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  1. fit a 1 piece forged cross shaft inside the unit- massive strength increase
  2. For Felines just the once
  3. er which plug sir ??
  4. Yes it will. But the 3.5 Flapper linkage is ferking huge and the hotwire linkage neater and smaller. you will fit the flapper linkage gets in the way of the PWM hoses etc. Whats wring with the hotwire linkage vs flapper ? my old 4.5 had a hotwire linkage, I unbolted the cruise control bits and trimmed in down to make smaller ... N
  5. We has 2 x sizes of new sticker. See picture for sizing These are available as of NOW until further notice The Process for ordering is as follows : PLEASE do read and ensure you follow spot on as I am horribly busy & Don't have the time to chase for information missing,.....quite simply your payment is likley to be refunded unless your order is completely right To Order - I need via a PM Which Sticker(s) you want An Address to Ship to And payment from PayPal WHICH SHOWS YOUR FORUM NAME The correct Money and including P&P charge if NOT a Supporting member We are VERY Aware of those members who have donated via either Standing Orders of £2 or more or £20 Lump Sum payments so - FOR ALL SUPPORTING MEMBERS BASED IN THE UK POST AND PACKING COSTS ARE ZERO AS A THANKYOU FROM THE FORUM, You can pay them if you wish, but only NON Supporters need to pay P&P Small .. £4.50 Large .. £6.00 Post & Packing £3 irrespective of number ordered...UK shipping only
  6. My local Lucas parts people would be lucky to be able to say and spell their own names .............:D
  7. The old HP Pump, fitted to Classic RRs etc Anyone know if these pumps have / had Non return valves in them ?
  8. Oooo please Mr 😎😎😎😎😎🙂
  9. Just damper on front ? Would it still fit ..or fit bit a little bit of grinding??.
  10. Prototyping time !!. We never really see / saw many P38 / Wolf/ 110 TD5 0nwards differentials. The 2 pins are chap as always... where as the 4 pins are very strong ....but suffer from crown wheel failure . Even HD Ashcroft P38 SN CWPs can shear ...and add an ARB and they break even quicker. In the challenge world and in Cummins conversions and tow wagons upgrades from.salisburys etc they have been slowly growinh on populaeiry and we gwy more and more in for work and upgrafes etc We have been asked many times about pegging theae ahoet noae inoys lkke we so kn rhe long nose casing... So Some measuring CNC bits and bobs and a casing and much oooing aaaaring and hmmmming we have a prototype . Casing going off the be aqua blasted then welded and built up . Prototype 4 pin pegged Short Nose with prototype P38 Superflange and forged centre tube hope to have done and at Donington 4x4 show for cuddling by interested parties (diff not us 😘) 1st pics. 2 x plates = 24mm metal S275 and M16 x 2.00mm threads with phosphor bronze pad and special bolts. RD138s ARBs can be fitted we think with minor machining mods we can do on house ...so need some belp Need to know about the 2 x mounting hols shown on pics. Is anything in them/ used in the rear ....even a guard etc. If so would the plates when TIGged in clear ? Fronts I think have a harmonic dampener bolted on the 2 x holes.again ...If it was to be left on there would my plates clear it???? Pics would be much appreciated Oink
  11. its in a 90 Dave ??
  12. Have hunted - can't find it ! Help ! Need the part number fpr the sump plug + washer for a 2.8 TGV engine ?? Nige
  13. The small jump is unfortunately the increase costs of me having to import from USA the ECUs, exchange rate ! - I have not increased prices for about 5 years but have had to - approx £20 a Full kit
  14. That flange has had it . Get a new flange but use a td5 seal and dust shield or if feeling flush one of my superflanges . That will wreck new seal very swiftly