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  1. If it is still on the original engine and gearbox both will be pretty tired by now but really so much will depend on how it has been looked after (meaning how it has been maintained as well as general treatment) and it could be anything from a gem to an expensive money pit. You don't say where you are, are we talking US$ or some other $? Most users on here are from the UK but much of the comment will be relevant to any model vehicle.
  2. Is that not the bolt holes that the track rod bracket goes on to on a front diff? The diff is the same component so presumably they are redundant and somebody just put a couple of bolts in to blank the holes. I assume they are blind holes and the bolts have bottomed out.
  3. ^ Twice, Mr Brock
  4. Getting through another year of trundling around, towing boat, towing big Ifor Williams tipper and a bit of off road use here and there with no breakdowns, no oil leaking out, no water leaking in, and a general lack of all the things that people bang/witter on about in Defenders. Ten years old this year, just getting to 30k miles, so should be a couple of years left in it yet. Currently taking in some pleasant and remote scenery to start 2017:
  5. Does the vehicle have ABS fitted or not?
  6. I'd do a compression test for starters.
  7. I honestly doubt he's still around, the post was from 2014 and he only made 3 posts in total all of which were on this thread. You could try sending him a PM.
  8. Sadly the clearances are too tight even with 16 inch wheels on. I have regularly seen cases when people cannot get their wheels off due to mud building up on the wrong side of the disc guard so the guard catches on the mud and the wheel cannot be removed until it is cleaned. Presumably if somebody makes 15" wheels, they can be fitted, otherwise there wouldn't be much of a market for them!
  9. I'd just buzz a bit off them with a grinder.
  10. Used to read 2 or 3 religiously, haven't read anything for maybe three or four years now for all the reasons already stated. Shallow tech articles, stuffed with orange extreme tat advertising, virtually nothing of interest.
  11. If you have the rave CD look for electrical troubleshooting manuals. I think they are in there. Older LR wiring diagrams are really not very good.
  12. Fortunately I was looking in the box of bits they thoughtfully supplied with it (AIE is an old school company - it came with a spare set of motor capacitors, spare control box, spare air filter and non return valve, and spares for each of the switches all included, don't get that from Machine Mart!) and I wondered what was in the plastic bag in the bottom of the box. Turned out to be a full set of gaskets for the pump as well, so I changed the gaskets on that cylinder and we're back in business
  13. I have a 3hp industrial compressor made by Air Industrial Equipment that is about 3 years old. Yesterday I was using it and it suddenly started making a funny chuffing noise. It has 3 cylinders and the middle one started blowing hot compressed air out the intake - the other two were still sucking air. It still charges but only slowly now. I have pulled the offending cylinder to bits and the valve block that sits on top of the piston seems to be a flat plate with two mobile/sprung flat plates inside it, can't exactly see how they work but they appear to function as I would think they should - one operating in one direction, the other operating in the other. However on Googling for compressor faults it seems that a generic compressor problem can be that the cylinder head above the valve block is in two parts, one side inlet and one side outlet/pressure, and it seems that the 'head gasket' between the inlet and outlet can be a failure point. It's hard to tell on this as the gasket broke up on disassembly anyway, but do folks think that this is the most likely cause before I look deeper? It would fit with the warm air exhausting as it would not be creating its own pressure but probably leaking pressure being generated by the other two cylinders. I've never seen such a problem and have flogged cheap compressors half to death in the past, so to find it on a fairly heavy duty bit of kit that is only 3 years old and hasn't really had much use seems a bit odd. I don't have a spare valve block anyway, so if that is needed I will have to order parts from the UK which will take a few weeks. Thanks.
  14. I'd check the timing. I had a similar problem on my old 3.9 and found that when disassembled for a warranty job, somebody had got their before and after TDC mixed up when setting up the dizzy, so it ran, but not all that well...