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  1. I think it's much better this series. I don't see why the STIG is let off the race challenges. If he is the fastest let him prove it. :-). I've found it very watchable.
  2. Going back to the original topic I think LR are feeling like someone who did a ground up rebuild and sold the landy for £10k only for someone to buy it, paint it with pink and yellow strips with some fuffy dice and a throw cushion, put a 'bling' badge on and sell it on for £25k.
  3. Car pc time again. Can someone recommend me a serial to USB cable for MS to plug into a Raspberry pi please ?
  4. Ah the classic Land Rover forum thread :-)
  5. Ok now I have it in more pieces I see size does matter....
  6. Mine is 51 cm long but the width looks good. Does length shouldn't matter should it ?
  7. My Smax dead pedal reads at 45 degrees and my landy one is reading at 55 degrees measured with iPhone resting on the pedal if that's any help.
  8. If I spent 3 years bringing a product to market I'd probably be a bit pocessive of it. I think it is aimed at Kahn and the like and he is a bit cross at himself and a bit jealous. Building a car is a huge undertaking and then someone puts some paint and big wheels on with 6 times the profit margin. You have to be thinking I should be offering that.
  9. I'm fine with way OT posts with no benefit to members being posted and then taken down by the admins. OT such as a garage build I am fine with staying up. If every other LR forum has OT section, why not just join them? You want land rovers and off topic, they have it why not have an account there and use that to post off topic posts to Land Rover minded people ? what is evil about OT? pretty much sums it up for me.
  10. I understand losing a beloved pet is a sad time, I understand why someone who has lost a close family member may not want to view posts of that nature on forum that is for land rovers and I understand how people may view the various re-actions. Hopefully we can all look to see each other's point of view. The fact reading this thread is a bit depressing is in my view one of the reasons we shouldn't have content of this nature. Yes people need support in tough times but there are more suitable mediums than this forum. As for the off topic section just to be clear the ask is here that this techical Land Rover forum needs an area where we can post things that are deliberately not technical nor Land Rover related ? Is the internet so short of places where you can post non Land Rover non technical content that we need a section here ? Can't we make a Facebook group and just point at that ? You want some banter and to post more varied content go and join that. I think the very specific focus of this forum is one of its great strengths and any move towards a more general anything goes Facebook environment diminishes that. Can we get back to talking about reliability issues and discussions on how much of a sell out the new defender will be please ?
  11. We have a must be of benefit to members rule that permits threads while not strictly Land Rover are of benefit. I don't see a issue with purely technical forums either. If you want something else it's very easy to start a group on Facebook.
  12. I'm sorry for your loss but I'm with Les. This is a Land Rover forum and rules are rules, it's not you are allowed one off topic thread or 3 sad posts per section, it is land rovers only. At some point people may come here to find some escape from the sadness or difficulty they currently have in their life and won't want to read off topic posts such as these. While it is sad your dog has been put to sleep, there are other forums where that is allowed. I'm glad the rules are the way they are on here and people like Les have the balls to enforce them even on topics such as this.
  13. Thank you for the offer. I'll measure the screw if it seems similar I would definitely be interested in the parts.
  14. Thanks, I have the adaptor wide pedal that bolts on from Ashcroft.
  15. I like the foot rest but it will depend on your own size and preference. I appreciate they aren't for everyone. How do you find the fat pedal ? I haven't put mine on yet. Worried it might make the pedal noticeably higher. Does it seem like the rest pedal would block the pedal lock ?