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  1. Sorry to hear that Nige. I lost my step dad to cancer just before last Christmas. Take your time mate
  2. Why? Should it be in the off topic section? Oh.. wait.........
  3. Well joking aside I can't get hold of him so hoping nothing actually has happened....
  4. Oh gawd. What's he done now?
  5. Tried texting his mobile and emailing him. No joy.
  6. Velar proto in mauchline of all places? Might pop down to JLR when I'm in Ayr today and see if it's sitting round the back.
  7. Pffff! Nearly spat my coffee out there! 😆 Back to your query though. I haven't used it myself but I have a friend that has used this stuff on the bed of his pickup. He swears by it. He got it professionally applied but it has been hard wearing and looks like a good finish. I don't think it would have any adverse affects on the bodywork. Might be a bugger to get off if you change your mind.
  8. Well no because previously it was said that only long established members were given some flexibility. And even then it was at A&M discretion. What I'm suggesting is that even relatively new members can post OT threads so long as it's not obscene drivel etc..
  9. What pete said. I actually pm'd the OP as I was embarrassed that his thread went south so badly. If the powers that be decide not to have a dedicated OT section that is fine. I accept that. However as a caveat maybe allow OT threads in International Section so long as OT is mentioned in title? Just a thought.
  10. I agree wholeheartedly si. I don't mind if an OT section isn't started on the proviso that people like Les don't complain about the occasional OT thread.
  11. No I get your point. I just don't agree with it that's all. This topic is going to continue to rear its ugly head until something is done about it.
  12. On the contrary. The fact that there isn't an appropriate section for the OP to post his thread is the very thing that has caused this "bickering and unpleasantness" as you put it.
  13. Wow Pete. Glad your not A&M..... You mention OT posts not being of benefit to members. No one is forcing you to read them are they?? Les: See what your original thoughtless post started?
  14. Pete every other LR forum has an OT section. Why can't we? Its all well and good saying this is a technical forum blah blah blah.... Well maybe it shouldn't JUST be a technical forum. Just wtf is so evil about LR4x4 having an OT section? Please enlighten me. I just don't understand. Here is the point some just don't seem to be letting stick between their ears: If the majority of the A&M team persistently fail to start an OT section, they need to accept that OT matter will appear. It's as simple as that. Now just what don't you get about that?? We aren't forcing people to post about these things, but nor should we ban them from doing so ffs...