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  1. One of my grandads old mates used to make dolls houses and had everything in a single garage which all folded away like transformers so he could get his car in at night. He had a circular saw on a wardrobe sliding track which hinged out from a wall for cutting board. A table on wheels where each side folded up with a different power tool on each side ie router, bandsaw etc. His home made tools were as impressive as his dolls houses. He even had a bathtub sunk in the floor to use as a pit for car servicing
  2. It's getting better, they're getting more into it. There seems to be someone in the background forcing them to do the stupid stuff but they don't have the group of lads messing about comedy that the old presenters had so I think they need to just drop it and do real cars / motorsport. I suspect whoever is pushing the stupid stuff is doing so because a certain proportion of the country aren't interested in cars therefore there has to be a certain amount of entertainment to keep the figures up. I like Chris Evans but I think he was just trying too hard to be the big personality so I have to say it's better without him. I think Chris Harris is the main one, Matt is ok but he can get a bit much on a solo film. Rory seems to have been pushed back to 3rd place but I think he's ok. Eddie I like but he isn't a natural presenter, it's a bit awkward. Sabine is obviously an amazing driver and I quite like her but I think to do comedy in another language and culture is always going to be a big ask.
  3. That looks fantastic A friend once got dragged from his discovery by a bouncer and had it confiscated by the police for turning the headlight washers sideways and squirting people queuing for nightclubs so they must be fairly powerful.
  4. I made a steel rear bumper with recovery points in line with where it mounts to the chassis so that the pulling force went straight through to the chassis. It was box section and I cut the back away so it sat over the chassis a bit to get it as far back as possible. You can beef the chassis up too where it bolts on with a few bits of plate.
  5. The other cable comes from the gearbox for the kick down. It comes off the other side of the mechanism but I don't have any pictures, sorry!
  6. The v8 autos were never fast. People expect them to be because of the way they drink but they're very old engines. They are however a lovely drive and it looks nice
  7. The reception on my DAB radio wasn't great, no idea where the aerial was, so got one of the ones that sticks either side of the window and the reception is fine. I bought it from an audio dealer who said that the best reception was the shark fin design which i decided not to go for as it mean't drilling holes and spraying it to colour match the car, the type I have is what they consider to be the second best. I think they charged something like £50 fitted so I'm sure the aerial on it's own can't cost a lot.
  8. A roof box with a drone in it... quick, patent it, that's one up on the citroen (or Renault or whoever) that advertise their car as having a camera in the rear vew mirror so you can instagram stuff to your friends whilst your driving. Your stuck in a queue so you can fly your drone to the front and see what the hold up is then tweet the photos to Sally traffic. Am I the only one that longs for car adverts to sell me a car based on how well it drives not what naff gadgets it has that i'll never use?
  9. I'm sure you'll enjoy it good luck
  10. When I test drove the new navara I had to tilt my head to the side and put it in the sunroof just to get in it yet the amarok is the first car I've ever driven where I can see left, usually my vision is completely obscured by the rear view mirror. Amazing the difference between two similar vehicles.
  11. It's a courtesy car so I don't get to pick. It's an Isuzu and Land Rover dealer, usually they like to give Isuzus to Isuzu drivers and Land Rovers to Land Rover drivers but they must have run out of Isuzus as they said they'd have to give me a Discovery Sport. Well, if there's really no other way around the problem I guess I will have to just cope!
  12. Mine was on 155,000 miles and it wasn't the head gasket that ended its life. No idea what had been done previously as I had no history with it. So long as it hasn't boiled and warped the heads the head gasket isn't a huge or expensive job to do. If you can't see signs of oil in water and it's running smoothly I would just take my chances and run it, there's dozens of other things that could go wrong with a car of that age so where do you stop?
  13. mmm, I drive a pickup for the practicalities not the drivability, I think if I were to be in a position to have a vehicle where I were to buy based on drivability and not practicality I think I would pick something other than a 2 litre diesel soft roader.
  14. I'd give one of the old 5.0 v10 tourags a go Someone has a cayenne at work, the interior and comfort levels are very good but it doesn't look any different to any other car underneath, rusty little bolts and so on. No mechanical problems yet and it's 4 years old, the 2 year old ranger is still breaking down and the dealers still don't know why.
  15. I did this in my old sj. You have a few degrees of turn but once you've hit the stop you've hit the stop, I wouldn't run one on road as I think it could be dangerous and in a lr axle probably destructive. In a play day scrapper then it will make a huge improvement on how badly you can get yourself stuck