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  1. We use the Kärcher and some extra garden hose to try and blow out the rubbish....
  2. Back in Holland, the workshop behind my house was too low to get the Series in.. Got € 5k off the askingprice of the house - the agents face was priceless when I said I'd go and look elsewhere because of the garage.. Eventuelly, I out a new roof on top of the old one, went to see the neighbour about the use of a chansaw and cut the old stuff away.. Drastic - but effective. When I asked if she'd any bother of the noise she said she'd turned off her hearing aid.... Any lift is a lift - just make sure to support the vehicle !
  3. If you have to be careful with the height - work with 40 cm.. We have a luxery that we can go up to 9 mtrs. if we want to - but we want to keep the new workshop under 4 mtrs. Either use a swivel chait to go under the secured vehicle - or a shallow pit... Bon Courage !
  4. No pics of the back / interior / floor / rust / etc... Hmm..
  5. Know the feeling only too well... Bon Courage.
  6. Know the feeling.. We have tried several locations for the various sources of noise and these days we like them up high. Everything out of the way and dry. Waiting for the extension cable for the CB so the mike goes below the windscreen. I have fitted client's vehicles with a double DIN unit there. Possible - need some trimming to the sunvisors though..
  7. Hmm....... Not good.
  8. Less...... About 25-26 MPG For a road train weight of about 4 tonnes, a rooftent and that trailer sitting high on the trailer, that's not bad.. A bit more torque higher in the speeds / revs would be nice though..
  9. Please do - you're the boss ! Apart from one bolt that came undone, not a single problem whatsoever with the vehicle. - New bed layout work very, very well - Rebuild Hard Shell Roof Tent was tested in #$%@#~$@! rain and stayed dry - The new navigation systems earned their keeps... - MPG wise, about 29 miles to the gallon with the empty trailer
  10. Hmm...... The legal issues getting it in France on plates are just too big.. Also, I doubt the "not Q Plate" bit.. I love them. The Mrs. was not too upset - she must be getting younger...
  11. Well..... We're back. 2,610 Kms. in 73 hrs. - or 1,673 miles in your money 2 Ferries, 3 nights en Route and 3 locations to load stuff. The 110 did very, very well.
  12. I thing you may be over reacting a bit.. Diesel will be fine for th time being - sell it if you have doubt and buy something petrol ex factory. Modern vehicles are getting more and more difficult to convert and modify.. Good luck !
  13. Many thanks !! Obviously, many pics will be taken and the alarm sounded if need be. In the old days, one of the LR magazines would love to have a write up - but as this is real people doing real trips.... I'm taking the iPad with me so we should have some form of Internet.. I think. IF it works. The Brownchurch & Hardshell Roof Tent are back on again after their hibernate.. Ivo has to sleep somewhere I guess.. Tomorrow some oil & grease work, a meeting with a client and French Customs and we're all set for departure Saturday.
  14. Yes - there is 2 of us.. Poor, poor Ivo is a life long suffering friend who owns wirh me the smaller Morris Minor version ones.. We'll meet in Calais, do the Raid and part ways again when back in France.
  15. U P D A T E (In case a lonely soul would be interested... ) ======= Well... This weekend we're doing a good old fashioned UK Raid. 2,900 kms (or 1,860 miles in your money) in 72 hrs. with a 3-axle trailer to collect the remains of the Scottish Aviation Artic Trailer, some airplane seats for the new conference rooms and a pair of radar domes to protect the satellite uplinks against the elements... So, if you see a 110 (Keswick Green Hard Top) on French plates with a big trailer & a rooftent - give us a wave..