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  1. Don't think there is.. They were used as "lashing down" points. AFAIK they were not intended to be used for lifting the vehicle. Having said that - I have not yet managed to tear one off and we most certainly tried... An adult probably know better...
  2. Husky's are not the easiest to fit "slim line" without some mods to the front ot the 90. I have had several Husky's and currently on on the 110 - yes it sticks out but I do not find this a problem. But I do not really off road..
  3. Think you did the right thing by walking away. No VIN Plate means alarmbells should start ringing. Export vehicles will have a chassisno. stamped behind the front right wheel in the chassis by the factory. These models will have had a 17 digit VIN no., usu. starting with SALL.... (Land Rover) Re-importing could be possible of course - but normally results in an age related plate.
  4. Very nice way to secure the thing in place - well done. And yes, 2 in this case are better than 1... Thanks.
  5. Talk about a learning curve etc... After all the work you put into it. But you can at least talk about it - and MK II will be even better !! Bon Courage !
  6. " Local hydraulics supplier (or tractor place) should be able to sort you out. " Not in France.... I really miss places like Pirtek...
  7. Merci Beaucoup ! Serious money indeed..... Hopefully somebody has some in a box somewhere...
  8. Thank you very much ! But where to get these parts ? ETC4033 & ETC4034 seem NLA here... Ideally, I need to fit a pressure gauge to 3 engines....
  9. Greetings All ! I was given a Durite oil pressure gauge & sender and want to fit this to the 300 Tdi in the 110. However - one obviously needs some sort of "splitter" for this, so both the warning light switch and the gauge sender unit get to the (lack of..) oil pressure. I failed so far to find something to solve this/ What can I use please ?
  10. You could consider making the gearbox crossmember removable - easier in the future. We abused our series chassis a lot over the past 25 years and no problems. Hope you galvanize it.
  11. Very, very nice ! Looking forward to the finished product with a nice paint job etc... Wished I had your skills for this..
  12. Looking good !!
  13. One can always ask... However, the "Diesel" badge is missing and I very much doubt is aluminium checker plate as floor panels were the thing in the '50's.....