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  1. Given that JATE is the acronym for Joint Air Transport Establishment. I would imagine that this is what they were designed for If the bolts are 12.9 type and thus possess a tensile strength of 12,000mPa and if the shear is approx 0.63 of tensile then the shear strength of each retaining bolt is 7,440 mPa or 7.44KN per mm2
  2. From Ashcroft website. This type can also be fitted to early Disco I's but you will need to make a small machining mod to the stub for clearance, we are able to provide details of this for you. The overall length measurement is 236mm
  3. Last time I bought a new car, the only non cost option was a peculiar shade of yellow. Any other colour was an additional 500 pounds, this on a car that only cost 6000. I told them I didn't want the yellow and flat out refused to pay for an alternative colour. Basically told them I wouldn't pay extra for the car to be painted and they could send it in bare metal for all I cared. Eventually got a purplish coloured car that was a cancelled order.
  4. Saw a D5 today for the first time and was struck by how deep the doors are and how silly the back end looks, if the front end had not been badged "Discovery" I would have struggled to put a name to it. I only noticed it because it was coloured. I realised yesterday how very few coloured cars there are. I was walking a long a street and spotted 8 black cars parked in a row. Having nothing better to do I walked back to the start of the street and counted all the cars on the street. 132 were either black, white or a shade of grey, 31 were coloured and of those the majority were red. Pretty much all of them were insipid, unadventurous designs and looked drab. The coloured cars tended to be older as well.
  5. If you cannot find one I have a drum salisbury cluttering up my garage floor. It has new bearings and seals in the hubs. No half shafts, brakes or diff cover.
  6. Wrong shape rear reflector, back lights wrong type, wrong type of cable used for wiring, carppy crimp on connectors, dodgy aluminium ducting for air intake, the previously mentioned checquer plate. If you want top money for a nut and bolt restoration, then it really ought to be perfect.
  7. I have a freelander radio for my Defender and the digital dashboard display (woohoo all mod cons here) However, what I do not have is the lead which links the two together, or the part number for said lead. Can anybody help, please?
  8. I suppose the possibility exists that you have a faulty Unit. The description of the flasher PRC8876 is that it is the heavy duty unit for defender and RR classic.
  9. Mine (One_Ten) does that if I take it to full lock and hold it there. As soon as I release the steering wheel it stops hissing. Maybe, there is something tight in your steering box?
  10. The later swivel housings AFAIK have neither a hole for topping them up or a hole for draining them which means you are really stuck if anything goes wrong
  11. FRC3310 is the Defender speedo drive gear part number. Not sure where the 2 longer bolts fit but it becomes reasonably obvious when you start putting them in
  12. I have a 1984 One_Ten. At various points during the time I have owned it I have fitted all sorts of bits n pieces to the axles. When I converted to Vented front discs and rear discs I fitted the later type, flatter, drive members. Then I had a prolonged chat with Ashcrofts about the merits of various items so now it runs their half shafts in the disc brake back axle and is fitted with the earlier, deep type, drive members ( I also removed the stub axle oil seals at the same time) The front is running a 4 pin diff, Ashcroft half shafts, Ashcroft AEU2522 type CVs and Ashcroft drive members. This has been the set up for about 12 years now. where was I? Oh yes, the drive members have been swapped back and forth between the various hubs without any problem whatsoever as have the retaining bolts, from the very early plain bolts to the later flanged bolts. Thus empirical research suggests that either type of drive member should fit either style hub and the threads are the same
  13. From my days "in" and sepia tinted memory. All Green fleet Land Rovers had 8 blade fans. You could hear them coming from a distance because of the roar from the fan
  14. Yes the seal in the stub axle which rubs on the half shaft. Yes oil migrates in both directions and it dribbles when you take the drive member off. But it keeps the wheel bearings and drive members nice and wet. Having had a drive member/half shaft rust into oblivion when it still had seals in the stub axle I doubt I will ever refit them. The oil also ensures that the upper swivel bearing stays well lubricated.
  15. The upper body sides are not a straight swap type fit. Series upper body sides are shorter than those of a 90.
  16. And, How is it? You can't leave us all in suspenders
  17. I looked all over the various FL1 courtesy cars I was given to find the up and down seat adjuster. Never found it to this day. Oddly though didn't have the problem with a fester hire car
  18. Your comment about tyres just reminded me of a problem I had with mine, many years ago. It was fitted with BF Goodrich AT tyres and I had a horrible steering problem, Turned out that one of the tryes had a fault, didn't notice it till I removed the wheel and rolled it along the road. The tyre was severely distorted and at the point of the distortion, badly worn, so much so that the steel cords were breaking up and coming out through what was left of the tread
  19. I found something similar with the original Freelander, I had to crick my neck to see through the windscreen comfortably and I am a positively stumpy 5' 9" I am guessing here but I have the feeling that the ewok is a mistress's car in much the same way as the Merc SL
  20. the part numbers I have are: NTC2263 NTC2064 Sadly both parts are obsolete. Though Hobsons of Louth are showing stock on NTC2263 It is interesting because I have an earlier V8 with twin tanks, external pump and chassis mounted filter where all the fuel pipes are nylon and mounted in plastic clips which push directly into a selection of holes provided on the chassis top rail If you look up a diesel specialist in yellow pages or similar they might be able to make up the nylon pipes with the necessary bends and fittings
  21. When I attempted that method of unfastening the bolt on the crank pulley. It snapped the breaker bar, like a carrot.
  22. Has it ever had the injectors replaced or serviced? 400,000 KM on one of these engines is nothing. They have a design life of over 400,000 miles. I had over 300,000 miles on mine and apart from a head gasket failure at 212,000 miles, a couple of P gaskets and a couple of inlet manifold gaskets, no problems at all.
  23. Just to add to the debate. Another couple of possible causes are incorrect swivel preload. I had that, replaced all the swivel bearings, set the preload and put it all back together. It was better but not perfect. Turned out there was also some wear in the bushes on one of the radius arms.Changed them et Voila, it was gone
  24. The camshaft turns at half the speed of the engine. So as the post above suggests you might be 180 degrees out
  25. This is like the gift that just keeps on taking. Manager Sues VW Over Bonus&utm_term=00c113b690981ffd789b07592a5cfdb0d7