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  1. Is that Newbury services as in Chieveley?
  2. Ross - All I can say is PALLET RACKING and standard industrial plastic crates. These things: Pallet racking stores about 4x more stuff than workshop shelving purely because it's so very deep & wide (8x4 sheets of OSB as shelves) and using those plastic boxes means you can always buy more the same (identical) size so they'll stack - if you buy branded storage boxes from a DIY shop etc. they're never the same size as the next season's batch when you need another load of them. Keep an eye on eBay for used ones you can get them for £5-£10 a box, may sound spendy but being standard units you can of course always sell them again for the same money. Likewise pallet rack, buy a popular flavour like Dexion or Apex and you can always get extra beams/uprights and you can always dismantle & sell what you've got. I can stack those boxes long-ways 2-deep and many many wide on my racking.
  3. Aaaah, so THAT's where I'm going wrong!
  4. A badly poured and/or uneven floor can be overcome with levelling screed - the "old" end of my garage was done with it prior to painting and it's lovely. Screed + floor paint makes rolling jacks round, sweeping things up, and clearing spills so much easier. You do need HD screed though, I forget which one I used but it's on my garage thread.
  5. Unless your goal absolutely must include a Rover V8 there's far easier ways to arrive at the same goal.
  6. It's probably less than a metre, from memory the place is ~3.5m wide ish. There's a few different levels of useful widths: Enough to get in & out & around comfortably, enough to fully open the doors, enough to pull the long half-shaft, enough to get round the truck with the doors opened. When doing wiring in engine bay / behind the dash it gets old having to close the door, walk past, open the door, climb in every time... I Juuuuust managed to get the long side front shaft out on the 109 but by crikey it was close! What doesn't help is that, as tends to happen, loads of stuff is stacked along the wall on both sides so everything gets narrower - sheet materials, lengths, etc.
  7. May be in the Jaaag rather than the ambulance but will be knocking round with the ShireLRC lot. Might even have the tea urn running for club members / forum donations
  8. Have you people not seen the atrocities committed against Land Rovers (especially Defenders) by some of these outfits, and for vast piles of cash to boot? Could be worse, could be a John Deere tractor:
  9. 12.50 is quite wide for a Land Rover though. And I can confirm that throwing mud and sh*te up the sides of the vehicle, filling locks, window runners and door handles with grit does get old after a while.
  10. Will be there in t'ambulance with some of the Shire LRC crowd (including miketomcat I think) - come and say hello!
  11. The LS is producing more torques than the RV8 right across the board. Also they're silky smooth and utterly effortless. Probably because they have 50 years more R&D behind them despite still being a basic pushrod V8.
  12. Not so far, but I don't have much cause to be jacking it up often. Honestly, as long as you can lift the axle enough to get a wheel off you can do most things. What's most annoying is the lack of width but that wasn't really viable to do much about. I have just about 1m each side of the vehicle, maybe a bit less, and it's not enough for comfortable working.
  13. Having seen the state of your engine bay in other posts, I'd sort out your engine breathers before digging any deeper. The 4.6 on the ambulance has non-std breathers and coming down mountain passes (engine braking for mile after mile) it will blue smoke after a while and then clear up after a mile or so normal driving.
  14. Case in point, an easy, reliable, and cheap 500hp in the space occupied by a Rover V8:
  15. The ceiling clearance in ours with the ambulance in: Maybe 20cm?