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  1. Only time will tell....
  2. Hi and welcome to LR4X4.... It will help if you can post up what sort of trailer, an idea of what you think needs attention and potentially some pictures so others can offer advice. Neil
  3. That kit is good although mine was a touch tight across the front of the truck and the N/S headlight cable is short as a result... (All very useable though) I've got Osram Nightbreakers but blew two X 10amp fuses soon after it was all commissioned.... Wiring all checked out so I put a 15 amp fuse in and it's been working fine for approx. a year now.... Neil
  4. Happy New Year
  5. I'll see if I can find some time with the truck and Nanocom to find that option....
  6. Amazingly... I got the Ben Fogle book too.....
  7. Wondering if the knowledge of those on here might help me.... I was doing some work on the truck today and read the faults on my ECU. Got this one... 8-1 air conditioning fan drive over temperature (logged) I cleared the code and it registered again when I ran the engine. I've not had time for further investigation and intend checking the condenser fan itself... Any other suggestions of things I should consider? Anyone had this code themselves? Thanks in advance Neil
  8. To add some feedback from a users perspective.... Centre ATB in LT230 for some time now and really wouldn't know it's there.... I also have an Ashcroft ATB in the rear diff. While touring in the Pyrenees earlier this year I got to a bit of an axle twister on a slow long climb and left the centre diff unlocked, where I thought I might need it locked... No real momentum... Just a bit of a test.... When the left front lost traction the truck stopped.... The two ATB's weren't enough to keep it moving.... Rolled back a few feet, locked the centre diff and on she went without issues. On the road the vehicle shows no signs of the ATB's being there under normal conditions. I've pushed it around in the wet and dry conditions and the truck behaves itself. They are doing their work as I should be slipping around a lot more in some of these situations, but so far I'm happy that I can push the loud pedal when needed and all seems in control. (Td5 is "tuned" with bigger intercooler, VGT and IRB mapping) When I'm off-road it's normally lanes and at a fairly sedate pace, so I doubt they get a work out at all on those occasions. Since they've been installed I've not really been in many wet, muddy scenarios apart from a few lanes in Thetford and I've only locked the centre diff on one occasion "just in case" and even then I doubt it was needed. For me, just having good road manners in less than ideal conditions on KM2's they are proving worth it...
  9. Ralph, I may be missing something but both of those links say Non-ABS when you click through...
  10. I think it's been mentioned elsewhere.... Try releasing the fuel filler cap. I was helping Mo with a similar challenge a while back ad the tank was under a vacuum.. Truck would tick over but not rev. Run with cap off or lose and see if the problem goes away.
  11. I think most are thinking back to a certain notorious supplier of old who produced everything in Orange and called it "Extreme" as their key marketing ploy....
  12. This sounds like the switch on the steering column has melted under the load and now not making contact with the dipped beam contacts. The load heats the switch and they generally get so warm over time that the switch poles melt the insulation and move... Remove the steering cowl and light switch and have a look at the switch. It's fairly obvious when you see it...
  13. I use the top one as well so if you are coming to use my air Rich, you are already setup (Well half of your stuff is..)
  14. Mmmmm..... Maybe a re-think then...
  15. On my 3rd set of KM2's and just love them. Very little road noise, good manners on and off road, seem to last forever and the size you quote above (Same as mine) gives good clearance under the diff.... Current set on 50k miles and still over 6mm tread ! Neil