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  2. How much to Re-spray an swb van

    Hi guys I know i'm not there yet but just wondering how much it would cost to get my 1970 2a swb van re-sprayed in Limestone
  3. New Series - RR Heavy

    Not sure he knows, but I really enjoyed talking LR with Richard. I think LR would do well to have him as some sort of spokesperson for local or online media. Cheers Stephen! Funny I was trying to not sound like I was worried about popularity but I'm always trying to keep the episodes interesting so there might have been a subconscious fish for feedback in that. I supposed what I meant was that if it's not your cup of tea it's all good, it's fairly niche, but don't miss the episodes over the simple click of a setting.
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  5. Rumbling noise

    Hi everyone. I've got a year 2000 L Series Diesel Station Wagon. 127,000 miles. Usually very reliable, and used every day. Apart from the usual odds and ends problems they all suffer, it drives great. It drives in 2 wheel drive, as I've taken the prop off when the rear diff imploded a couple of years ago. Right then ;- The last couple of days, on my way to work, something unusual has happened. The car is perfect up to 60mph, then a loud rumbling / vibration is heard coming from the drivers side front at 60mph. Also, when I press the accelerator, the car won't go faster then 65mph. If I drop below 60mph, the noise goes away. Plodding along at 50mph, the car is perfect. I've also noticed, that when at low parking speed it feels like the brakes are on, and the car comes to a halt quite quickly, and doesn't roll much. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Can't afford to change my car, and would like to keep this one ! Thanks for any replies..................... Matt (Dezzie)
  6. Roller painting

    Hi Jamie, when I did my project I really juggled between roller painting & spraying... I ended up spraying which in my opinion went ok... a little orange peely but only up close. I used paintman paints who has a huge range of colours, it’s mostly synthetic enamel & really goes on well. I roller painted a few items such as the load bed & other bits n bobs & it went well, no brush marks or witnesses of the roller. what I’m getting at is you can get a decent finish with either spraying or rollering it’s just time, patience & lots of prep work. Ben
  7. Roller painting

    Hi guys ive got 2 projects on the go and they’re both coming up to the painting stage fairly soon. Ones a series 2a hardtop and the other a series 3 soft top. Both have been ground up rebuilds so I’m looking for a decent finish but can’t stretch to a professional job for either of them. Whats people’s opinions on roller painting? i have seen some amazing looking examples but I still can’t persuade myself on it. Also if it is worth doing, any advice is much appreciated!! If it makes a difference I’ll be using Pastel green and marine blue. Jamie
  8. 300Tdi wont rev

    Get a dial gauge and set the timing that way. Do not trust the pin method at this point. This needs to be step 1 and then adjust fueling second. Set TDC by looking at the slot through the drain hole and not with the timing pin. There is too much play with a flywheel timing pin.
  9. MoT from 20 May 18

    My bike is due soon so I'll check it after its done to see if things have improved.
  10. Breakdown cover

    I think that's a great strategy.
  11. Td5 Injector seals

    Hello guys,I did the injector seals/washers change twice on my D2 and Defender.when I proceeded, I was suggested by some mechanics to warm the washers until they got red, and then submerge in water. This way the copper becomes softer and gives better sealing.I wonder if anyone of you did this? What do you think about? How long do you usually drive you car until you need another seal/washer change?
  12. TD5 Injector Seals

    Hello guys,I did the injector seals/washers change twice on my D2 and Defender.when I proceeded, I was suggested by some mechanics to warm the washers until they got red, and then submerge in water. This way the copper becomes softer and gives better sealing.I wonder if anyone of you did this? What do you think about? How long do you usually drive you car until you need another seal/washer change?
  13. Breakdown cover

    Maybe it's because I always break down on a Sunday that I've never been recovered to a garage then!
  14. 6cyl SWB?

