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  1. I have to admit I just thought it was another inscrutable British phrase . . .
  2. I'd recommend a VKS-737 membership, too, as there will be a few members out that way.
  3. Or in other words, "it's not just what happens, it's what you do about it that counts," something many companies have trouble understanding.
  4. Been there, done all that, and an 8-blade fan is too much. I've got one and it doesn't help with the power from that poor little motor. A good quality electric fan would be far better. I've had plenty of trouble with fuel vapourising. It shouldn't happen in a mild climate. In a hot climate like where I live, I would be inclined to put in a return system like the V8 has with an electric pump, but that's extreme for anywhere else. (Of course I haven't actually managed to get around to doing it yet!)
  5. Ha ha, yup, it's the same every year.
  6. I might be wrong, but from the satellite shots right now I do believe it's raining out there at the moment.
  7. Ah, that special time of year up here when all the crazy people arrive. I mean the tourists, of course. Just you watch: what your mate is planning is quite sensible compared to what too many of these people get up to!
  8. Well then, it's time to sell your body because fluxcore is really best avoided for most car work. I know this, because due to similar circumstances to yours, (funny that), I did some Rangie bodywork with fluxcore and let's just say that seam sealer certainly helped to cover those welds. Fluxcore can be used with various tricks, but ugh, what a hard way to do things. Pardon the sermonising tone, but I'd like to help you to avoid the uphill slog in this respect. I'm onto disposable CO2/argon bottles now, hoarded for when I really need them.
  9. Chequer plate reasoning: "Izza Land-Rover, innit."
  10. They rust out from the inside, so get that seen to with Waxoyl or whatever is best and it will buy you quite a bit of time. Glad to hear you're happy with it!
  11. http://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/100646-new-series-rr-heavy/ This will get you started.
  12. I kid you not, that's what the Rangie is doing all of a sudden. There is a "hissing" sound, like a slight compressed air leak, only when the power steering is being used, and the sound is obvious when in the driver's seat, but not with my head under the bonnet with someone else moving the steering back and forth. (I would have thought the box or pump would have been noisier, if that's what I could hear from inside the car.) I have just replaced the shaft with a UJ on either end between the steering column and the steering box. Though I don't see how that would change anything.
  13. All their products do lend themselves very nicely to this market now . . .
  14. I think that is the main reason so many old ones have been rebuilt!
  15. I forgot about the swear filter! Just put the usual crude word for "poo" which starts with "sh" where the asterisks are and that should do it. Since they all run a huge variety of old and unloved cars, there is an amazing amount of knowledge there. Mind you, I should actually join it! Have you contacted any car clubs to see what they've had to do?