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  1. I'm only just seeing your reply SWB sorry.... it's got a 4 pin connector at the top, not the same as my current one.... any thoughts? Thanks
  2. Haha for sure Bushy, the pic above shows the new seal seated and the old seal (pushing against it) 😊👍
  3. Yep we knew that
  4. Trying to ease it in using the old seal and the flywheel bolts washer ring
  5. Do you mean flush with flywheel or back as far as it will go?
  6. seal out, new seal in, question is, how far in? Does it just need to be flush or seated right in?
  7. ok any tips on how to get the dowty rear seal in without damaging it? It's a fiddly job
  8. Smashing Ralph ta !! The valeo defo isn't marked
  9. Afternoon guys, ok having managed to get the engine out and discovered what I thought, the dowty seal is failing hence the oil in the bellhiusing. So, putting a new clutch on as the engine is out, we can't find info apart from the books saying the clutch plate should be marked "face" to let us know what way to put it on. But there ain't no marking on this valeo clutch plate. So is it prutruding side facing the gearbox, or facing the engine? Thanks DC
  10. Two good runs done and all is well. It's actually strange not seeing a wet patch under it when I'm stopped now. There's still the leaking rear crankshaft seal to keep me happy though 😂👍
  11. Sorry to hear that Reb78, my mate has just done his front swivel and oh boy what a job that was 🙈🙈🙈
  12. Thanks again boys for all the advice, it's truly appreciated
  13. Success !! Off for a test drive now. I looked over white90's post about replacing the fuel filter. Opened up the air bleed nipple and pumped with the lift pump until fuel came out and did it back up. One turn and Doug fired up. Been running for 10 mins now with no drip. I'll go for a spin and see how it is. :-)
  14. Ok guys, new o ring in, plate back on. Now how to re fill the pump? Is there a bleed nipple ? Sorry never done any of this kinda work before 😬
  15. Ahh ha ! Managed to get it out. looks slightly perished..... now to find a new one. So after it all goes back together, what do I need to do regarding all the diesel missing from the pump ?