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  1. This year they had real fun on the coast, with maximums of 20cm of snow on the ground at YVR airport and Abbotsford had 45cm. And this is in an area that rarely gets any snow and where winter tyres are not compulsory! Mike
  2. Your confusion regarding General Grabber AT2 isn't surprising. It seems that they really set out to confuse their potential customers because some tyre sizes have the M&S and Mountains and Snowflake symbol, and some don't. So, some should be true winter tyres, and those without the symbol are, presumably, only summer tyres. In my area, by law, you have to use M&S tyres on cars and pick-ups in winter, and a national tyre specialist advertises that the softer winter tyre compound provides improved traction below 7 deg. C. Mike
  3. I'm surprised that this hasn't featured on the forum yet, or have I missed it? It'll take an awful lot to roll back the Toyota et al shares of the 4x4 market, as LR has already found. I'll be watching this development with interest. Mike
  4. Jocklandjohn, Thanks for the update on the use of hasps and staples. A very neat installation. Are you able to share the manufacturer details of the deadbolts, please, without compromising your own security? I can't find a double pin deadbolt over here. I also very much like your proposed hinge side security. Since my 110 is being totally stripped for rebuild now is the time to fit enhanced security options, although Land Rover theft is not such a problem this side of the pond. Mike
  5. Tacr2man, I have a full length roof rack on my 110 CSW and I find that when driving in heavy rain the water from the roof floods the gutters, due to the roof rack supports sitting in the gutters and preventing drainage to the rear, and then flows over the edge of the gutters and into the cabin above the poorly fitting doors/door seals. Does your "using a flat bar full length along the gutters to spread the load" also solve this problem since your gutters must be almost full for their entire length? Of course, you may just have a "Friday" Land Rover where nothing is correctly done, and the doors seal just well! Mike
  6. Jocklandjohn, I like the dead locks, and I can see the hasp and padlock in photos 1 and 4, but what are they locking, please? Mike
  7. I use a Lincoln 180 mig which is either gasless, using flux cored wire, or used with argon/CO2 mix gas. With the former the weld spatters a lot, and although effective at gluing two bits together, the result isn't very pretty! With the gas, even I can achieve a semi-reasonable looking weld. So, unless you have no pride in the finished appearance, go with the gas option. Mike
  8. Do they have adhesive on the printed side, ie for displaying inside windows, or on the back, for displaying outside of the vehicle? Mike
  9. In another age, I had a fibre-glass bodied kit car and I seem to remember that it had a complete earth network, just like the supply looms, with the engine and starter, and all the normal earth leads from lights, etc, being connected to it and hence back to the battery negative post. I don't remember ever having any earthing problems with that car. Has anybody taken that approach with a Land Rover? Apart from the added complexity of the wiring, and extra cost, are there any technical disadvantages? Mike
  10. I think the tread is a little aggressive for the blue roller skate, and are you sure the PCD is the same? Mike
  11. Since your vehicle freight and import charges are being paid for by your employer, find out what the locals drive, including the variant, and get a LHD version in UK/Europe, and as said above, load it up with appropriate spares, either for yourself or for resale. But I must re-emphasise that you should buy something that is available over there, not just for parts availability, but also for familiarity by maintenance personell. Mike
  12. Hey, Guys, I can't contribute on the technical side, partly because I can't understand a lot of it: " We have been asked many times about pegging theae ahoet noae inoys lkke we so kn rhe long nose casing... " Please, use a word processor, or at least read what you have typed before you upload it. Something about "Rubbish in ........." comes to mind. Mike
  13. I agree with FF - buy what the locals drive, and preferably buy there, don't import, then you know that you can get spares locally for your variant. Mike
  14. Hi, all, Thanks for your comments. It's not that I need frequent access to the battery box, and I already have a battery isolator and Anderson connectors. I recently borrowed my son-in-law's GMC van and he needed to refit the rear seat for me, and I was amazed how easily it clipped and locked into place - literally a five second job. I just thought that if somebody had already designed and fitted a tip-up conversion now would be a good time to consider it. It's certainly not a priority mod, so thanks again for your comments, and I'll let this one die. Mike
  15. Qwackers, Sorry, but your responses to STUCHK not significantly add to the pool of Forum knowledge, To which section of his third question are you responding, "Yes"? We can all gain by this shared knowledge Mike