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  1. Ralph Did you try Pat Pending's suggestion of checking for retained pressure ? Although now Mo has mentioned overdrive it does come high up the list of causes . I suppose to eliminate hydraulics you could drain the fluid or remove the slave cyl. and try driving somewhere safe by starting in gear ? cheers Steve b
  2. ...that's interesting , since I got my Forester turbo S I've been wondering about the feasibility of fitting the engine to a coiled LR when the dreaded tinworm takes control . As for sound , it works even with a completely std. exhaust . Torque and power seem like an appropriate balance too driving the car . I may have to get in touch with the seller and ask for some more pic's and the video cheers Steveb
  3. Be aware that there is resin coated ply on the market purportedly for trailer flooring that is actually really low grade softwood with the minimum amount of resin coating and NO rot proofing at all internally . .........Can you tell I got royally ripped off about 5 yrs ago when I re-boarded my 14' x6'6" flat bed - almost £400 lighter and the boarding is now like sponge .......the original boarding lasted around 20years of hard use and living outside all the time . I think I will be using 5mm Al checker plate this time . Gwaza/Farmpower in Shrops. are good value for lights etc cheers Steve b
  4. Ok will get in touch before I pop over . I've watched the walk round video and it does look good Steve b
  5. Agreed Soren - you could put the outside set on the other way round for reverse traction or are you planning on just going forwards ? With that set up it's quite possible . awaiting some video .. cheers Steve b
  6. It would be nice to look over it if you pick it up , keep us posted Steve
  7. Looks Nice Sam , original lighting too in that pic . Is it petrol with the solex carb? Steve b
  8. Yes , if the bulkhead is good and the vehicle is complete , particularly the dash panel with the correct switches etc . Does it still have the correct axles ? And steering wheel ? Ooh and some pic's please 109 , the perfect number cheers Steve b
  9. Is now a good time to mention wood gas ? Obviously not a consideration when it's burning with flames and a bit of draught , but something to be aware of when the wood is hot but not fully alight - smouldering charred logs cheers Steveb
  10. .........if it's for sale it should be priced and in the For Sale section Steve b
  11. ........I wonder if the upper tailgate pops open at random moments as per the original spec ? Or maybe at that price it comes with it's own elastic load cord to back up the latch Steve b
  12. ..soap on a rope A very serious point nailed home with a bit of humour being able to use the equipment safely - to oneself and others and being able to risk assess a situation are the fundamentals . That said I spent 3 days clearing trees from the local roads for the council in '87 after the storm with only a landrover , a couple of chainsaws and a hydraulic winch and no paperwork to back it up.... different times . Steve b
  13. Not come across the term before , it sounds very effective , thanks for the clear , factual description . Noted for the next time I have a good , bare bulkhead to do cheers Steveb
  14. ..I could google it , but what is E coating snagger ? ta Steve b
  15. If all you want is a basic open channel rear x member in 6mm there must be a steel fabricator local to you who could profile then fold it to shape ? If not I could sort it for you as we have HD plasma and a large pressbrake at work cheers Steve b