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  1. By legit it will need a receipt as proof of purchase IIRC
  2. True if you do not need waterproof etc. however as my dizzy was warn and therefore the problem it was worth it eitherway.
  3. I am 5'8" but sitting down I am taller than my friend who is 6' 6", I struggle to fit in any sporty cars and certianly not proper sports cars like TVR, Noble etc.
  4. Rear capping folds too tight and sguare? Also the reg number does not exist in DVLA checks.
  5. So this may be old news but I found this on the bay of e, its very nice but is it worth the price tag? The ad talks of an early version but only in terms of being a diesel. Reg UXB might be significant but I need to look on the S1OC web site to see.
  6. Hmm nice and cheap if you wanna nick fuel!
  7. Can't say I've ever seen a good modified LR, Icon or what, LR's own SVR may sound amazing but is so chav!" LR is just rich chav go to Essex and see!!
  8. Here in Denmark you get 2 years warranty on a VW, which should be German thoroughness and all the other blah.. But on a KIA you get 7 years warranty! And the car is even cheaper to begin with. Or, their prepared to loose mony to promote the brand? I bought a cheap Chinese parking aid sensor replacement part for my Disco 3, all thier parts come with a lifetime guarantee at a third of the price of a gen LR ones. Is it any better for the lifetime bit, not at all it is absolute carp and causes loads of issues but the company will give you a new one for free.
  9. Hi, All you need should be here at Ashcroft Transmissions Ratio Calculator.
  10. Hi and welcome, How much stuff is may depend on which country you are in?
  11. Hybrid from Hell posted a thread on how to do it with string. Why do you think it is complicated? Any decent tyre comp should be capable but make sure they use Series stting not Defender! Best way is to go forarmed with the manuals setting. IIRC they are both 1.2 to 2.4mm but Series is toe in and the other is out due to the different suspension type? There are 4x4 tyre companies, in Surrey is AJS, Andy Sargent has been racing offroad for years.
  12. If you look at the picture above, the bottom of the housing has a semi-circular cutout in it. This makes it fit male housings with all keyway variations. Edited 1 minute ago by PaulMc Sorry to question this but the connector has a clear single groove and fitting it your way round would put the release spring on the inside hard against the body of the item in the photo, not only would this make it really difficult if not impossible to remove but also would reverse the connectors?
  13. I kinda get the point on a light aircraft but not on a car, by all means leave the mechanical pump in the block and pipes available for backup but if you fit a lecky pump then use this as he main. Why faf about with turning it on and off when it is a better pump than a mechanichal diaphram pump anyway?
  14. Oh tha'ts OK then!
  15. Souster said the following: I've tried jacking the gearbox, tried all different positions still no luck. Removed the slave cylinder to release pressure off the release bearing. No luck! Also tried clutch friction plate on gearbox splines, and it fits no problem. I don't think it's the clutch at fault, or my alignment, because I've stuck it in 2nd gear and turned the crank and the car started to move. So to me that means the clutch is on the splines fine, it just won't go that last bit. So this answers the comments around alignment etc I think? If you fit a spigot bush in to a crank shaft your are supposed to ream it out to the correct size since the act of squeezing it in to the crank will alter the hole size! I was a complete bodger with my V8 conversion, I did not ream it out and used the bolts to pull it in as I had the same problem. I was only swapping to a new V8 engine like for like so I knew it should fit. I am NOT suggesting you do that as it may not work and it was a bad bodge that could have stripped all the threads! The spigot should be able to spin on the bush. Another check you could do is remove the clutch etc and dry fit the gearbox to see if it will go in any further? Also measure the face of the bell housing to the end of the input shaft then compare it to the engine block to crankshaft minus the depth of the bush?