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Trigger wheel mount and VR sensor



Well last night I had a couple of hours to spare, and found myself tinkering with the VR sensor mount, and timing  and bolting up the triggerwheel to the crank pulley. Everything is looking good!


VR Sensor mount is a bit heath robinson, but it works, and is adjustable enough for my liking by pivoting on the top bolt (bottom bolt hole is slotted).

Fixing the trigger wheel to the pulley was a piece of cake, the pulley is already drilled with two holes that are tapped M8x1.0, so get it in the right position, centre punch the trigger wheel and drill to 8mm, bolt in with longer bolts than required and add a nyloc to make sure it doesn't come undone.


You can just about see the clearance here, sorry for the pretty poor photo, I may use sikaflex or similar to 'pot' the wheel to avoid stuff being caught in it and smashing my water pump...   :rolleyes:


So tomorrow is when I drop the whole lot back in... wish me luck(!) :ph34r:


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