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  1. Not to be pedantic but the VCU is the bit half way along the rear prop (Viscous Coupling Unit), IRD (Intermediate Reduction Drive) is the 4WD box piggybacking the main gearbox. With the rear prop disconnected and the main box in neutral engine off, what happens if you try to turn the front wheels by hand? The 4WD system will have a bit of a fit if you jack the front wheels up & try to drive the fronts with no drive to the rear, it will apply the brakes to the front wheels as it will believe they've lost traction and are spinning, so it may well be masking the issue at hand which could be as simple as a knackered engine mount.
  2. From those photos you could almost imagine using a few big lumps of a Dakar or Tomcat kit for the mid-section.
  3. SOME of those Vauxhalls are decent re-badged Isuzus, but some aren't - some have a chassis, some don't, they're a minefield! I remember Dirtydiesel telling me that the "right" one would have Dana axles and the 2.8 Isuzu TDI and the "wrong" one could look the same and be utter junk from Vauxhall's parts bin...
  4. Electric pump would only need a fused wire to be taken from the ignition live (white) wire that goes to the coil. My solution was a V8 with fuel injection
  5. If you do import, if possible stack the boot and back seat with spares and bits - even if only to sell to the locals for beer money! Especially any hard-to-get big lumps that are cheap in the UK and too heavy to be worth shipping separately EG alloy wheels, diffs, etc.
  6. FREE Play Day Sunday 12 Feb 10:00-16:00, Mannington near Ringwood Full details and directions here This event is FREE to Shire LRC members, if you are not a Shire member you need to join here or on the day (£15/year). This event is kindly sponsored by RR Parts Ltd and there will be a selection of parts and goodies on sale on site. All vehicles must be road legal and all occupants must have seats & belts, please read the club rules! Note to mods: I hope this is within the rules even though it's sponsored, otherwise feel free to remove.
  7. Shire LRC are running a new event in Cornwall - a weekend away that includes both green laning and off roading. Saturday 18th March On Saturday we enjoy a day of green laning throughout the East of Cornwall following a route previously published in LRO magazine. Sunday 19th March On Sunday we spend the day at an off road site in Callington. We have not used this site before so it’s a new one to explore! We have been told that it is a superb natural course covering everything you could expect for a well-managed and used off road site. The site boasts different levels of terrain to choose from depending on your vehicle and driver ability. Price is £50 per vehicle for the weekend excluding camping (see below for more details) Camp Site: As always a weekend isn’t a weekend without somewhere to stay, so we have a camp site readily available, with owners who are also keen Land Rover enthusiasts. They have a rally field available for our exclusive use. The field on the camp site boats stunning views out across Henwood and the Lynher valley. The camp site has a function room that we have hired for the Saturday evening so that we all have somewhere warm and dry to sit and socialise together. Hot food can also be ordered (see Cheesewring Farm website) and either eaten in the function room or taken to your base. The campsite has advised that a cooked cooked breakfast is available at £5 per person, which can be booked when you arrive to the site If you so wish. Other facilities available are toilets/showers, utility cabin (with sink, kettle, washing machine, microwave and freezer), chemical toilet and refuse disposal. Price – £10 per pitch, per night. Shire Land Rover Club have access to the field from Friday 17th March to Monday 20th March. If you would like to extend your visit and enjoy the Cornish countryside for longer or have any other queries, please contact us. Click here to purchase tickets for this event. If you are not a Shire member you will need to join here. As with our Seven Sisters event, 5% of all bookings will go to Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance
  8. Seems unlikely excuse, Paddocks must get through enough chassis every month that they should have a supply set up. Ho hum, who cares as long as they sort you out...
  9. Unless they have Land Rovers out there I'd be buying whatever the locals drive, or if there's a market for it buy two of them and sell one out there to cover your costs. Or just buy one out there.
  10. I did, we did Norway & Sweden, write-up here. I'm sure Sweden has some good stuff, probably more in the towns/cities that we didn't go near, but countryside-wise Norway blows it away, it's relentlessly scenic. Tuko / Tukojack did a tour of Norway recently too, might've covered some of Sweden & Finland too if memory serves. He's got a blog and stuff.
  11. Indeed, RS part #555-409 written on the one in the photo, although numerous other ranges are available. Seen them a lot round the pits at Silverstone on brake calipers, gearboxes, radiators, coolers, you name it...
  12. Reb - Sweden is nowhere near as scenic as Norway. I'm sure it has other marvellous features but road-trip wise I'd head for Norway.
  13. Outside the UK Land Rovers are a rich-man's game, as are most things bigger than a Ford Focus. Scandi countries especially have huge taxes & running costs.
  14. But did your box actually get too hot Mo? Oil's optimum working temperature can be over 100deg easily. I still say whack a temperature label on the side of the box & see what you get before you spend a load of time & money adding a new point of failure to your vehicle
  15. Cool, that's helpful AND awesome photos to boot