I'm still not sure what the Mk. 4/6B is all about. Cheers, Colin
  6. Just got a 41mm socket ($9.95) and with the injectors out the engine is easy to spin. I am using the breaker bar to rotate the socket - I cannot close the bonnet with it still attached. : )
  7. would that need a 12" lift kit?
  8. Kev, Good job on the videos. I can relate to working in the driveway and getting a face full of dirt (episode 2)! This is a friend and I reattaching the engine to transmission. Cheers, Colin
  9. Oops! Stories like that are yet another reason why it is more fun to work on your own truck rather than have someone else do the work!
  10. Kev, Ordered the washers and they were dispatched today. It was snowing on Sunday so I didn't get much time to look at the old washers...providing that they are there. Thanks all for your replies. I guess that this is an obvious solution. I use a remote starter on my MGB because I cannot get a socket easily on the crank pulley nut. James: That sounds like great advice with a bit of a back story?!
  11. Is there an easy way to bump over the engine from the engine bay when adjusting the valves? With the starter relay inside, is there a safe way to bridge the starter? Thanks, Colin
  12. Great Information. Thanks all! I'm glad that I caught this. Colin
  13. Thanks, Brett. My order arrived on Wednesday past and the only communication was about the order and shipping payment. There was no reply to my questions. Thank goodness for this forum! Cheers, Colin
  14. I am reassembling my 12J engine. The workshop manual talks about domed steel washers that go in first, then a larger copper washer with the injector. In the Payer kit there are no domed steel washers, but there are some crush-able copper washers. Are these a substitute for the 'domed' ones. I have this type of injector (not from this supplier, but was an easy pic to capture): The ad says that it comes with 'all correct copper washers'. The domes steel washers are not shown. Is there a type of injector that does not need the smaller 'domed' washer? Thanks, Colin
  15. I had a slight edge on the bush from my first attempt to mate the engine and transmission. I could feel it when I took the engine back out. I filed the edge off and the two mated with no drama. C