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  1. When my old truck went though the SVA for a Q plate, the chassis was not stamped and the VIN plate was a home made affair that consisted of a square of Ali and a number made up with hand punches, riveted onto the seat box and that satisfied the man from the Ministry The number had to be unique and tie up with your submitted SVA application, or you could have asked the DVLA and they would have supplied you with a number. HTH
  2. Link above for the bit in my build if it helps
  3. I Have Ashcroft's top notch with O- Ring zero leaks
  4. Do you mean the stub axle seal Dave so it gets to your wheel bearings ? or you'd have one shot migrating into your Diff pan ?
  5. Stored sympathetically
  6. Yep, I already had the one seal out from previous experience for the wheel bearings (not that it would helped with me having grease in), looks like oil it will be - going back to oil was my gut feeling, but I'm a dinosaur so thought I'd check
  7. Hi All, So early casings for AEU2522 with Ashcroft CV's are we all using One Shot grease now or oil......... Ashcroft recommend CV grease I believe, (which I did have it there), wondered if anyone was still using oil, or even one shot grease and top up with EP90 to the level plug ? Axle seal is still in. Mine are now all nice a clean after the strip down. Cheers Regards Les
  8. Nope all off.
  9. Hi all, Finally got a few mins to myself,when it was dry - jacked up rear offside (dont forget only thing left in the front is the diff) zero rotation .................... into Neutral, centre diff unlocked - checked with spanner - still zero rotation, looks like rear diff lock stuck in ! Wibbling at mo trying to get it to unlock !
  10. Dave, front axle is currently down to just the tube, I pulled the air line off the solenoid to check it was not engaged all seems free. its always possible the rear is stuck in , but would'nt have thought that have an effect on the centre diff/front end
  11. Going to try sticking everything in N and seeing the centre diff is stuck in by turning the prop
  12. CV's cleaned out, no signs of damage, they are still tight but they aint done much Any ideas of what to try on the transmission side to see if anything jammed ?
  13. Yes, when I had both wheels off the ground, the opposite wheel rotated the opposite way but only with the transfer box in neutral.
  14. Pulled half shafts from CV's one of the "C" clips holding the shaft into the CV was broken ?? The alloy collar has slid up the spline about 20mm on the long shaft, the one with the broken C clip if this has any bearing ??
  15. As far as I am aware they were, Ashcroft HD Cv's one piece. one thin shim and circlip holding cv into stub axle. Drove fine on Saturday, just went to get her off the drive at early o'clock Sunday morning to go to Newbury and locked, you can see the scuff marks on road as though front locker was in and not allowing diff to do its job when turning, and steering in unbelieably heavy, when stationary and to suffle to get it to move to get it back on the drive !