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  1. I knew the crop would give it away. I'd love something with greater dynamic range so I wasn't constantly worrying about low light though. In many cases I'd love to be back on proper video cameras, rolling shutter is a pain. You're right, you don't need the best of everything. There's standard def footage in the intro sequence from an old compact camera. It's noticeable once you're watching for it but it was the inspiration for the style of the sequence. It's why the colours are stripped back, and the three panel effect, because much of the footage is 4:3. Theres plenty of phone footage in Ep.02. I started posting behind the scene shots here. I forgot - the sound recorder is a Tascam 60D MkII. It munches batteries but it's versatile, clever, and it came up second hand at the right time. Another bit of kit I wouldn't be without is a Jag35 "Monitor X". It a 3x magnification full screen viewfinder with a hood that's very handy for run and gun stuff in sunshine. I'll get a snap of the gimbal at some stage, I made it with a wheel bearing from an old Mercedes SEC I shouldn't have sold, the control bar from a kite surfing rig and some skateboard bearings. It's heavy but it works. Thomann are great for audio gear btw, but the day after I ordered the lav mic it went up by €100! Oh and the 17-55 came with a UV filter, a really crappy one too, so that was a bonus Are you going to start a series?
  2. Doesn't sound sermonising at all Davo, it's all good. I'll go gas when I can and in the meantime ugly welds are fine by me. I have never made it clear but the Vogue is more of a "keep her alive" rather than a restoration. It was that far gone that it'll never be perfect. There has been so much learning already, and I suppose everyone has to have one car that they cut their teeth on so I'm trying not to be too hard on myself. No worries talking about my camera gear at all, I thought someone might have asked sooner on Youtube. Would love to do a bit on it at some point cause I like my vintage and home made film gear too. Not being evasive about the camera but the brand denied me some very modest help on a previous high profile thing I was involved with so I'll leave it at technical details on that front: it's a 1.6 crop sensor pro-sumer DSLR. I've used it professionally since 2011 when I bought it new. It struggles to deal with the poor light in the unit but it's been worked hard and is probably tired. Each day's labour produces about 500 stills and a hand full of video. (DSLR's have odometers for shutter actuations in the same way car wear is measured in miles). I've a selection of lenses but have been predominantly using a 17-55 image stabilised zoom with a constant aperture of 2.8. I have two O'Connor Model 30 heads, an unbranded set of wooden legs, both top line ENG gear in the 1970's, and a Miller non fixed hi-hat. There's a great story behind O'Connor and they're top of the pile in professional camera support if you ask me. I have a wireless intervalometer here and left a failing wired one in Greece. There's a simple Ianiro lighting kit of 3x 300W dimmable halogen units and an 800W redhead, ( one 300 is out of service cause I can't afford bulbs ). Should I go on? there's a few other cam support items I made myself including a (non motorised) gimbal, and I've the last remaining in a long line of suffering action cameras, which I haven't used in this production yet. Oh and the mic is the cheapest one I could find, a Rode radio lav setup. It works well! On an artistic front, In many cases I'd love to get a lot closer to the action in the frame but between leaving space to get to the work, and keeping the lens safe from flying matter, many of the shots are dictated by the lie of the land. Hope that's interesting and I didn't just waffle for nothing
  3. Used a pals gas setup and was impressed with it, it's on the list, but it'll be a while. The production will probably make it seem like there's a least some money, there isn't. I'm not even driving. Can't afford to. The welder I took in part exchange for some work I did for a pal. This i why I've only ever been able to donate €5 here btw, the last few years have been lean to say the least.
  4. I was waiting to get slapped for my welding. Don't hold back, I'm actually relying on you guys here who know about these things to keep me in check. The last thing I want is to make an unsafe weld so I took some off cuts, welded them together, then tried to bend/break/hammer/fatigue them. They toughed it out. No they're not pretty but they're deep enough to be strong. The other factor is the camera work, I had to experiment with how far I could weld before stopping to trigger the camera, and not lose too much heat in the metal. What you just saw is very early days. You'll see all about the welder soon enough, it's gasless and from a budget supermarket.
  5. Well I've lasted long enough to get Episode 3 out! @Bowie69 you're writer's fee is in the post
  6. Did you just knock that photo up? I've looked really closely but I can't say for sure there's a vice in the frame? Please be very very careful, I'm actually worried for those cans. Def going to do a little bit on my 75, and if a few quid comes in I'll potentially chase up a 74 and maybe an 80 to complete the set. But there's something else I plan to do a little bit of a feature on... (not mine, but identical)
  7. drool edit: oh it's a lot smaller than I thought.
  8. I'm looking forward to finding some LR content for an end feature sometime soon. Episode 3 is in the making, starting to get a rhythm going
  9. It's a small world, I went searching the web because the brochure info I have is filed away on another computer. I found it on a mig welding forum and it's you I think talking about the 75. Fairly sure the photo below is one of the ones I have. Do you have that in the flesh!? lol, If your collection is too big maybe you'd like to part with the 75? I've no vice on the bench in the resto series (you saw right). I haven't tracked down rubber jaws yet but I was incredibly lucky to find an original cylinder head adapter! Haven't tested it yet and not sure about it at all but glad I have it. RE the swivel moving under heavy use, yep it can. I've found the twin locking pins pretty effective if tightened with a mallet or hammer.. The 74 has a toothed swivel of sorts so that there's a keying grip when it's tightened down.
  10. @Peaklander, I do get caught up in how quickly I can work if left to my own devices so the photography aspect is like a lesson in mindfulness. I'm becoming more and more aware of how much I'm enjoying being kept in the moment by it. @Si, it's high praise coming from you, and fittingly there's a bigger plan in place that this series is the first phase of. I just hope it gets its own legs so I can keep going. Cheers mate.
  11. In spades!
  12. Thanks gents! Hopefully it'll get better and better, big learning curve. Do you mean computer aided design by CAD Bowie? Oh yeah the LR's have to be one of the best first restorations, everything's fairly simple and robust. Hopefully my fabrication later passes muster. Edit: I fell foul of some sort of Youtube audit today which froze my view count even though I was getting likes and subscriptions. It's a bit of a kick in the nethers but hey... live and learn. Any shares are a massive help.
  13. I have a 75, it was my grandfathers and my mother remembers playing with it as a child. Our lot were farmers by the way so the vice got proper use. Granted I've never had a quick release vice, I've never needed one cause the 75 just keeps on going, but I don't miss what I don't know. So, maybe you'd miss quick release but I could never have another vice that didn't swivel. Mounted on the corner of a solid bench the swivel means it's extremely versatile at gripping all shape and manner of things. The 75 also has pipe clamps, a simple pipe bender and if you were very very lucky to find a complete set, it would have come with spare rubber jaws and a cylinder head mounting adapter. The next model below is the 74 (duh) but it's considerably smaller. I have some sales flyers for both somewhere, I'll post if I can find them and I'm also going to do a feature on my 75 in my web series soon.
  14. Mate you're in a bit of a bind with regards converting to a camper, they revised the requirements, have a read here. There are loads of D2's on the roads here on ZV plates (by being built onto classic RR chassis) and I can point you to a chap in Tipperary who's outfit I've personally seen. There is however a third option that most people here have availed of. You can have your D2 converted to crew cab status. There are requirements for eligibility but look it up and you can hit me up if you want more info. Congrats on being here btw. George