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  1. Would it not be easier to drain it and see how much comes out...... then pour it back in /top up to the recommended amount for a drain and refill that would give you a starting point ?? and you would have at least a known amount of oil in there rather that just adding with no real idea Oil change approx 5 Litres Dry fill approx 9 Litres
  2. What .............You've retired the 100 Inch ??
  3. Get and use the flippin thing..................
  4. Get and use the flippin thing..................
  5. If you have to have lectric waterproof SPAL have been good to me in the past
  6. Not saying anything about to many switches.........
  7. Yep...that would do it !
  8. Well I've certainly been there on several occasions, so can relate to what you are saying. In the end, I made a weekly list of what needed doing, I set myself a task before I walked into the garage of what I was doing that night, so there was no wandering in there poking stuff for an hour and faffing before deciding what to do as I has a clear idea of what I was trying to achieve. Sunday started another list, taking off what I had done and added new stuff so the list didn't look to daunting lol Similar to taking it apart again...... I'm setting goals for each time I go out
  9. What he ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ said At least get something back on it
  10. Morning Chaps, Anyone had any experience with these ?, just refurbishing my new 2nd hand wings and the outer skins are a bit beyond saving. What ere they like for fit etc Any one's to avoid or try and get some proper alloy ones ?? Ta
  11. I went Galv - didn't want to have to do it all again
  12. Build it - decide you don't like it, and take it apart again......
  13. Steamer !
  14. Telestart on mine, works a treat and the remote flags up if it started up ok via the LED's