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  1. A couple of Danish Teams are going as well, in fact a Viking Winch will be present
  2. I'm sorry guys, I didn't know there was all this hate towards Jim and his products, me being a Dane, thought you guys were more patriotic about this fellow countryman of yours who has done great in his business and seemingly is doing a lot of good things for the sport as well.. But what do I know? But frankly Dave W. I don't understand your comment about letting the costumers pay for the R&D? Is that not how everybody does it? It would be like you walking in to the LR Dealer claiming he is to give you a Disco 5 free of charge because you bought a Disco 4 and the 5 is so much better because they learned from all the mistakes on your Disco? I'm sorry to burst your bobble, but that is how products evolve, and there is no such thing as the perfect product, neither is a Red Winch, simply because there is no such thing as perfection. Its something we all strive for, but it doesn't exist, there is, and always will be a compromise. And seeing as Red Winch keep developing new winches and motors, they don't seem to have found the Holy Grail yet either?
  3. Great bit of fabrication there Steve, keep it up
  4. Not really the same though, for two different purposes.
  5. Hmm Daan. I'm not sure you've watched video then? First off he tells us the top housing is 1,5 kgs lighter, and second he tells us that someone, not who though, but someone makes his gears. he would probably have said in house if it was the case And you can't save 10kgs just in the gears
  6. Great to see you back on it Is that a Toyota winch? If so its about 34:1 as I recall, so you won't need motors that run very high RPM, you need torque. Unless you plan on gearing it between the motors and winch to multiply the torque. I doubt 2x winch motors will be able to have any pulling power with a 34:1 gearing.
  7. What about custom bracket, and/or a different pump from something else? That's the way I've solved most of my problems.. Though never on a Mazda engine.. Maybe you could post some pictures?
  8. Yes it is, and I reckon that is very much because of the lack of billet items. So great for the costumer. Also 10kilos lighter than a Redwinch isn't bad at all!
  9. I don't know if you've already seen it, but thought I'd share it on here anyways I quite like it, I really like the move away from Billet everything, it really is unnecessary it many cases, a casting is plenty strong for a Winch housing. And it does make it both heavier and more expensive, so a great move me thinks One thing that had me chuggling a bit was the lightened gears.. I remember how people laughed at me when I drilled holes in the gears of my mini 8274 in 2011, now that Jim does it I bet you everybody will be doing it And the Price is very good too, it will really give Redwinch a run for their Money I reckon
  10. Looking good as always! Those calipers look nice and compact, there's no way you could put Coiler calipers that far out, they would foul the wheel
  11. I completely agree with the other posters, though I think its worth mentioning that in theory the Grease should make your CV's slower wearing, due to the Molybdenum in there. Though of course if theres water in there it won't be any good
  12. Am I reading this right, you wan't to fit the 2,5 N/A (Not/Available if anyone was wondering :P)? Why not swap the 300 in as well?
  13. As far as I can see its still a 100% locker, so not an lsd as it can't unlock. It'll be considerably weaker than a fully welded diff, especially in the puny rover diff. So I don't see any point. Just do as I did, weld up the rear diff and fit freewheeling hubs on the rear, and drive ind 4high which will essentially make it FWD, works a treat, didn't have any problems whatsoever
  14. Hahaha Its all in the detail
  15. Wow! I see someone has taken my Redneck solution to a more pro level!