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  2. @mmgemini yes I know the answer to those questions but I don't see how they are relevant. There's a lot more to it than owning the name. You can't just say Indian is "a bad thing". There's plenty of autonomy in the UK bases. Far more than in plenty of other automotive companies here. I find it sad that there is little or no recognition of that within this thread In fact people seem to wish JLR a speedy demise. Why on earth would anyone want that, based on a feeling, however strong, that the newer models are not what "people" want? There's enough challenges in keeping strategic decision making in the UK as it is and it's fair to say that a good bit of JLRs is still here, as well as some manufacturing, plus engineering, design, sales, marketing...
  3. Bigj66

    TD5 to V8

    That’s a relief to hear as yes, there are many scare mongers out there. I’ve still got some reading to do on the subject mostly earlier threads on the conversion and the problems others came across but I think I have most of the material now that I’ll need to get it done.
  4. Who owns the Land Rover name. Where is the new Defender made
  5. thanks, but CAN is a bit far to drive for me. Besices, we have gravel roads here for days and even weeks to keep us entertained. Last July, I went solo on a club outing, and on the gravel road to the farm, I tried to get the RRS to step out - hard as I tried, at almost twice the speed limit (+-160kmh), it just would not. A Defender, OTOH, will step out if you even look at it funny 😅
  6. An Indian carmaker, are you kidding? Have you been to Gaydon? Have you been inside? Have you seen how many people from the UK work there? There's more R&D and other stuff going on there under UK leadership than in many other car makers.
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  8. I keep reading this.... Soi an Indian car maker The car built where. I am waiting until the dealership has one to see where the glass comes from, yes, I will try to look at the ID plate. NO I can't afforn oneI can't work on it but going to have a looksee
  9. I feel sad reading these pages; especially all the handbags. I have a number of previous work colleagues now working at JLR and in some very significant positions. They have brought with them some fantastic automotive manufacturing and quality experience and are working their proverbials off to help get both J and LR into a better position. Ok so they don't design, market or sell, they work in operational roles and they would be sad too if they read this thread.
  10. God that generated alot of debate, mines just straight out and down with a 90 exhaust bend to couple to a 200 tdi downpipe cut. Cost £18
  11. Hang on a minute... wait... no, I've realised, I don't want to listen to you any more.
  12. i'd say that oil leak is most likely coming from the rear of the rocker cover and leaking down the back of the block to the location you see it there. Not a serious issue and a new gasket should fix it.
  13. Gravel roads have potholes. If you want to be the fastest, you can't be slowing down for them. Hell, the gravel major highways here have potholes that will tear off the suspension off your Audi. Yes, we have major highways that are gravel.
  14. Come on by and bring what you wish. Try and keep up. Soft springs, long travel, well tuned shocks. Have not seen anything that can drive as fast. Certainly these modern Land Rovers can't. I spend way too much time waiting for them to catch up.
  15. You need to define gravel roads better then, because gravel roads does not mean it would destroy a car by assumption.
  16. Your Audi would be destroyed in five minutes on the gravel roads here if you tried to drive fast.
  17. Yes I have read-up on how to use that. A new set is £23.40 from Turners though, so not expensive. Presumably I could buy a set at std (same as on) and direct fit? Edit: Also I have cleaned-up all the pistons but on number 2 the ring to groove gaps are over spec. Not much but they are over on top and middle rings. I am assuming that the rings are too hard to wear and it must be the piston. It's half expected of course.
  18. All, many thanks for the replies. I ran out of time and daylight yesterday to take more pictures and am away now 'till Friday. I'll try to get more photos on Friday - so long as its dryish, don't really fancy lying in running water to take the photo! 😉
  19. In a heartbeat if I could afford it but sadly that will never happen there's a lot of tooing and froing in these 73 pages a lot of slagging and not so much in the way of defence the fact is in MHO that 90% of the modern world want technology in everything after all the new defender is like the new I phone or androids and I dont hear many complaining about their latest technolgy I'm going to make an assumption here and apologies if I've got it wrong I think the vast majority of us like to potter on enjoy projects etc and like me at or accelerating past middle age we come from a generation of doers and with all due respect maybe not fully upto speed with the latest tech I think part of the endearment with the land rover brand is we can fiddle, improve and personalise we hate and love them at the same time unfortunately the new generation dont want to do that it's all about the computer side of the world we live in I have 4 sons and not one of them would be interested in looking in my garage let alone use the resources in there all my equipment is just so much scrap to them and unfortunately that's the reality I may not like it but I'm a dinosaur in there world and likely to be extinct in about 20yrs or so I cant blame landrover wanting to go for that market us dino's will just have to like it or lump it regards Stephen
  20. Fit a new timing belt and take some time to get the timing just right. Set the rocker clearance and service air filter - also check it doesnt have any dragging brakes/low tyres. Manifold gaskets often get blown through, split or leaking intercooler hoses also common. A little tweek on the fueling may help as well if not already done. Before you strip the engine down do some tests - check oil pressure and a compression test which will tell you if you have a worn engine. They do pretty big miles without major work so if it's not knocking/smoking/asthmatic it's probably fine.
  21. It's nearly three months worth of disposable income to pay for a new one, so 1.5 days so far, plus maybe that again to finish isn't too bad at all Just got to have at it and "getter done", as Keith Fenner would say.
  22. Totally agree here. Where do you stop? If you change the big end bearings, rings etc then you might as well rebuild the whole thing. For me, if it's not losing oil and water then just do the clearances and any seals that are leaking. At a push re-seat the valves by removing the head but only if it's obvious that they're leaking. If it's a bit down on power then maybe rotate the boost diaphragm and give it a good service?
  23. my bad, I didn't see you live in Canada. "I'll guarantee nothing is better on gravel at high speed than my Defenders." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Haven't read anything so hilarious in years! Boet, you just made yourself a laughing stock around here. 🤣
  24. As far as the bearings go, you need to measure them with plastigauge.
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