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  1. Safety factors for lifting gear are ~5x to ~7x I believe. And I've actually had a long chat with someone who was involved in the airportable LR development with the MOD, inventing the big cardboard crates they use as impact protection etc. etc. so yes they really do do it. LR pressed steel lashing eyes are a different thing, a single ring bolted to the chassis for road transport.
  2. For short-term flushing any cheap old gunk will do.
  3. 4.6L on carbs? Some people are animals.
  4. Only with a higher power coil I'd wager. Std. coils are ~3ohms, last high-power one I had (MSD I think) was ~1 Ohm.
  5. Funny, both my MS'd trucks are with Flux and they've never asked for numbers. In all likelihood it's not much of an increase over the factory figures, more about reliability, drivability, tweakability, and ditching the dizzy.
  6. If you must drive it - fit a magnetic drain plug! Try and catch as much swarf as possible rather than grind it into the bearings / bushings - there's a school of thought that harder metal particles get embedded in the soft metal and then act as an abrasive. I'd blow it out with an air line, sluice it out with something thin like petrol/diesel/brake cleaner/etc. as many times as you can be bothered, then when you use it do a couple of oil changes in quick succession.
  7. You can tweak MS ad infinitum, but I'm very lazy so both my trucks I got as far as "runs better than it ever did" and left it alone after not very much tuning at all. Both of them have been driven on long excursions (109 test drive was Russia, Ambulance did Norway & back this year without a beat missed) and although I know there's so much I could tweak to improve it, using the trucks takes priority over fiddling. It's easy to worry about the last 1% when you can see it on the laptop, when you were on carbs & dizzy you were probably miles out most of the time but had no idea.
  8. TBH the Maplin amplifier kit takes the load off the points and costs naff all.
  9. Bad news is those manifolds will go a lovely rusty colour after a few runs, most grades do, it's only certain ones that polish up and stay shiny and (I believe) they're not as strong.
  10. I had an Aldon Ignitor on my V8 and that was a decent bit of kit. I'd go for magnetic trigger rather than optical if that's still a choice. Well, I'd remove the dizzy and fit Megajolt if it was my choice I did like the 6cyl, makes a lovely burble.
  11. Half the setup with MS is doing it properly, you can do it very minimally by cutting the end off a crusty old flapper loom and be running in an afternoon but Nige's kit is a ground-up fresh and proper install. MS suffers from being all things to all people and the documentation (outside of Nige's specific stuff) covers too many bases, there's no short version. Still, better than not enough info. Another problem is over-thinking it, just 'cos there's a load of wires doesn't mean it's complicated, ultimately the bones of it is a very simple setup and the tuning rules are no different to carbs & points - you just set it using a laptop rather than a screwdriver.
  12. New Ford Bronco isn't it?
  13. Don't take too much off or it still won't fit, guess how I know
  14. Yep, reckon it's far more tolerable than it's been for a long time - even before the "old" gang quit.
  15. Here's your answer - Nige would be proud: