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  1. I think I overthink sometimes. Chatting to Neil reminded me that I have a copper faced hammer. It just tapped in with that. As did the railko bush housing.
  2. Thanks Steve. I dont think anyone thought about access and practicality whem they designed this engine. The FPR is hard enough to change without destroying your hands or dismantling that side of the engine! I hear the D3 is worse though!
  3. Has anyone changed the rear cam oil seal on a TD5 with the engine in situ? Any tips on how to do it? There's an oil leak back there and I have changed all of the other likely offenders (FPR, rocker seal and the rubber bolt seals for the rocker cover).
  4. As above. How do you press the bearing races into new swivel balls? Silly thing is, I've done the other side before, but I can't remember how and now I am having a mind blank about how to do it without damaging the ball or teflon coating if i slip!
  5. I keep seeing the current Kia SUV offerings on the road and I really think they're better looking than most of the current LR lineup!!
  6. I took mine back to the reconditioner. 70k wasn't acceptable IMO. They hadn't used Timken bearings and one had failed. Visible score marks on the rollers. The syncro rings that were in it were also very poor, so they were replaced at the same time (not the cause of the noise, but caused a really dreadful 3-2 and 4-3 shift). A leak or two later and I may have an acceptable box for now...
  7. How does it compare to mine James?
  8. Nothing happens quickly in my life Dave! Chances are the old box will be fitted for some time. Plus it might be dependent on how quickly a friend of mine can sleeve the intermediate shaft hole on the current box for me
  9. I want to fit a transfer box that I've stored in the garage whilst I rebuild the newer lt230 thats currently fitted to the 110. Trouble is, I was sloppy when I stored the old box and had it in the garage without the pto cover on it. Welding, grinding etc means that all sorts of dust and muck could have got in to it. How should I flush this prior to refitting?
  10. Thanks Ross. Ill take a look.
  11. Nearly everything I have ever bought from BP has been utter carp, so they have had their chance. The swivel on the other side of my 110 is a BP item and has lasted fine so far. However, I will happily spend more to get better quality and avoid BP entirely.
  12. I don't know what the crank pulley on the 300 tdi is like, but the tool I made for my 200tdi is pretty simple and easy to make
  13. Thanks Mo. That's very kind of you. I've parked it up for the weekend. There's something else that must be causing it to leak as it was a good quality corteco seal I used. There's no play on the swivel and the ball looks in good condition. I may be down to no shims on that side so it's probably time for a rebuild.
  14. Yes please.
  15. They lost your Pets Doug? Why did you send such precious things to them?