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  1. any further work will have to wait until the weekend, not feeling very good & not much energy, I haven't got anything to heat the screws with, got to get a new 6mm allen driver for my toolset as well, can't remember using threadlock on those bolts, the OD has been fitted for over 10 years. the screw that has come out let go with a loud 'crack' so they are very tight, but as they are twisting my allen keys, might have to drill the heads off to release the adpator plate, then remove the left over screw tails.
  2. The OD main body is off, but the 6 countersunk M10 x 25mm screws that secure the adaptor part to transfer box are putting up a fight, [fitting info says they are 40Nm torque] 1 decided to give in, the other 5 haven't moved, only succeeded in snapping a [Teng tools] 6mm allen driver bit & twisted 2 allen keys, not enough space to get a impact driver & a hammer in to help slacken them off, might have to drop the transfer box anyway to get these darn screws out, so not much further forward to seeing if the new gear is going to cure the problem.
  3. 90/110 transfer lever is straight. Discovery is straight too, http://www.albrit.de/epc.cfm?PAGE=P01035&CAR=L4&SPRACHE=EN reckon yours has been adjusted somewhat.
  4. Unfortunately for you lot, I'm not feeling very well today, weather is very poor too, so although the new gear is ready to fit with new bearings installed, actual removing of the OD will have to wait until the weekend. I found 6 new M10 x 35mm bolts in my garage as well.
  5. Simply because I finished work at 9pm, [late shift this week] its cold & wet outside, & to tired to try to sod about with important parts tonight, plus I've got a cold. new gear is wrapped up in the freezer hoping a cold soak & new bearings are sat above the hot water tank, hopefully that help the new bearings slide onto the gear a bit easier, found the original carrier & pto cover plate in my garage, both cleaned up ready, will change the TB oil as well, & just got to find the 6 x M10 x 35mm bolts & their washers or I'll have to buy more new parts. rearmost bearing race will be changed, the forward one may just have to stay in place, don't want to pull the transfer box off again, it's to flipping heavy.
  6. New gear & bearings to fit
  7. What year ? as it may have the dim dip system fitted, which puts dip beam headlights on at approx 10% power these only activate with engine running
  8. other than trying the seal for a 90 rear axle if it'll fit, all I found was the small seal as you did,
  9. plain green is a fused ign switched supply. they are spare connections, my '89 110 has got them as well. as the main/dash area loom is common to all 90/110, with changes to some additional wiring for left/right hand drive & petrol or diesel engines. the single wire will be for the original engines temp sender, IIRC it was located at the left rear vetically in to cylinder head. see item 1 in http://www.albrit.de/epc.cfm?PAGE=G02100&CAR=L1&SPRACHE=EN
  10. on pre Tdi engines the coolant temp sender was either on the thermostat housing or at rear of the cylinder head. what colours are the twin wires & single wire ? green/blue trace is coolant temp.as you've noted.
  11. all fitted together correctly, made sure the friction plate was in the right way & it is printed with 'This side to gearbox'
  12. Devon 4x4 are the supply chain for GKN parts, so will get the new gear & remove OD & report back.
  13. Fork hasn't been replaced it's a beefed up one fitted ages ago, Release bearing is correct [I found that out the hard way] for my 200tdi engine + stumpy R380 is release bearing is UTJ100210, it's about 10mm shorter than the LT77 bearing FTC5200.
  14. I'll be ordering a new gear & associated bearings in morning then, along with some gear oil which I can get locally, then see what happens, forgotten how long I've had the OD fitted, it was bought 2nd hand years ago, hasn't given any problems till now. shame if it has to stay off because it makes my 110 nice to drive on long trips.
  15. I'm pretty sure the slave & master are well bled, the pedal operation feels fine, I'm beginning to think there is another item causing my problems, just about changed everything in the clutch system, only the rigid pipes haven't been replaced but the fluid flow through these is good. Yes I tried Pat's suggestion, vigously pumped the pedal lots of times, then got under & cracked bleed screws, no 'spurt' of fluid still under pressure, so happy the hydraulic system is fine. going to obtain a new 26 tooth cross drilled gear & bearings as the existing one [on the shelf] is damaged beyond repair, when it comes I can remove the overdrive & see if the fault is still present. [with ref to the OD, sometimes when it was engaged & driving ok, the OD would drop out & then come back in, everytime it made the engine revs rise as it disengaged & revs would fall again is it re-engaged] wondering if this is the actual cause.