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  1. It's not critical, plus minus 10% whatever, the RV8 can happily swallow a LOT of excess fuel before it cares.
  2. I thought 200TDi cruise control was a house brick on the accelerator pedal?
  3. Wes - in the UK it's a far less attractive prospect. Also you're better off getting an LS plus 4L60e or 4l80e if you want an auto, and then Advance Adapters I think have adapters to mount a variety of boxes to the LT230 (which is at least up to the job). You're gonna spend a lot on shipping and customs to get one to the UK, and it's not like you can use much more power in a LR without having to upgrade everything else. The flipside is if you want more than about 300hp it's potentially cheaper to buy an LS than it is to wring the guts of an RV8 with expensive tuning parts. Over the other side of the pond the RV8 is rare and expensive and LS's are in everything from delivery vans to drag racers so the equation tips massively the other way.
  4. You don't need to tune an LS in a Disco, you almost want the smallest, least-powerful one as it'll still be pushing more power and torque than even a 4.6 RV8, and a low-end relaxed one should have a lovely lazy torque spread and get very respectable MPG without needing masses of extra cooling or stressing the drivetrain. If you go the LS route, chat up John at Speartech for an ECU + loom, absolutely top quality and you can ask him to set the tune for your requirements. You want a torque curve shaped like Ayers rock not the Himalayas.
  5. What are you after eh?
  6. It's not supposed to be dark, it's the Lucas headlamp testing room...
  7. That's £15 more than I've spent and I can't say I'm suffering terribly from a lack of power then again I just never plumbed in the plenum heater so I' guess I'm getting the awesome power boost from that
  8. TBH a numpty mechanic will mess up anything from a lawnmower engine upwards, so pick whatever you like! I'd suggest that more powerful/torquey lumps want to have more cylinders or you'll kick the ar5e out of the gearbox & drivetrain in short order. Even the 2.8TGV's (which are not a huge boost) are cruel to LR geabroxes, a 5.9 Cummins has the potential to kill everything downstream of it without even trying. Auto gearboxes help smooth things out but are less numpty-compatible...
  9. Datalog a start and see what's going on.
  10. I very much doubt that any of that makes a noticeable difference, except to the pocket of the chap selling a gasket for £50
  11. 300TDi's are older than the TD5's, makes no sense to me no matter how much people like them.
  12. Someone reputable like HikVision eh? If it's made in China, don't put it on your home network/broadband. Also don't feed it after midnight and don't get it wet
  13. IIRC Green/red and green/white are indicators, could be for a hazard warning switch.
  14. Also a proper solar setup like that is more money than a new battery and waaay more money than a maintenance charger, even a flashy CTEK one. If you intend to re-use it by bolting it to your LR for overlanding or something then it has more value.
  15. Being pedantic that looks a lot like light green (LG), which is a different thing than green (G) in the wiring diagram. Also possibly pink not red, hard to tell.