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  1. Do your flies up first ? Mo 😆
  2. 😂 I'm simply using the continuous improvement process Uncle 😊 As for carrying less, that would be a waste of that relentless wave of torque ! 😉
  3. Sean f on here makes holding tools to stop the crank rotating whilst you tighten the bolt. Worth a pm. Mo
  4. Thanks Todd, the picture of it broken down is useful 👍 Mo
  5. Excellent work Todd, that looks the dogs danglies 😊 Did you draw up some plans ? Mo
  6. All the corners and cappings look like they've been painted silver rather than regalvanised. Perhaps that's just the limitations of the image on my phone. Mo
  7. They have a nice galv channel Rich. When it does eventually rust, unbolt and replace. 😉 Mo
  8. My easter weekend is the last 4 days as I'm back on shift tomorrow. I swapped out my early 90 front brakes for shiny new vented discs and new later calipers with the bigger pistons. Whilst in there I cleaned out the hubs, regreased the bearings and fitted new hub seals so should all be good for another 2 weeks 😊 Now on with refurbishing Uncle's old cubby box. Mo
  9. I have a seal here Rich if you have urgent need. Mo
  10. Wow, you're not hanging around Todd ! Looking forward to seeing the finished article ! Mo
  11. See, if you chaps had a 90 you wouldn't be having all this trouble 😊 Best get along to your local boatyard which specialises in barge repair 😁 Mo 😉
  12. Bravo Sir, good to hear a successful conclusion. 👍
  13. I suspect that o ring has become flattened after 30 years or so of service, time to change it. Mo
  14. Glad you resolved your leak DC, shame you managed to make another immediately to replace it 😊 Mo
  15. That looks like the one, thanks Ralph. Mo
  16. Afternoon all, I need the part number for an early coarse thread metric caliper bolt. Not FTC3375 which is fine metric and not imperial. Cheers Mo
  17. I'd be interested too as I have the same problem ! Mo
  18. That, I can't tell you I'm afraid. It certainly looks like it will unscrew but what's behind it I couldn't tell you. Perhaps one of our more learned friends can answer that question for us ? If it were me I'd have a go at removing it very gently bearing in mind the possibility of springs under tension, small ball bearings or very small black bits that will be impossible to find on the drive. On the other hand there may be no more than a dribble of diesel. HTH Mo Edit, I can't find any pictures of a CAV pump with that bit removed.
  19. 😨 my eyes ! They burn ! 😉 Mo
  20. The only thing I'd be concerned about DC, is if there is damage to the thread on the side we can't see. If the other pipes thread is as bad as you've said then I'd be expecting to see more damage on that thread. For that reason I'd be inclined to remove that connector from the pump and give it a good thorough inspection, the added bonus being that you could pop it in the vice to hold it whilst you effect thread repairs. Make sense ? Mo
  21. Welcome to the Land Rover learning curve 😊 Mo
  22. Good work Rattler 👏 Mo
  23. 9'' grinder ? 😉 Mo
  24. Just change it DC. Leave the injector nut loose and with someone turning the engine over, tighten the injector nut once diesel is coming out of the loose nut and it is bled. Easy peasy 😊 HTH Mo