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Engine in...



Well, Sunday saw the whole lot getting dropped into the engine bay, and I am 99% sure I have managed to do so without smashing my autobox oil pump to bits in the process   :i-m_so_happy:

The coolant system is connected (with reference to the P38 Rave disc I downloaded recently), 95% of the electrics are done, leccy fans reinstalled and even the power steering pump connected up with no bother using the original hoses/reservoir  from the RRC. Things left to do are:

  1. Connect downpipes to exhaust manifold
  2. Bolt torque converter to flex plate (piggy of a job) and fit cover plate with lotsa sealant
  3. Mount coil packs on drivers rocker cover, and try to remember which lead when where   :lol:
  4. Do 'something' with the oil cooler.....
  5. Fill with oil, fit oil filter (not in that order) and start her up   :)

#4 is the biggest issue, the existing oil cooler pipes from the RRC which go to the radiator are a touch too short to reach the different outlet positioning on the P38 engine (there is no cooler take off plate like in the RRC). The other problem is that they have different fittings on the end  :angry: This means I will probably need to get  some hoses made up to suit, and there was me thinking I had spent all I needed to   :rolleyes:

Still, lotsa progress, should get her started later this week with any luck, assuming my friendly hydraulics place can make up the required hoses for me. Other option is to run the P38 cooler which I have from the donor vehicle.... lots of options :)

Apologies for no pics, was rather wet, cold, and knackered by 7pm Sunday, not to mention fighting off a cold...


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