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  1. transfer box oil fill & oil level plug is on the rear face to left of the transmission brake drum, it should be a 1/2 inch recessed square drive, a 1/2inch ratchet handle fits straight in, fill with EP90 until it starts to run out when oil level is at bottom of the plug hole.
  2. you can adjust the wheel bearings so there is a very small end float, make it to tight & bearing will sieze.
  3. the part numbers in my original reply fit 200tdi & 300tdi with either LT77 or R380 gearboxes.
  4. take the axle end off breather off, clean the hole in end fitting & blow it through with air line [if you have a compessor] or a foot pump from the axle end, you should feel any air coming out of the other end, it's normal for ep90 to come out when the driving member is removed, put a blob of oil or grease in the rubber end cap before refitting it, it will keep the splines lubricated at the outer end & therefore last much longer.
  5. sounds far to much work to me, the spliced in wire don't take up much space behind the instrument pack. My 110 is done in a similar way
  6. the only thing to plug into the long white connectors is the matching warning light panel, don't know of any thing else that will fit, I wouldn't bother keeping the old plugs on the loom, some connections are live with ign on & plugs disconnected
  7. IIRC PaulMc on here can supply those plugs, he has a ebay shop. here you go Richard --- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DEFENDER-TD5-Instrument-Warning-Lights-Connectors-Terminals-Clocks-Gauges-/151462720313
  8. Good to read Paddocks are getting you a replacement sorted,
  9. fuel shut off solenoid is STC3254 item 8 in http://www.albrit.de/UNI.cfm?PAGE=801509&SPRACHE=EN for a 300tdi engine.
  10. Reckon the YRM part will be spot on for the job you've got lined up.
  11. not like mine, just had a look, mine is this type But it does say fits 2.5 & 200tdi diesel engines. http://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/203549/0/fuel_lift_pump_2_5__amp__200tdi_diesel
  12. only in parts links as part of the right hand rear lower body, regardless if left or right hand drive item 2 in http://www.albrit.de/UNI.cfm?PAGE=765066&SPRACHE=EN
  13. Nope, that looks like my Delphi lift pump currently sat on my 200tdi. but they will fit all pre 300tdi 4 cylinder diesels
  14. Here's link to his ebay page http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Land-Rover-Connectors?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  15. PaulMc knows a fair bit about LR wiring loom connectors, hope he will drop in & advise or ping him a private message.