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  1. i suspect using the donate button at the top of the forum would work...
  2. whats that parked behind it in the 1st pic? (and no, i dont mean the quad bike!)
  3. i would very much doubt it.
  4. 30000 or 2 years.
  5. contact adhesive sprayed onto one surface only causes a temporary bond.
  6. on my 200tdi it was bolted to the starter motor completely covering it from view.
  7. is the heatsheild missing (200tdi and im sure the 300 tdi would have one too, but knowing what engine it is would help )
  8. no more so than any other mud terrain..
  9. ran dakars for 2 years no issues at all with them, wouldnt hesitate to use again.
  10. meaning yes it stays put.
  11. does a engine stand cound
  12. best thing to do is disconnect the wire to the glow plugs and insulate it and see if it blows then. it will at least identify where the issue is...
  13. the trick to sound proofing is to use a outer skin then a air gap then a insulated inner skin, the holes in the outer skin and inner skin need to be offset so the sound has to 'bounce' to get out. the more offset the holes the better. you could then fit a fan in the inner hole wired to the compressors cut off so that the fan starts as soon as the compressor does. you could also wire it via a time delay relay so it runs for a short while after the compressor switches off. then the other obvious thing to do would be to have a isolator switch in the garage so that you can turn the whole lot off when your not in there so a leaky tool or fitting doesn't have the compressor starting up every few hours. last you should think about extending the tank drain outside so you can drain it every day without having to actually get to the compressor.
  14. my heater in my garage is (a very old ie free) one of these style heaters. https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-mobile-gas-heater-mgh1/ it heats up my large garage very quickly and is very cheap on gas, i refill the butane cyl maybe once every couple of years. also used one of these https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-little-devil-2-propane-fired-space-heat/ good little beasty but too noisey really.