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  1. Personally I've found Island4x4 to be fairly prompt on delivery, they're one of 3 suppliers I prefer to use on the web, LRdirect being one of the others.
  2. Really enjoyed the second video you posted, a visiting friend said it was the best stop-motion video he has seen in a long time and perfectly showed the process of the work. Keep it up
  3. That was a very entertaining watch, seemed very well shot and great subject matter, I will be watching future episodes and I'll probably send the link to friends too. Better than a lot of stuff I've seen on broadcast TV.
  4. See this reply, the RRC used the same alarm ECu around that era
  5. Sorry to hear that, always sad to say goodbye to a pet.
  6. Leave the registration on the advert too, it makes it look like you've got something to hide when you blank it out.
  7. A lot of the later 2 doors had electric windows; https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1017983057.htm?ca=12_s I'll try and remember to grab some photos of the inside of my doors The part number is RTC6387 and RTC6388, paddocks sell them http://www.paddockspares.com/rtc6387-window-winder-mech-2dr-rh-from-fa-electric.html hope that helps
  8. If you're over this way sometime soon you're welcome to have a poke round mine and a ride up the road and back
  9. We have the stainless rimmer brothers part on the 4.6 Overfinch, fitted fine I keep thinking about pulling the cats off my 1993 but I think it would fail the visual test come MOT time
  10. Depends on age Exposed bonnet hinge scuttles are interchangeable as are hidden bonnet hinges with exposed door hinges. Later hidden door hinge scuttles are not interchangeable Hope that helps
  11. I am happy but feel I could get a little more performance out of them when dragging the caravan off wet fields and plodding through the snow, trying to decide if the grass is greener or not! The CSK has very road bias tyres and they tramline terribly and I wouldn't say offer any better grip. I don't think I want anything more road biased than the Uniroyals already on there but am pondering more A/T based tyres...
  12. It obviously wasn't fit for purpose. Can you still open a case via ebay after this time? If not it might be worth contacting their customer care department. How did you pay?
  13. The time has come to purchase new tyres for the 4 door, I currently have Uniroyal rallye 4x4 street - cam skill link - and I might put these back on however I'm considering the ubiquitous General Grabber AT tyre. I mostly do road driving, a fair portion of that towing a caravan or trailer, the rest split between motorway/a road and country lane. I do the odd bit of green laning, some driving in fields and some snow. I've found the uniroyals to be pretty good at dragging the caravan off muddy campsites although they do get a bit squirmy and they're very good at stopping in the wet. Both a friend and my brother have the AT on Disco2 and their wet performance doesn't seem quite as good but they're probably a lot better in the poor conditions. Any experience of the AT on a classic? Any other tyres I should really consider? I've had Geolander Yokos on a Discovery 1 and they were a bit slippy in the wet on road, used to have Pirelli Scorpions on my old classics but they're an old tyre now and I also found them lacking compared to the Uniroyal.
  14. That was me, yes, I thought I'd try the same question here The prices did seem consistent and in line with my thinking too. I'll give the guy a call next week and see what he says...
  15. Yeah, it's just a hardtop with windows. Started life as a soft top though.