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  1. Ahhhh of course!
  2. OT: You have a 110? or did you mean the 100" David?
  3. I can measure on my chassis for you Serg, but not sure I'll get chance to get to the workshop before I go away tomorrow morning (til monday).
  4. That's made from Nige's shim collection
  5. Colleague's propshaft let go on his 90, all it did was smash a hole in the side of the autobox.
  6. I know the ones you mean, they also make NAS steps? I think I've got a leaflet of theirs floating about, I'll see what I can find.
  7. Nutter! But good opportunity for a trip Iain
  8. It is quite large... but thats an advantage for me at 6'3". Its the only vehicle I've ever driven without the seat all the way back!
  9. Haha! I agree with you on the Countryman, Paceman and clubman.... the hatch is good though
  10. I'll echo that HH... The Disco sport has also grown on me, although having seen one parked next to a FL2, it did look a bit toy like in comparison.
  11. I work at Culham, so I'll keep my eyes peeled. I know its not a great solution but have you heard of 'this is your garage' at Culham No.1 site? fully equipped workshop bays/lifts to rent per hour/day.
  12. BR1718 is the bearmach number. Comes with everything but the ball to rebuild a side. Oh and no bolts. Cost me £30+vat each side from my local specialist.
  13. I think they are the same ratio. However the P38 casing is different and the bolt pattern is different.
  14. I'll have a look when I'm home later for the bearmach number for the bit. But as I said above, its only the seals/bearings etc it doesn't include the swivel balls. Britpart swivel balls have been good other than a couple of small chips on one which would happen to any make.