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  1. Go gas. Paintman sums it up. Plus, get plenty of good light on the welding seam to start the weld. Plenty of first class advice here
  2. Once you get the battery sorted and assuming its diesel, it would be worth checking the glow plugs are all ok & I assume you are running on “winter spec diesel” so that it’s not waxing, considering your location and temps. Both relevant to ease of cold starting.
  3. Thanks for the input. I’ve decided for a quick fix of a brush screwed to the underside of the lintel sealing the door as it goes up and down. Boxing in the inside of the roller plus another brush is on the ‘project list’.
  4. Never thought of boxing it in from the inside as i was fixated on draught proofing from the outside. Good idea, thanks.
  5. I’m looking at ways of draught proofing an 8ft.wide internal roller door. There are small draughts from the sides that I can live with, main draught is from the top where the door roll is, must be nearly a 2” gap from the lintel with the door down. Looked on the net for ideas and a 50mm deep brush along the underside of the lintel and just touching the door may help. Any other ideas/solutions or practical experiences ?
  6. If its any help,,,,,Part 21 is what I used to get the plastic pipe into the engine compartment then flexi hose to the air filter canister, I blocked up the canister drain as well. Plate where part 21 enters through wing is to cover where a clansman fitted (moved to other wing)
  7. I’ve had moderate success with careful and gentle heating of the UJ with a hot air gun, seems to reach a point were the grease is just soft enough to push through.
  8. 2 points you might consider. If you go for a flat roof look at fibre glass. Longer life, easy diy repair. Include a pit, down side is yer mates will wont to use it more than you!
  9. Problem cured.. (but not solved !) Injectors out, serviced, back in and all is well. Service guys reckoned nothing wrong when testing them so just cleaned them up. Maybe it was a speck of carbon, not 100% sealed (new washers fitted) or just one of those things.
  10. Same as Mutley really, not a lot of help but, ...each year I have to wade through winter floodwater and the bowls fill with water, despite Vaseline and then silicone on the bulb housing. I drilled a 3 mm hole in the bottom of each lens to let the water out. When needed I clean the bowl with tissue. Last winter I was in the carp when having to drive the flood in the dark and both bulbs blew when the cold water hit them half way through the flood. Had to use a hand torch out of the window to see my way home for half a mile. For this winter I’ve now got a light bar on the roof so no headlights on until I’m through the water....
  11. Grand job..
  12. I've looked for leaks, but before I take the injectors out I'll have another look.
  13. Well worth the effort of laying concrete, nothing wrong with the finish for what it’ll be used for. Just in time for the winter weather.
  14. Pat, no hiccups, straight to tickover. No cheap cures so I’ll wait a while and if it still bugs me I’ll move onto injectors and pump. I’ll up date when I get it sorted.
  15. Thanks for the input guys. Kev, cheap stuff first is right !! Tick over when stationary is steady but it is like ‘hunting’ when at that point of over run bordering on slight acceleration. Cambelt is 2 years old and low mileage, I might have to up the ante.. Monkie. Not smokey at all and the problems been like it for 6 months without getting worse. I’ve no reason to suspect head gasket but I will get a compression test. But I’m starting to think injector/pump too. Pat. I haven’t noticed the hiccup but will try to induce it tomorrow. I adjusted the throttle after having the problem for a few months. In ignorance I did adjust the stop/anti stall so I’ll reverse this and use the idle adjuster (once I find it !) I think the next step will be injector service and maybe pump service if that fails. The problem is subtle and of hardly any consequence its hard to justify big expense but it can only get worse.