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  1. That is some excellent fabrication Das , it looks great . cheers Steve b
  2. I'll keep an eye open for the thread when you write it Wytze , and always good to hear of health returning . A mate had the same engine in a RRC on a manual box some years back which was a nice drive , plenty of torque all the way through the rev range cheers Steve b
  3. Is it turbocharged? I think a new thread with some pic's of this conversion would be nice if you have time. cheers Steve b
  4. That sounds interesting Wytze , which autobox and transferbox have you used ? cheers Steve b
  5. Don't be tempted to throw too many hotties on at once , I service a factory that makes them and they are about 4 times as effective as a similar sized natural log of the same type of wood , enjoy cheers Steve b
  6. If it's 1 1/2" away then it won't be the spigot bush . It sounds like the splines aren't engaging with the centre plate . Getting it hanging dead right will make it a lot easier and jacks under the front and rear of the transmission to stop it rocking about helps too . Then push engine crane in once engine is at right height , when it stops going in watch the engine to make sure it hasn't tilted up at the front too much then turn the crank left/right with the gearbox in 4th/5th and the HB on . ...It should go from there using force should only be done with care - I saw a D1 clutch that some cowboy had mis-aligned then forced using long bolts and a rattle gun and the gearbox primary shaft had actually started to broach an entirely new set of splines in the boss...... good luck Steve b
  7. Nice work Das , very neat indeed Steve b
  8. Replacement from vendor at no expense to you , that is some rough handling , It'll take time but at £2600 I'd be prepared to wait (read keep hassling for appropriate action) for it to happen . I'm sure someone will be along soon to explain about buyers right's in more detail hopefully cheers Steve b
  9. All going well by the look of it I'm pretty sure the bolts on S3 springs are 5/8" UNF , although the front one could be M16 I guess , fine if you can get it . cheers Steve b
  10. Good work , a write up with pic's would be worthwhile , especially as you are working with minimum tools so ingenuity and creative thinking become part of the toolbox. cheers Steve b
  11. Another thing to think about is where will the spring/axle go when you make the final cut as it becomes loose . I would be cutting through the inner one first with a jack under light pressure between the spring and chassis to ensure it doesn't close up as you cut through and grab the cutting disc, then on the outer supporting the spring in the same way cut the middle section first by plunging through with a part worn(smaller) disc then cut in from the edge each end to remove the remaining "tags" then the disc is not between the two cut edges . Anti-sieze grease is your friend on re-assembly. cheers Steve b
  12. What sort of tyres are on it ? In the days of crossply SAT's they had a flat spot when cold and left standing for a few hours. It used to disappear after 5 - 10 miles , but as said earlier make sure it's not stuck in 4x4 Hi first cheers Steve b
  13.'s not thick enough? (exit stage left , door clicks shut ) Steve b
  14. Rebuild tip - renovate in sections and do each section as you remove , so if you are refurbing the doors do them as you remove each one . This particularly applies to the bulkhead assy. I've been asked to help several people that stripped their BH several months/years previous and don't remember where wiring and fittings go . It also means when you finally start re-assy. all those major items are ready to fit Put a thread up on here too , always good for your own use and others too cheers Steve b
  15. Yes , mine is probably over 20 yrs old now and has been trouble free , one motor capacitor in that time . The V4 that runs the Plasma cutter and workshop supply at the fab shop is also a Clarke which again has been ultra reliable too (3 phase) . I'm sure you will find it to be fine for all you need to do . cheers Steve b