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  1. It seems ok since I changed the fuel filter...although the oil pressure sensor started leaking today. My mechanic says 'see you next week' everytime I go there >.>
  2. It does have Strombergs, not SU. Ignition seemed ok, was hoping it wasn't the pump as previous car (3.9) had in tank pump but this has an external pump so if that dies shouldn't be too much of a pain to fix. I don't know how to rebuild carbs, and I sure don't trust anyone here (east africa) to do it except maybe a couple of old rally drivers who used to race them.
  3. Thanks for the replies. The breather is ok, and I changed the fuel filter today. Let's hope that helps. Thanks again, I will report back.
  4. Had a problem crop up today on the RRC. It's got a 3.5 carb engine. After driving WOT, e.g. to overtake, the engine started hesitating when driving more slowly, reluctant to rev and needed the revs kept up or it would threaten to stall. The problem goes away after a few minutes but comes back if I drive at WOT. I dunno how carbs work, any help would be great.
  5. Update. These have gotten progressively more comfortable (or my bum has gotten progressively more used to the firmness). Good on tar too. Would recommend the combination.
  6. I had a set of pro comps fail on me near the somali border. Not a fan. Also generally not a fan of anything heavy duty unless the car is going to be loaded up. The rear armstrongs were ok but the front ones were completely gone after 2 months. I ended up getting the B6 dampers with Ironman springs. King springs were my first choice but the main supplier didn't have a full set; the other supplier adds a 50% mark up, paints them red and puts his name on them, which is crazy for springs that already more expensive than most. Much firmer but not harsh at low speed and a bit bouncy in the back over speed bumps. On the gravel stretch it was great, much more control than the OEM parts they replaced and not at all harsh or bouncy like you get with some raised or heavy duty kit. Bloody hope they last more than 2 months, the whole set cost 800USD plus fitting. Thanks for all your help!
  7. Have you got a part number? Do they last?
  8. Before you tell me to search, I have. Lots. It's only made me more confused. Most comments simply state that xyz is 'better' with no explanation. I'm driving a classic Range 3.5. Installed OEM spec Armstrong dampers 2 months ago and they're already dead. My commute is a 10km drive down corrugated gravel before I hit tarmac. The car is seldom loaded with more than groceries. I'm looking into Bilstein B6 dampers with OEM springs. Some say they're horribly hard, some say they're great off-road, some say they're only good on road. Does anyone have experience with them?
  9. Would go for a lexus V8 conversion!
  10. Is this possible? If anyone has done it I'd love to hear about how to go about it...
  11. Would it be intermittent if it was an exploded cv? Could it be the steering damper too? Sometimes feels like there's resistance to turning wheel and tyres don't turn as id expect but feels like im compressing something with the steering.
  12. Tha ks, haven't lookedthere, checked tie rods and they seemed ok. Steering box was changed a year ago so not sure I can blame that. U joints also seem decent. it got progressively worse when I was doing it standing still but got better once I got moving again
  13. My car usually pulls to the right but a couple times today has instead pulled to the left. Looking at the wheels once sropped when this happened the last time I noticed the wheels would turn less to the right than left. After a couple of lock to lock rotatations it wouldn't turn right at all. Nowhere near a town right now, any ideas what could be wrong?