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  1. See your problem.. Apart from getting a mechanic who knows what he / she is doing, the obvious way to go is to replace the Td5's with Td'5. Turner's do very, very good engines and if swopping like for likes, it could be worth getting some outside help fitting the things. Although I love the Mazda lumps (3.5 Tdi 4 cyl.) that is a good, strong and very simple engine I'd not go that route as you're going to have problems getting spares etc. We also have an 2.8 Iveco in a 130 that did very, very well but again, parts could be a problem. Bon Courage !
  2. I had a VDO Tempomat in the RRC with the Mazda. Not cheap but very, very good. Interested to hear about the " Waeco kit " as I again will need to fit one to a 300 Tdi.. Tdi needs something with a cable to move the lever on the pump.
  3. Once they run out of Series Ones & RRC's they can begin with Defenders.. Pity it is this far away from us..
  4. Unless the electric solenoid has intermittent problems, you describe fuel line blockage... We had a similar problem with the 110 after a long trip this Summer it just died doing 75 on the motorway... Would hardly tick over.. Replaced all filters and fuel lift pump, etc.but no success, Eventually got it home and put some serious air pressure through the fuel lines, effectively emptying the fuel tank in the process.... Serious high fountain of diesel to be seen from the fuel filler but no more problems afterwards.. I must stress that doing this does have its risks - esp. from her LadyShip who was not impressed by the large quantity of dumped diesel on the grass..... Bon Courage !
  5. This is good old fashioned service. Well done in these days of "out of warranty - we don't care"
  6. What they said.... I have a pair and paid not a lot for them a few years ago. In France, parts are becoming a problem - not sure about the rest of the world. Considered getting one for the 110 rear axle but in the end could not be bothered..
  7. We use laser measurement equipment for that. Distance to base, distance to the top, measure the angle and you know the height. The fancy once have a build in function for that. We use them also for measuring space under high tension wiring..... Very useful.. But, not wanting to sound pedantic or so, why the need to measure the height bunt not accurately ?
  8. Very wise move !!! Well done. Good. Series are for life - don't forget that...... Mine has been with me since '79...
  9. You may find that if you fit belt they need to be the original type. We have 5 point hook in ones that only go in when the going gets tough.
  10. One can always ask....
  11. Numax CXV35MF Sealed Leisure Battery Twin poles and managed to start both 200 & 300 Tdi's in seriously cold weather. The LED's draw so little amps that we use it for the "living" quarters aswell. No need for special winch battery, can't comment on that. We have them in 5 vehicles.
  12. Hmm.... We found that the jerrycans (MOD ones) do fit bit it takes a bit of "wriggling".. We have flat ones and they work just fine. Try a MOD one for size..
  13. Can't comment on Marsland - never seen them in the metal`myself. Designa has no prices - but the ones I've seen were good. I'd love to rebuild a 109 one day - the overlanding started with one of those. Please take the time and effort to galvanize the bulkhead - makes life so much easier... All the best !!
  14. Not sure if they are "the only one" - but AFAIK they are the only one who supplies new replacement chassis for Series. I'd love to be wrong though. Please note that the use of a chassis that has alreay a VIN No. stamped in it brings you into a very grey area..