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  1. Most modern vehicles are using push fit fittngs on their fuel lines and have for many years. as they are easily demountable by pushing the locking ring back against the pressure to release. they seal with an "O" ring which is suitable for the liquid they carry. If the pipe is damaged with a scratch or split they will leak. a simple solution might be to take the fitting apart and check the seal and pipe or use a copper compression fitting as most lines are either 8 or 10mm diameter. Don't overtighten as the pipe will collapse. I have bypassed my sedimentor with a 10 x 8mm reducer with no problem and also replaced a faulty pipe from the tank with a length of 8mm copper.
  2. A very impressive build and write up. Well done and it will give many others inspiration.
  3. I'm hoping to get the front end on my 110 back together, refit the brake master cylinder and bleed the brakes. With a bit of luck I might get the old girl back mobile under her own steam. Then it's rebuild the dash and work rearward.
  4. Glad you got to the bottom of it.
  5. Run a lead from the starter ignition feed to a test bulb you can see when you try to start it to ensure it's getting power as you try to start it to eliminate your ignition switch, Is the click coming from the starter if so connect the test lamp to the starter side of the solenoid.
  6. Looking good, I'm in the process of replacing mine on the 110 after refitting the chassis so I took the front wings off used the engine hoist to remove it but lifted it back in place over the engine without anything on it. So presently bolting everything back on and trying to remember which plug and socket goes together.
  7. Most people say you wouldn't need cranked arms on a 2" lift, as for the spring rates try loading the front with the weight of a winch and see if it sits better. If it does either buy a winch or try a set of standard springs you can buy second hand cheap enough.
  8. You didn't happen to leave the hand brake on?
  9. They are not expensive and easier to replace than trying to reclaim the old ones off the chassis. They may be fuel resistant but get brittle and can snap easily.
  10. Sounds like you diff is jamming, with both wheels off the ground and an open diff the opposite wheel will rotate the other direction. Could your half shaft be going too far in jamming the diff?
  11. I'm hoping to be there. Same as Dave some to sell and need to buy.
  12. Why not just buy a Discovery 1 with body rot and sell of the surplus? You might even make a profit.
  13. Isn't that a bit racist? Dare I ask what the poor fella had done to you?
  14. Could the alternator be shorting when stopping in a particular position?
  15. Does it only happen when it has been raining? Or has someone tried borrowing it without you knowing?