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  1. that's where the oil temp thermostat housing attaches when rad has a built in oil cooler, a new seal or a gasket should cure the leak
  2. flick wipe only on the original non intermittent wipers, with intermittent wipers the down movement is to activate the intermittent function, the wiper stalks are different inside, you can just move the stalk down & back up to get the same action as a flock wipe
  3. recently retaxed my 1989 200tdi engined 110csw for 2017 it went up to £245 for the 12 months 1 may to 30 April & that's a standard vehicle, road tax goes on year of build so anything before 2001 is a flat rate
  4. so its a 1992 vehicle with lots of changes, the td5 instrument pack is a good mod, did my 1989 110 a few years ago.
  5. JATE rings original made for military 90/110 for use underslinging the vehicles from helicopters, so any working load would take in the vehicles max loaded weight & a big safety factor
  6. Puma dash is from 2007 onwards to end of production, fitting to a earlier vehicle can be done BUT use the Td5 intruments/warning light panel, as the Puma bits will only work with the parent ecu which can't be retrofitted to a earlier vehicle. this might be useful -- http://www.4x4community.co.za/forum/showthread.php/79646-Upgrade-Defender-tdi-to-Puma-dash http://www.ministryofdefender.co.uk/land-rover-interior.html
  7. see page 613 in http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/parts_books/90/7_brakes_fuel_air_exhaust_cool_heat_p581-718.pdf ESR2242 is correct for a tank with internally fitted pump http://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/203343/5497/fuel_tank_with_internal_pump_defender
  8. just wrap this up, my mate obtained a new 8 to 10mm inline connector from a local hydraulics place, all fitted & leak free, so he's a happy boy.
  9. to get the husky winch to sit further back you'll probably have to modify the front cross member below the radiator, my husky sits in the LR made to fit bumper, not had any off road problems with it sticking forward
  10. the 2 lips need to go toward engine with the flat face facing gearbox
  11. flush with the alloy flywheel housing so the flywheel does not touch the seal when rotating
  12. needs to be flush with the housing face. workshop book says if special tool not available, seat seal to bottom of it's housing.
  13. lrparts.ru info gives ESR2628 for a auto trans Discovery from VIN starting GA to LA.
  14. the protruding centre fits in middle of the pressure cover away from the flywheel face. mine was marked [also a Valeo clutch]
  15. Thanks all for the info, my friend has obtained some nylon inline connections he is going to try this afternoon,