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  1. Since your vehicle freight and import charges are being paid for by your employer, find out what the locals drive, including the variant, and get a LHD version in UK/Europe, and as said above, load it up with appropriate spares, either for yourself or for resale. But I must re-emphasise that you should buy something that is available over there, not just for parts availability, but also for familiarity by maintenance personell. Mike
  2. Hey, Guys, I can't contribute on the technical side, partly because I can't understand a lot of it: " We have been asked many times about pegging theae ahoet noae inoys lkke we so kn rhe long nose casing... " Please, use a word processor, or at least read what you have typed before you upload it. Something about "Rubbish in ........." comes to mind. Mike
  3. I agree with FF - buy what the locals drive, and preferably buy there, don't import, then you know that you can get spares locally for your variant. Mike
  4. Hi, all, Thanks for your comments. It's not that I need frequent access to the battery box, and I already have a battery isolator and Anderson connectors. I recently borrowed my son-in-law's GMC van and he needed to refit the rear seat for me, and I was amazed how easily it clipped and locked into place - literally a five second job. I just thought that if somebody had already designed and fitted a tip-up conversion now would be a good time to consider it. It's certainly not a priority mod, so thanks again for your comments, and I'll let this one die. Mike
  5. Qwackers, Sorry, but your responses to STUCHK not significantly add to the pool of Forum knowledge, To which section of his third question are you responding, "Yes"? We can all gain by this shared knowledge Mike
  6. Snagger, No. I'm to blame for replacing the original seats with after-market ones.. I've got seats that do not have removeable bases. Whilst I very much enjoy the increased comfort of my aftermarket seats, still Rover, I believe, they are presenting problems. I acknowledge that most forum members are UK based, but a significant number of us are in LHS environments. I'm sure that I am not alone with this self-induced problem, so I want to explore the options for easing battery access. How have other forum members addressed this issue? Mike
  7. You can get almost any size and number you want here. Mike
  8. You mention that you're awaiting delivery of crystal headlamps. I bought a pair a couple of years ago and found that they didn't fit very well. Whereas I had bought replacement headlights previously and the chrome outer ring had fitted perfectly, on the crystals it did not. The sealed beam unit rattled around inside the bowl and ring, and it was impossible to align the lights. To fix them I had to use multiple short sections of draft excluder, the type used around drafty doors and windows, inside the chrome ring. Mike
  9. In defense of Paddocks, I have on two occasions received faulty goods from them, each time in a blue box! Each time I emailed them with photos and phoned them, and one time I received a free replacement item, it was relatively low cost and not worth returning, and the other time I had a GBP55 credit and I fixed the problem locally. On your issue, alfaman, perhaps you should not even have accepted delivery, or should have taken photos at the time of delivery. Even so, the advice above is spot on: it is Paddock's responsibility to supply a fit for purpose item. You presumably paid them for delivery, you didn't arrange it yourself, so it is entirely their responsibility to complete their side of the contract. Stick to it, and don't be put off with any delaying and blame shifting tactics. Mike
  10. Evening all, I've scoured(?) the forum but couldn't find a thread I was looking for. My 110 CSW, being a LHS, has the batteries beneath the driver's seat, which is a right PITA when I want to access them. Has anyone converted Defender front seats to tip forward or tip backward, please? Any views, advice, experience or photos would be very much appreciated. As I'm currently in the early stages of a complete tear down and rebuild now is probably the time to start planning that sort of mod. Mike
  11. Turbo, also, what made you choose a Mitsubishi turbo and what model is it from, please? Did you create a thread of your upgrade? This info could be really useful to other members lusting for a VVT. Mike
  12. Tractor Boy, There are two opposing effects you may experience: a) anything that restricts the air flow to the engine will potentially cost you performance, so ensure that your snorkel is an adequate diameter and b) the ram effect of a forward facing intake can potentially improve performance. You don't mention what engine you have. If it's turbo-charged you should not see much effect from either, since the turbo and the wastegate should still operate to achieve the design boost. Apart from wading, the other advantage of a snorkel is that its intake, being much further above the ground than normal, ingests far less dust, particularly a benefit if you do much mileage on unmade/gravel roads. Mike
  13. Tuko, It seems that we move in the same circles. My step son and his family live just outside Salmon Arm, and we're there every couple of months. In Canadian terms it's almost next door, being only a 5hr drive from us. My wife is Swedish and we try to visit her family in Sweden every year, mainly near Jonkoping. Mike
  14. That's a great trip, Tuko. We did almost the same, but extended to take in Prague and Vienna as well, in 2009. Nearly 18,000km for us, and we got married on the way! This year our highlight has been a six week camping trip to Bella Coola, Bella Bella, Haida Gwai, Prince Rupert and Kitemat, all on or just off the west coast of Canada. That was a 5,000km trip and included a failed starter motor, fixed by a bit of bush engineering. On that trip two particular highlights were firstly in Bella Bella where we were sitting on the beach by our Landy, drinking wine and watching seals and otters feeding on salmon that were trying to migrate up the local creek, and a few days later at Kitemat watching a pod of orcas just offshore, again probably feeding as they seemed to stay in the same area for about an hour, blowing every couple of minutes. Unfortunately, these activities are not really photographable unless you have specialist equipment. The photo below was at one of our campsites. The big blue section at the top is the underside of our Landy mounted canopy. Next year will be something different since I've started a complete tear down and rebuild from chassis up, so unless I break all world records for this project there'll be no Landy trip. Mike
  15. Great fireworks! And a Happy New Year to all Forum Members. Mike