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  1. Red diesel. Spin round the block, some ep90.
  2. I just press the brake pedal with the trans in fifth high. Use a suitable long lever with a gentle pull the springiness is not an issue.
  3. I have a 75 in the back of the van for on site duties and it's awsome. I'm not a fan of quick releases they always seem to jump just as you let go of the two sockets half a uj and a bloody heavy pto shaft you have balanced on your now very greasy shoulder. I never noticed the pipe jaw I might have to try and knock something up. definatly need a few minutes of vice talk in your series! will.
  4. Sell the 90 and buy an old disco for £400, selling the 90 will pay for most of the stuff to build the trayback. soren N/A is naturally asthmatic!
  5. 230 definitely has them
  6. Air fittings 4mm pipe and a small block with tapped holes. Look at timberwolf chippers. will.
  7. Have you tried a John Deere telehandler? Savage, I've seen a lad end up sat on the dash will.
  8. I think your too honest. I like the style of ad it's how I like to buy but it doesn't sell IMHO. I think it's worth 3k all day long 4 maybe to the right buyer. I think it would be worth putting a test on. Will
  9. I think a Cummins would fit the bill perfectly apart from the weight issue. They are twice as heavy as td5,s and I imagine this is going to put a lot of strain on the chassis and suspension. A 130 HP one should make drivetrain components last a little longer. will.
  10. Why not just fit a dihatsu turbo engine? They are good engines.
  11. I have had many heads done by drakes in Bradford, £30 to pressure test, £30 to pressure test fuel galleries if a 10p, £30 to skim. Yes as has been said the AMC head is much more reliable and more meaty ect but for £60 to tell you whether yours is scrap seems a no brainier to me. will.
  12. That's a lot cheaper than I expected. As I read it a standard engine is ~180hp and around 250 with pump mods? That's not out the question for an R380 if driven with respect I don't think. My point is I can buy a td5 90 spend a day bolting £1500 to it and it will make around 200hp and it will be considerably livelier than my tdi and not take me weeks of shedding! Perhaps I need to do some more merc manual gearbox research. will.
  13. What sort of money is the adaptor and flywheel? I keep toying with this conversion for my 90 but I do not want an auto and a hefty price tag otherwise I may as well just buy a TD5 . will.
  14. Are the plugs different on the back of the switch ?
  15. I'd use whatever battery power was left to operate the glow plugs and try and tow start it, you could also loop a length of hose from the drivers seat into the disconnected air filter to turbo pipe, squirt a small amount of ether into the hose and blow down it as you are attempting the tow start ( use ether sparingly and don't breath it in!). will