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  1. As far as I can see its still a 100% locker, so not an lsd as it can't unlock. It'll be considerably weaker than a fully welded diff, especially in the puny rover diff. So I don't see any point. Just do as I did, weld up the rear diff and fit freewheeling hubs on the rear, and drive ind 4high which will essentially make it FWD, works a treat, didn't have any problems whatsoever
  2. Hahaha Its all in the detail
  3. Wow! I see someone has taken my Redneck solution to a more pro level!
  4. They will not fit from your Imperial (Series) diff into a Metric diff. Vast size difference because of difference in side bearing size. So you should source a 10 spline Defender/RRC/Disco unit instead, which shouldn't be much of a problem?
  5. When you look back in history, the situation we are in kind of reminds me of the fall of British car/bike manufacturing in the 70'es. When the Japs took over. Here in Denmark you get 2 years warranty on a VW, which should be German thoroughness and all the other blah.. But on a KIA you get 7 years warranty! And the car is even cheaper to begin with. You really have to be fanatic to buy a VW, much like those last ones to buy Triumphs, BSA's etc etc.
  6. I think the 4.0 6 pot Jeep (AMC) Engine is worth mentioning too, I had an XJ with the 4.0HO (197bhp) And I only bought it to thrash it offroad, but had it registered for about a month and absolutely abused it on the the road! (Rolling burnouts from the lights and on the on-ramp etc) And simply could not get it under 6,8km/l (19,2mpg) and with a more moddest driving it was easily over 9 km/l (25,4mpg) Not bad for something with the power and low down torque of a RV8. Only downsides are size (lenght) and weight
  7. Looking good! Nice hurtle to get past for sure You really should make a build thread for this lovely Series your building..
  8. Yes it is.. No I haven't, not currently in the market for another one so don't want to bother him, I was just wondering if someone knew anything Yes I know, but its "only" a 7hp unit so not a direct competitor to the Bow3
  9. That was a good one Fridge
  10. As title, does anyone know why this motor has been discontinued?? I'm super happy with mine and was actually quite bummed when I got the news, guess I'll have to take very good care of mine now Hopefully its just cus something even better is on the way, but usually he doesn't discontinue his products because he makes a new design?
  11. Tidy job for sure! And very easy to service the way you've fitted it If flow isn't enough you can probably get a more free flowing filter element for it. usually there's plenty of flow in 4x4 air boxes IMO, but then again you do go through a lot of air at full tilt with that engine
  12. Clever man!
  13. Even though the TD5 is a lovely smooth running engine (for a diesel) I would still rather fit a 200/300tdi, much simpler and better mileage (especially the 200 can get incredible mileage) But that said if TD5s are common in your neck of the woods and TDI's are scarce I'd choose the TD5. But again, why not still V8?
  14. Cool, great fun right? Offroading in a 4x4 doesn't come anywhere near in fun factor I must admit, however it hurts less, cost less and you can be more creative with building stuff yourself. Okay thats a bit newer and smaller than what I used to ride (LC4 620) And it has a somewhat decent sized mastercylinder, we just used to space out the caliper and fit a 320mm disc And yeah locking up the wheels is a huge advantage in the dirt because you create a burm for the wheel to push against. Very scary at first, but it works really well