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  2. TD5 Turbo blown - advice please

    well I have had the original turbo repaired and finally reinstalled it. noticed blackened intercooler hoses so cleaned them out and I have ordered a provent 200 catch can for peace of mind. I also noticed very worn fanbelt - so replaced belt - drove ~60 km's and new one shredded - then noticed the tensioner bearing was shot and not turning. have ordered replacement OE tensioner and another belt is it possible that the tensioner and turbo dying are connected in any way? I had noticed that the steering was a little hard, but Voltage was 14.1 when running (about norm) and brakes felt fine, oil pressure and coolant temp showing in normal range on Madman Anything else I should check? I don't want to have to repair / replace turbo again - was NOT a cheap repair, would have been cheaper to have bought new one :-(
  3. 200TDI won't start

    possibly looking at a injection pump rebuild then, the cam/roller inside the chrome plating comes off, & blocks the pump.
  4. Simplified 3.9 v8 loom

    I guess a mid mount rv8 will keep the occupants warm too, what with them loving overheating Looks like a great project
  5. V8 lifter preload

    Do you have an old head to compare to?
  6. it could be a different torque convertor a d1/rrc has a zf4hp22 and a d2/p38 has a zf4hp24 I think form memory the d1 v8 t/c is 4 bolt pattern an d2 is three bolt
  7. Ultra4 King of Britain 13-15 Oct 2017 Kirton

    picture from qualifying,
  8. How to move HP22 gearboxes

    The list of nastiness is as follows: (222 hours on clock) the diablo is so bad they went bankrupt, the diablo 00112 is so bad it sat unsold at the dealers for a decade after two customers gave up on it. The half hearted version of Ferguson 4x4 jammed and ripped the front diff out. Only one of six bolts remained. the front hubs collapsed on the first owner. the drive belt ripped the teeth off on mild inclines. the shocks have no swivel ends. the brake pipes were cable tied to the road springs. it has a transmission brake because the CVT drags so much. the cvt belt drags so much you have to stop the engine to get it out of forward/reverse the foot plates shook loose due to lack of bolts all 20wheel nuts were on backward the fuel system didn’t generate back pressure making it a bad starter the CVT cover is held on by rubber bands the front strut hubs are home made from plate and 8mm bar for bracing the brake disks hit them the air filter hung on the end of the air hose the hose is held into the air filter housing by self tapping screws the alternator adjuster has been cut of to fit in the bodywork the cvt drive belt was too long so it effectively launched at 1500 rpm in third the push rod on the master cylinder was too short the fuel cap had fallen off and one of those cheap emergency caps rammed in the exhaust manifold adapter to the flexi down pipe is steel box section the exhaust bends are 45 degree cuts to make 90 degree bends the gear-lever detent spring was missing so it fell out of gear high box is to live (briefly) the wheel hubs are those taper lock things you find on sprockets. The quarter shafts have no spline or threaded end. The friction force holds the wheel on and adjusts the wheel bearings. the rear suspension is like a triumph herald. the ground clearance clearly not enough so all the shock anchors have tags welded on. there is no belly pan. no drain plug on the rear diff. despite the rear diff being locked as a spool, there are two rear disks. the bottom hose was nearly chafed through on the timing cover there are no P clips, only cable ties captive nuts have been created by ramming dome head coach bolts into round holes the kettle noises while welding suggest the frame is full of water its big enough to seat four people on the back and two more on the front turning circle is around 50ft :o) So yeh, it was so bad I could afford it EDIT, I should also add that I am thoroughly enjoying myself laughing at it while fixing the problems and welding metal to it. It’s butt is now sat on the bump stops and will likely get solid links. I’m also dropping the gear ratio as low as I can get it without fitting a jack-shaft. It’s like my Mini-ratbike project, except this is actually useful !
  9. P38 EAS weirdness

