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  1. If i had the cash, did it in 93/94 in a DAF truck but would love to do it in a landy.
  2. 92 disco would have been an LT77 from the factory not R380.
  3. Same in AUS, i swapped mine to a uni shaft after the 3rd coupling shredded.
  4. I thought that you had a template for laser cutting but your design looks a lot simpler than i expected, looking good.
  5. How will you be cutting the steel, looks like some laser cutting is required.
  6. A double cardan is only required for over 3" lifts, overkill for 2".
  7. They come up on local gumtree regularly and go for not much coin, mostly ex ambo bodies off a ford F150/250 cab chassis so might fit a 130 ok.
  8. My 98 D1 has a fill hole so i just added 150ml of 90 diff oil to what was left of the one-shot grease, no leaks after 10years.
  9. I built a simple frame from alloy tube and made the slide from the same tube with gal steel rods for the fridge to sit on, i used a couple of 125kg rated ball bearing lockable slides so that once is slides out it locks in position as well as locking when closed. Have since added carpeted plywood to the top and yet to add a couple of drawers in the right hand side. The tube and fitting are from the hard ware and just push together, quite sturdy but i added rivets to help hold it together.
  10. What , my ancestral home is full of landy murderer's , wont be going there in a hurry .
  11. You only need to re-cut valve seats if you need to skim a lot off the head, there are minimum stand down heights for the valves.
  12. Tata should move the tooling to India and start production for 2nd and 3rth world countries.
  13. Pity, the OME shocks used to be made in Adelaide by Monroe for ARB.
  14. Get it crack and hardness tested and if it passes go from there, plenty of people get away with a light skim and reusing the head. I did this to my tdi head and all good after nearly 20k.
  15. I went to a property here 18 months ago where the owner bought up all the spares that the Aus Army were offloading when they went to Land rovers for their vehicles, he has crate upon crate of new diffs, gearboxes and transfers, engines all wrapped up in greased paper and crated in transport ready crates. He also had at least 12 complete vehicles in various states of neglect and running.
  16. Just the look, the lines are horrible. Ford got it right and Mazda went the opposite way.
  17. Maybe if you are blind, bloody ugly pos they are.
  18. Hopefully the V6 Rok have a bigger oil cooler for the auto, been out on a few night time rock crawling trips and we constantly had to stop for the 2 Amarok's in our group while the auto cooled down. They do look like a good unit.
  19. i think i read that wrong, i assumed he was an Aussie in the UK looking at a Disco. Great Wall , get a van of some kind, toyota Hiaces are pretty popular and reliable. A Mitsi L300/ Delica in 4x4 would be good for getting off the bitumen.
  20. Amps are not so important, CCA wise anything over 600 will suffice With aircon an N50 is biggest that will fit in the space and likely around 650 CCA.
  21. Nothing a bit of 10mm plate wont fix, otherwise an Iveco 2060V has the same flange but uses studs so either the manifold or the turbo will need to be drill out.
  22. The GT2052V is also found on the 3ltr nissan ZD30 without any electronics.
  23. i'd check the tappets and the condition of the lash caps.
  24. Forget a V8, the fuel cost will kill you. My money would be on an old defender, more room inside to sleep in if needed.