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  1. This is the point I was trying to make in my reply to Les' post in this thread , put much better . I too have met and got to know some good people through this place and come here every day to catch up with current events in the communities lives with Land Rovers . The respect people have for both each others views and the forum charter is clear to see and is probably why I still come here 11 years after finding it - thanks Petergg Steve b
  2. very funny , the Q & A bit particularly would work really well on drums Steve b
  3. ...I have to say your responses to the slightest off Rules post Les are disproportionate to the frequency .... this is a community no matter what and a little balance would not go amiss We all have a massive list of lost relatives / friends / pets and it is the darkest of paths to travel The tech base and self moderation here by the posters is something to behold in a world of t'internet power constructive or not ? Steve
  4. ...and you read it because ?? I assume that's not your dog in your avatar pic then , just a pic off google images ... Steve b
  5. I lost my older (only 8 yrs. old ) wolfhound to heart failure at the end of November , you have my sympathy , dogs have always been part of this home . Steve b
  6. Check the plugs on the BeCM under the drivers seat for corrosion . It has a role in all of the faults you describe I think ? cheers Steve b
  7. And I'll be around in East Anglia should you need anything , just don't forget to take some pic's cheers Steve b
  8. Ok it's worth cleaning the earth stud connection , terminals and stud , on the bulkhead by the clutch master cyl. - that's where most of the wired earths from dash and lights ground . t cheers Steve b
  9. Is that fuel gauge going to full on the start key position or when you turn on to ign. on ? If it's the latter then either the sender unit has failed allowing the signal feed to go direct to earth or the signal wire is chafed and touching earth somewhere between the fuel gauge and the tank . I can't see a scenario where it would go to full on start ? Starting wise as said above replace the relay first then consider the starter solenoid , this is provided the battery and main earth and power cables are all good cheers Steve b
  10. If you scroll down the preselects on the left of Ebay at the bottom you can select only sold items - that may give a clearer guide to value , and UK reg/mot will make it much more attractive . cheers Steve b
  11. Ralph Did you try Pat Pending's suggestion of checking for retained pressure ? Although now Mo has mentioned overdrive it does come high up the list of causes . I suppose to eliminate hydraulics you could drain the fluid or remove the slave cyl. and try driving somewhere safe by starting in gear ? cheers Steve b
  12. ...that's interesting , since I got my Forester turbo S I've been wondering about the feasibility of fitting the engine to a coiled LR when the dreaded tinworm takes control . As for sound , it works even with a completely std. exhaust . Torque and power seem like an appropriate balance too driving the car . I may have to get in touch with the seller and ask for some more pic's and the video cheers Steveb
  13. Be aware that there is resin coated ply on the market purportedly for trailer flooring that is actually really low grade softwood with the minimum amount of resin coating and NO rot proofing at all internally . .........Can you tell I got royally ripped off about 5 yrs ago when I re-boarded my 14' x6'6" flat bed - almost £400 lighter and the boarding is now like sponge .......the original boarding lasted around 20years of hard use and living outside all the time . I think I will be using 5mm Al checker plate this time . Gwaza/Farmpower in Shrops. are good value for lights etc cheers Steve b
  14. Ok will get in touch before I pop over . I've watched the walk round video and it does look good Steve b
  15. Agreed Soren - you could put the outside set on the other way round for reverse traction or are you planning on just going forwards ? With that set up it's quite possible . awaiting some video .. cheers Steve b