    Sounds like the thing is generating a flood of errors, overflowing the mem bank. Without seeing and talking to the computers, it is going to be difficult. Bon Courage !!
  10. Ultra4 King of Britain 13-15 Oct 2017 Kirton

    we did alright, dominated legends in qualifying & the races on saturday, Sunday didnt quite go as to plan with taking a 3rd in the first race & a 4th/5th in the second, we had a few issues including a puncture in the first mile & having to do a full lap on the rim, guys did a super fast wheel change & sent us back out again, finished the weekend joint first in legends shared with the reul brothers in there 200tdi powered defender on volvo portals
  11. Rear Wash Wipe Woes

    When pushing the valve onto the tubing found that heating it up briefly with a heat gun helped a bundle.
  12. Oh yes.... Some very motivating people here !!
  13. V8 lifter preload

    A pretty mild one I would have thought, a Kent H180. Having spent the afternoon pottering with shims I have managed to get the preload on the follower where I was taking all the measurements down within the upper limit of 60 thou, but at the expense of having 108 thou worth of shims beneath the rocker pedestals. The snag is that various other followers have no preload. I am going to replace the rocker pedestals (since they were the only components that were not replaced) and see if that makes the numbers more sensible. I have run a straight edge over the tops of the valves and they are all at the same installed height. I wonder if the discrepancy is within the pushrods (OEM) or the pedestals? Having previously owned a number of Laverda Jotas I am familiar with collapsing cam bearing pillars and wonder if the rocker shaft pedestals do a similar thing?
  14. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    Hey! Our ambulance is far better looking than that thing!
  15. Noop... never had the pleasure, i think:-) And must say... this forum keeps you going... I'm slowly getting there to get my lpg 109 stationwagon ready for it's mot and then it can go.. So i can get going on my Mazda 109 project again.
  16. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    New Defender??? What new Defender???
  17. Simplified 3.9 v8 loom

    Even a Rover V8 is nicer than the aircooled boat anchor
  18. P38 EAS weirdness

    elbekko, Thanks for the response, I have checked the cable and it has good solder joints with heat shrink sleeving, so I am confident that side of things is OK. Another forum suggested I check the OBD connector in the car, so that is on the cards for next up.
  19. Simplified 3.9 v8 loom

    Some interesting pics in your profile, @roverv8kombi https://forums.lr4x4.com/profile/114199-roverv8kombi/?wr=eyJhcHAiOiJmb3J1bXMiLCJtb2R1bGUiOiJmb3J1bXMtY29tbWVudCIsImlkXzEiOjg4NzU2LCJpZF8yIjo4OTQ2MjB9
  20. How to move HP22 gearboxes

    That's restored my faith in the internet, that's great
  21. Simplified 3.9 v8 loom

    Sounds like an interesting project but why a Rover V8? There are more modern and better engines that could be fitted without much more work?
  22. V8 lifter preload

    What cam are you running?
  23. V8 lifter preload

    Inlet manifold bolt holes all line up, I haven't bolted it down yet because I haven't got past this detail thus far. Rockers are genuine and the shafts are oem, the pedestals came from the original engine. Measurements are being taken with a set of feelers narrowed and bent to fit in the available space. Heads came fully assembled from Turner
  24. V8 lifter preload

    Posting pictures might help - showing how you're measuring for example.
  25. V8 lifter preload

    What tool are you using to measure 0.300? I just used a piece of bent copper wire that was 'about right' to fit in the groove.
  26. V8 lifter preload

    I've been thinking about it, and I can't see any way that you could get to 7.62mm of preload without something being pretty wrong. I suspect that is pretty much fully compressed for the lifter. Does the inlet manifold bolt up OK? If not, perhaps the heads have been over-shaved by mistake. What make were the rockers and shafts? I have had some very poor quality items here... and don't need to be much out to screw everything. Was the overall valve length measured before fitting, or did they come from Turner pre-fitted? Is it modified or standard cam, followers, heads, valves...?
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