    No drama. Not trying to put you off, but I've had these things side by side recently. If Land Rover could make it fit without going another bulkhead version, I'm sure they'd have done so... And it's possible you might be able to ram it in without changing the bulkhead, but cause yourself a nightmare when it comes time to adjust the valve clearances. Same as a V8 will "fit", but you'll never get the rear plugs out.
  15. Breakdown cover

    I've just received my renewal from LV=Britannia Rescue. First of all the premium is unchanged from last year at £180. That's a nice surprise. It was very competitive last year but I will check again. I'm covered for UK & European Assist on my 1996 110 CSW and also my wife & I have Personal Cover in the UK so it extends to any vehicle in which we are travelling. Limits are 3.5T or 7m long or 2.3m wide or 3m high. Cover includes a trailer. Recovery is initially to a local garage within 10miles but repatriation home from anywhere is included once the garage has failed to repair by end of the day. One of the reasons for selecting them was the wide range of countries covered - including non-EU countries in "Greater Europe"
  16. 6cyl SWB?

    Ok, cheers. Thanks for the heads up on that. I need to get my tape measure out again then. That said I’m sure Jeremy said his bulkhead didn’t need to be modified in his SWB due to the gearbox remaining in its current position.
  17. CV joint failure

    Must admit If I was buying Ashcroft CV's and you knowing what the Raptor stuff is like, I'd be bunging some cheap CV's in and saving for Ashcroft shafts - as above if the go, they are going to chew everything up, and it will find the weak link !
  18. Breakdown cover

    That's interesting, I've just checked the policy doc on my Flux breakdown cover (bought as part of insurance) and there's no mention of weight limit. They also don't specify weight limits for trailers, the only caveat is that it must have a 50mm ball hitch. That said I've not yet had to call them out.
  19. 6cyl SWB?

    I'm afraid it's not that simple... The passenger footwell is chopped considerably to clear the valve chest in the same fashion you would to a 4 pot to fit a V8, as well as having the extra tunnel clearance.
  20. CV joint failure

    Even an Ashcroft CV isn't going to like chomping on bits of shaft.
  21. CV joint failure

    I hope those Raptor shafts don't take out your fancy new CVs when they break.
  22. 6cyl SWB?

    If I recall correctly from days gone by, there’s really only room for one silencer on an 88 which limits the number and sizes of boxes that can be fitted without strangling the V8. I used to do Billing and back without any problems but I was 20 odd years younger then...
  23. 6cyl SWB?

    I don’t think you do need to chop the bulkhead to fit the 6 pot as the gearbox will remain in the same position unlike on the 109 where it sits further back and thus needs the additional room around the bellhousing. On the 88 the engine will sit further forward than the 4 pot and its the clearance between the fan and radiator that is critical hence the need for an electric fan most likely. Worst case is trimming some material from the front panel to move the rad forward an inch or two.
  24. MoT from 20 May 18

    Take a ruler: 8.4.1Fluid leaks You must check for fluid leaks on all vehicles other than Class 3. You should do this with the engine idling. A leak of fluids such as engine coolant, screen wash and fluid required for Selective Catalyst Reduction aren't reasons for failure. You should fail a vehicle if a fluid leak creates a pool on the floor within 5 minutes that's more than 75mm in diameter or if there are many leaks which collectively leak fluid at the same rate.
  25. 300Tdi wont rev

    Yeah, we tried different setting of the boost pins and different preload. Good tip to apply grease to see how far it moves, we didn't do that. But as it runs OK now, I think I'll leave it alone. Filip
  26. 6cyl SWB?

    A V8 can be as quiet or as loud as you like, most of the noise in a Land Rover is from the transmission (unless you fit a rorty exhaust). Our 127 ambulance has a V8 and the loudest thing in that is the overdrive, even with extra soundproofing. Mind you, it's a lot quieter on the motorway than a TDi even then.
  27. Goodbye or Live on?

    Hi dag, the Hilux (2015) has a roof height of 198 cm's and is able to go in parking garages. The 130 wouldn't fit and is a pre 2000 diesel which isn't allowed in quite a few places I drive for my day job. Even considered getting a new 130 then the last batch was there, also to much issues back then (2015) the last being that it was slightly more expensive to buy. Just reviewed the chasiss number of the 130 and it appears to have been build with a 3.5v8 in it. Meaning exporting it to France with a 300tdi under the bonnet is more than my french language and french writing can handle Focus back on the series starting with the left front knuckle and maybe the front bushings while it's apart anyhow.
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