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  1. That was a good one Fridge
  2. As title, does anyone know why this motor has been discontinued?? I'm super happy with mine and was actually quite bummed when I got the news, guess I'll have to take very good care of mine now Hopefully its just cus something even better is on the way, but usually he doesn't discontinue his products because he makes a new design?
  3. Tidy job for sure! And very easy to service the way you've fitted it If flow isn't enough you can probably get a more free flowing filter element for it. usually there's plenty of flow in 4x4 air boxes IMO, but then again you do go through a lot of air at full tilt with that engine
  4. Clever man!
  5. Even though the TD5 is a lovely smooth running engine (for a diesel) I would still rather fit a 200/300tdi, much simpler and better mileage (especially the 200 can get incredible mileage) But that said if TD5s are common in your neck of the woods and TDI's are scarce I'd choose the TD5. But again, why not still V8?
  6. Cool, great fun right? Offroading in a 4x4 doesn't come anywhere near in fun factor I must admit, however it hurts less, cost less and you can be more creative with building stuff yourself. Okay thats a bit newer and smaller than what I used to ride (LC4 620) And it has a somewhat decent sized mastercylinder, we just used to space out the caliper and fit a 320mm disc And yeah locking up the wheels is a huge advantage in the dirt because you create a burm for the wheel to push against. Very scary at first, but it works really well
  7. A bit weird when they state "Made from British Steel" on their website? What other materials will be affected then? The Zink? I don't get it..
  8. Very well described Wes, I think you hit the nail on the heat right there, the feeling and consistency is so vastly different on the two systems, that its actually very hard to compare the two. And to add to that, bigger brakes does mean shorter stopping distance, even if the stock ones can block the wheel, how come? Well the initial bite of the brakes takes care of a lot of the deceleration, back when I used to Supermoto a lot, bigger discs in the front really did reduce lap time, also aided of course by the fact that you could trust your braking points lap after lap. But obviously the bigger brakes the more delicate your inputs has to be
  9. Because of the aforementioned difference in angle on the drive flanges on the diff vs the T-box output. No matter what changes I've made to the suspension of my Series trucks, I've always had least vibration with the factory straight phasing
  10. Yeah we finally got some now! But its not really enough to be fun for the 4x4s but enough to be annoying on the daily commute (I guess we're not easy to satisfy?) Unwards and Upwards is what we do right? No reason for looking (read: driving) back right? When I get to proper test them out offroad I might try flipping the outer pair. It does make a huge difference when running single AG-tyres to flip them, much better in sand when reversed.
  11. I have had the exact same experience, absolutely no performance problems with drums if they are in good nick, however I've never regret going to disks! First off the performance after going through a puddle, or in mud is not nearly as effected as with drums, it can become downright dangerous with drums, I nearly ran a guy over once after going through mud at speed to gain momentum up a climb, I didn't make it to the top, and came back down almost as quickly as I went up, sadly this bloke figured I would get up it so stepped onto the track behind me... Luckily noone was hurt. Also the perfomance on road is actually better, simply because it is so much more predictable, a given amount of pressure on the pedal always gives the same amount of braking.
  12. I'm sorry Daan, but I don't see how moving the fuel tank further away from the passenger compartment is less safe? Sure if you were to hang it out over the bumper so it would be the first point of impact, but I didn't mean that far
  13. Because it has a handlebar I suppose? Seeing as the word bike comes from bicycle none of them are bikes I suppose because they haven't got pedals
  14. Looking at your pictures on the previous page, what about moving the fuel cell further back? Not only is there the obvious heat from the exhaust underneath it, but its also right below the radiator, so essentially caught in between two heat sources. Another benefit would be to get some more weight towards the back, which judging by your corner weights wouldn't hurt? If it was me I'd seriously reconsider raising it even the slightest bit, not only do you wan't as low a COG as possible for your use, but that is also the worst kind of weight to get up high as its a sloshing fluid, making body roll worse and more unpredictable. Now obviously I can't get the full picture of what is possible and what isn't from a few pics, so feel free to throw my nonsense down the drain if need be
  15. Great progress Steve, aww the joys of owning an old Racecar, finding cracks everywhere I once had a KTM 640 Rallye that had done 2 Dakars.. The amount of cracks and botched fixes on that thing was hard to fathom How do you find the Panhard on the back when jumping/going fast? A nice simple and robust setup, but some people complain about the bumpsteering of the rear. I suppose a Watts link would solve that, but that's adding more moving parts..