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  1. Stage 1 V8 also has a removable flywheel housing crossmember, so that could easily be replaced if damaged
  2. If you are on Facebook you can look up the Buzzweld group and Craig Jones and all is there to see, there is also a website but I've not looked at it. Testing is as basic as it gets....a range of kwality coatings have been applied as directed by the manufacturers/old wives tales and left out to weather. Dates are noted, and signs of rust formation are noted alongside. Grease and oil failed within the first week, a bunch of other coatings failed to do what the manufacturers stated, but interestingly Screwfix own trade red oxide primer was one of the best performers.
  3. Check out Buzzweld. He's been running samples of age old tricks for rust prevention. Grease lasted about 24 hours, oil failed within a week.
  4. Headlights on a relay reduce the load through the switch, and reduce the volt drop through the longer loom
  5. While you've got it all in bits, run a replacement wiring loom. They get old, and tired, and don't like to work. At 40 years old my 109 is giving me a lot of grief right now
  6. As I said a long time ago, leave that to Lego, their legal bods will know how to deal with it.
  7. I read through the latest LRM last night while my machine was running on a long slow job......well I say read....used it in the loosest of terms..... too full of ads, too full of same old overlanding trips I'm just not interested in. Really did think last night I'll not bother renewing the subscription. The technical section felt really small, and was of no interest to me
  8. Get in! Fingers crossed it goes through!
  9. I'll give you a nice simple easy one - buy a bloody spell checker and get a proof reader!!!!
  10. When I got my 109 she was always going to be the 'family' car, having the extra seats, so we could semi-retire our 88, which we try to keep externally original and in good nick. My 109 was however going to be a very well sorted truck, engineered to do pretty much anything, rather than just buying a load of bling and throwing it on, capable of taking on pretty much anything I could throw at it, yet still a leafer - I won't have a coiler. Nowaday's though, she's more likely to be a road car again. I'll fit some HD cills, she'll probably still have a winch because I can use that for other stuff I do anyway, but I doub't I'll both with a cage now, or a rear winch, or most of the other things I was going to do.
  11. Have to admit I've been turned off the scene for pretty much the same reasons. I stopped P&P a few years ago, mostly due to idiots with £300 wrecks that shoudn't have been out and about, and in some cases drinking and smoking. It was getting to the point where it was wrecks or riches, and it's made me wonder about my own project 109. I had intended for it to be a well catered for but not a money no object offroader. Now I'm less inclined to go offroading and more inclined to go laning, and I'll maybe just build it as a sorted road car now.
  12. So close!! There has to be another thousand people out there...I want one!!!!!!!!!
  13. Always worth asking, last got cost me about 50p each
  14. Use Buzzweld CIO instead
  15. I just go to local engine rebuilder and he supplies them from his huge stock of various sizes. You must have someone localish