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Engine in...

Well, Sunday saw the whole lot getting dropped into the engine bay, and I am 99% sure I have managed to do so without smashing my autobox oil pump to bits in the process   :i-m_so_happy:

The coolant system is connected (with reference to the P38 Rave disc I downloaded recently), 95% of the electrics are done, leccy fans reinstalled and even the power steering pump connected up with no bother using the original hoses/reservoir  from the RRC. Things left to do are:

  1. Connect downpipes to exhaust manifold
  2. Bolt torque converter to flex plate (piggy of a job) and fit cover plate with lotsa sealant
  3. Mount coil packs on drivers rocker cover, and try to remember which lead when where   :lol:
  4. Do 'something' with the oil cooler.....
  5. Fill with oil, fit oil filter (not in that order) and start her up   :)

#4 is the biggest issue, the existing oil cooler pipes from the RRC which go to the radiator are a touch too short to reach the different outlet positioning on the P38 engine (there is no cooler take off plate like in the RRC). The other problem is that they have different fittings on the end  :angry: This means I will probably need to get  some hoses made up to suit, and there was me thinking I had spent all I needed to   :rolleyes:

Still, lotsa progress, should get her started later this week with any luck, assuming my friendly hydraulics place can make up the required hoses for me. Other option is to run the P38 cooler which I have from the donor vehicle.... lots of options :)

Apologies for no pics, was rather wet, cold, and knackered by 7pm Sunday, not to mention fighting off a cold...


Well last night I had a couple of hours to spare, and found myself tinkering with the VR sensor mount, and timing  and bolting up the triggerwheel to the crank pulley. Everything is looking good!


VR Sensor mount is a bit heath robinson, but it works, and is adjustable enough for my liking by pivoting on the top bolt (bottom bolt hole is slotted).

Fixing the trigger wheel to the pulley was a piece of cake, the pulley is already drilled with two holes that are tapped M8x1.0, so get it in the right position, centre punch the trigger wheel and drill to 8mm, bolt in with longer bolts than required and add a nyloc to make sure it doesn't come undone.


You can just about see the clearance here, sorry for the pretty poor photo, I may use sikaflex or similar to 'pot' the wheel to avoid stuff being caught in it and smashing my water pump...   :rolleyes:


So tomorrow is when I drop the whole lot back in... wish me luck(!) :ph34r:


Well yesterday I managed to get my crank pulley machined down to allow fitting of the trigger wheel (sourced from HFH), even with this machining it is VERY tight to the main water pump outlet, but I suppose as long as it doesn't touch, it won't hurt :)


Pulley was machined down a little further than how HFH has it shown in this thread: *CLICKY* I reckon I have between 1 and 1.5mm gap, aka a fag paper :P

Today/tomorrow will be the VR sensor mount, and Sunday hopefully I will be dropping the engine back into the truck -whether I will have time to get it running or not is another question... we shall see :)



Thought it about time I updated this with some progress.... it's been a bit slow as it has been my daily drive since my last post, and still is, which limits what you can safely do to it!

The list so far:

2" lift with 2" Llama 4x4 braided brake hoses

HD Southdown winch bumper (Bishmodified)

Southdown steering guard

Spare tyre relocation to behind passenger seats

Tree/rock sliders

LPG conversion with in-boot tank

HD track rod and drag link

Steering damper relocation (home fab job...)

Silver modulars with the aforementioned BFG MT 235/85's on them.

OE Ali top tailgate

Polybushed front end (will see how I get on with them)

TDS 9.5 Winch with a Bowmotor (literally fitted in a field this weekend)

I'm sure there is more, however it's just trying to remember it all Lots of general maintenance has gone on as well, like swivels, couple of wheel bearings which started getting noisy after a month of me getting it, a CV joint, oils, water etc

Went for a play at Wagtail 4x4 near stratford, had a lot of fun, a quick pic :


More to come...


HD Bumper fit

  Thanks to Mr Bishbosh, I got my hands on a lovely hand built heavy duty rear bumper(ex-Bishtail :( ), all fitted now, took a while due to LR chassis tolerances, and having to tube lots of the chassis   :rolleyes:

Now looking much more purposeful:


More to come....


Well I have got her, my new toy, ready for prepping  biggrin.gif



Plans are to swap the Britpart/ProComp lift kit from the Rangie you can see in the background (only 6 months old) and add a few other nice bits at the same time such as cranked radius/trailing arms, lower shock mounts/turrets, cones etc...

Rims will be replaced with some steel items to take the 235/85s on the other Range (the rims they are on at the moment are.... lets just say a bit past it). The mandatory arch trimming will happen, at least on the front -the rear will probably be just the inner, steel arch, as I have got away with that before, leaving the aluminium outer cover in tact.

And then the also mandatory protection... steering and axle guard (most important after the last DRD I went on!) The plan is to fabricate a rear HD bumper, as I have some 3.5" tube here waiting... should be chunky enough! And fab the rear recovery point(s) at the same time.

Oh, and the LPG needs swapping from old Rangie as well....

I think I have a busy couple of months ahead blink.gif