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  1. https://gabrielhemery.com/2011/05/15/how-to-calculate-tree-height-using-a-smartphone/
  2. Its a while since i've played with this... CLT should be just below warm temp e.g. 85 I think the TPS 5% could be a bit high, i would make it 1% 0.5s for delay And i would put a 1s delay for EGO on fuel return But first as Bowie says, turn it off and see what it does to eliminate that as the cause.
  3. If you are going autobox, why not use the 722.6? Its vastly superior to the LR boxes, and it mates to the OM606 as standard.
  4. Which is the superior range? The black 'industrial' or the red 'professional' ? I need a top cabinet to go on top of a Facom Jet 3, but annoyingly theres no measurements on the Halfords site.
  5. I lived with LPG for a while, so here's my 2p. Channel tunnel yes its banned, but all road tunnels in EU are ok. Ferries not a big issue vs channel tunnel imho. Some underground parking also bans it. Being stuck for supply - If you dont have one near, there still the fuel tank as backup. In fact this is a major advantage for me, gives to huge range and backup option. I converted mine myself with a kit from Tinley. I know that way the work is done well. They were also very helpful/ supportive. The future of it is another matter - availablity, tax etc. I cant comment on that. I would do it again, if the future-proof research looked good.
  6. Actually it is less on the rating plate, 3450kg. It was just in my head at approx 3500.
  7. I'm 2.1 tonnes unladen, 3.5 GVW so the 70 mph is fine for me. No real disadvantage not having it registered as camper as far as can see. Thanks for the comments.
  8. Thats the essence of my question, is there a modular classification... And yes not a LR, i'm already up at 3500kg GVW. I dont have a big issue with the speed exemption of the motor caravan, anything over 80kmh is deafening anyway.
  9. Is there a vehicle category to cover this, i.e. If its a camper it would be a M1 special purpose, but if a pickup it would be an N1, is there a modular code? I guess both would fall under class IV MOT. Looking on DVLA now i dont see a 'motor caravan' class, i seem to recall some minimum requirements to register as that, bed, stove etc, did that change? And anyway if is tested in the same category and VED is based on CO2, who care what its labelled as. Since on mine the side windows will be hidden when the pop top is down, someone suggested it may not qualify as a motor-caravan...
  10. Question to those knowledgeable on UK regs, MOT testers etc... I've been toying with the idea of making my camper conversion modular. i.e. Camper body on the chassis that can be jacked/lifted off and an alternate flat bed that could be fitted. Is this possible with DVLA \ MOT \ C&U?
  11. Yeah, i love my R-Tech MIG 180. With mediocre skill i am putting down much better welds than my old budget transformer MIG.
  12. I usually put the tap in the lathe chuck directly, start the thread and then finish it in a vice. (leaving the slide loose, head stock out of gear and turn by hand)
  13. If the angle is near 90 end of things you can do it from a centre punched Mark. Ideally on a mill though
  14. From the front face to the rear of the drive flange (not including doughnut) its approx 600mm
  15. Sure, but in a lathe or mill the tap is held perpendicular. A hand drill is not, thats the difference. We have a lovely drill press with tapping function in the workshop, auto-reverses at a set depth, very useful when doing 10's of threads. But try that to anu depth with a hand drill and you would break taps.