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  1. DC is now the official forum leak magnet 😂 Mo
  2. If you use a VW 99 relay, a quick push on the end of the stalk gives a single flick wipe, holding it gives you wash / wipe. Mo
  3. Aforementioned soft bar and wallop ! Mo
  4. Do your flies up first ? Mo 😆
  5. 😂 I'm simply using the continuous improvement process Uncle 😊 As for carrying less, that would be a waste of that relentless wave of torque ! 😉
  6. Sean f on here makes holding tools to stop the crank rotating whilst you tighten the bolt. Worth a pm. Mo
  7. Thanks Todd, the picture of it broken down is useful 👍 Mo
  8. Excellent work Todd, that looks the dogs danglies 😊 Did you draw up some plans ? Mo
  9. All the corners and cappings look like they've been painted silver rather than regalvanised. Perhaps that's just the limitations of the image on my phone. Mo
  10. They have a nice galv channel Rich. When it does eventually rust, unbolt and replace. 😉 Mo
  11. My easter weekend is the last 4 days as I'm back on shift tomorrow. I swapped out my early 90 front brakes for shiny new vented discs and new later calipers with the bigger pistons. Whilst in there I cleaned out the hubs, regreased the bearings and fitted new hub seals so should all be good for another 2 weeks 😊 Now on with refurbishing Uncle's old cubby box. Mo
  12. I have a seal here Rich if you have urgent need. Mo
  13. Wow, you're not hanging around Todd ! Looking forward to seeing the finished article ! Mo
  14. See, if you chaps had a 90 you wouldn't be having all this trouble 😊 Best get along to your local boatyard which specialises in barge repair 😁 Mo 😉