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  1. Simple answer is "NO" Completely differing units, and as sussed will not fit a Long Nose axle. Cutting and rewelding the mounting ring is a seriously bad idea - just the smallest bit out and you'll have serious problems. Swapping axle tube and diff over is a better route ... but widths are different, so front will have narrower track than new rear Nige
  2. Sorry . World of white as the big C has hit 2 family members and run ragged doing 200 mile round trips. Year end . And website hacked ... Sorry will try to contact you tomm. Nige
  3. My lunch box isn't fat off this lol. Bollox to it 10 or 20 kgs is bugger all on most truck reliability strength and pulling power would be higher on my want list ...
  4. Yup, family probs, but no excuse chap will sort monday Sorry Nige
  5. Variable...dependant on product imho
  6. and just lifted your mod approval, jees youve been here 8 years and still on mo approval ????????????????


    Nige :D

  7. If you have a turbo engine, you need a boost pig Boost Pig.mp4 Oink
  8. I have new plugs I think for that
  9. Compression test hot and cold tell you so much as to whats what post up cold x 8 hot x 8
  10. seriously "owned"
  11. Thank you bowie. Not meant to be ott ....for me it was thought out carefully worded as I can be as subtle as a brick bouncing off a forehead 😁
  12. Sorry all. Rarely do I say this sort of thing but with my LR4x4 Admin boots on I would ASK that all here have some.compassion for the original poster and drop it. This thread has had an unpleasant and uncharacteristic viciousness which is not what LR4x4 is about. It's an OT thread from a fairly established member ....and not someone prone to.OT issues. The subject of a OT forum has been raised more than once..and factually it is not for here. There was a few years ago an offshoot from LR4x4 that started up a .splinter forum...it sadly died This is technical.reposotory where we the admin try to keep on track and on the forum charter and rules.No..we will.never get it right for everyone. If only. However this spat here does no good for yhe forum.ans as of righy now must please stop. The A&M Team are not at all.enamered with this current situation and actions are being considered as this situation is not right on this forum As what actions and to whom and if .and when is subject to A&M discussions. Please now all.drop this and move on. No further posts from.any angle would be appreciated as it will not y benefit any members Nige On behalf of the LR 4x4 Admin & Moderator team
  13. Wow. Just wow Not the way LR4x4 likes to be thought of. RIP little doggie.... If feel quite depressed having read this thread..no I'm not moderating it either ... Nige
  14. ^^