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  1. Time for a little update.. Realized there was still room for a few more wires and hoses under the bonnet, so fitted an AC Compressor to handle the air supply as I have another use for my portable 12v version: Then came time to make a raised filler for the fuel tank as it is a right PITA to fill it when its located so far inboards at the back end. Various bits of exhaust tubing and a LR filler tube and cap was used:
  2. Now that's a good looking 130"! Also I like those rims on the 110" at the bottom, they must be like 10" wide, yet made of Ali/Mag, I've never seen so wide rims for Landy made from anything other than steel?
  3. Just imagine hearing those healthy RV8's thundering through the Desert!
  4. My Brother and I have always been fortunate to have parents who spent every bit of their hard-earned and all their time on us, We've done heeps of stuff together, all mostly centered around our mutual love for various vehicles. So in 2010 we decided it was our turn to give them a trip they wouldn't forget, so my Mom got stuffed in the Unimog together with my Brother, and my Dad on an offroad bike cus we both have a Dakar dream lurking in the back of our minds Actually the very first day on Iceland he drowned his Yamaha by tipping it into an ice-cold glazier-runoff, I of course rushed out to help him, so the next day we got into our drenched clothes, changed the water oil in his engine in temps just above freezing with a heavy gust coming from the glazier! Thems were the days
  5. And finally a couple of misc pictures, the first one showing how the Bikes are brilliant for fetching water when the Mog overheats on the long climbs: And lastly, this view, which was just round a corner had us all stunned:
  6. Okay it turned into more than just a couple of pictures (Hope you don't mind Maverik?) First some of the deeper crossings, no problem for a Landy as you can see: Here you can clearly see how the current is trying to push you downstream so you have to counter steer, but this in turn splashes the water right into you helmet!
  7. In a Defender none of them is any problem, when I get home I'll have a look through my archive and fit a couple of Pictures, it was Deep enough to kill the bikes a couple of times, but the Landys we followed had no problems. I think the deepest I was in just above my waist when I had to drag the poor Yamaha to land The challenge is in the current, which can move you several meters sideways, that's quite scary, and also the huge Boulders at the bottom will roll underneath you making it even more interesting An experience you will never forget though But I take it you Brits are quite used to Deep Water with all your fords
  8. Yeah I've always been intrigued by these Rangies as well, some tech would be awesome if anybody has that Congrats to you Brits BTW with the first British rider to win in Dakar! You Guys are doing pretty well on two Wheels at the moment
  9. I've been to the beautiful Island 3 times in the Summer, with quite some years apart, lastly was in 2010 on an Offroad bike. And there's quite a difference in the water level depending on how the winter/spring was. But one day in 2010 when we drove to lanmannalauge we crossed over 150 watercrossings large and small, and those of us that drove bikes where absolutely drenched to our bones! But good times it definitely was! Just a bit hard to dry your clothes in 2degrees C and a heavy fog So was kind of cold to climb back into
  10. yep there are 2 different 12 point versions, however I'm pretty sure they are both metric? Just one fine thread and the other course? I could be wrong though, have never measured the pitch of either of those two.
  11. I think you are quite right to judge it by the 6point/12point method, I have never seen a metric with 6 points and never seen an imperial with 12 points, and I have messed quite a lot with old RRC's. Of course someone could have fitted 6 point metric bolts instead of the 12 pointed ones from the factory. But if the swivel ball is also the old imperial kind (6 bolts instead of 7) then you should be pretty safe
  12. wow! Thats a gift from the heart right there must've taken ages to do!
  13. Clever! And then you just tighten the spring with your cordless impact and it all becomes very clever
  14. I've previously had great succes with covering a plate with powerwrap and fitting it between the manifold and the floatbowl. I did however close off the hole in the exhaust manifold at the same time (the hole where it connects to, and preheats the intake manifold. It helped a lot but can't tell you which part did the most. You could also powerwrap the Whole downpipe and exhaust manifold to remove a lot of heat from the engine compartment
  15. Thought I'd make a little video for you guys: