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  2. defender dinky

    Welding chassis

    Hi. Just acquired discovery 2 02 plate. Need to do a small weld on chassis do I need to disconnect battery earth lead and if so will it upset the ecu's when I reconnect the earth lead, thks
  3. Mutley

    Crank Pulley puller

    @Ed poore i have the combi drill with x2 batteries in this so will look at getting just the body of the impact wrench in the near future. Well impressed with the drill so an addition only seems practical!?! Sorry just working on how to sell it to the wife Arjan courage and then some, this is going to be like major surgery for me lol
  4. Gazzar

    Screen to Roof seal

    Any joy?
  5. mickeyw

    OT: Ifor tipper oil

    I'd give IWT a call. I've found their tech guys pretty helpful in the past. https://www.iwt.co.uk/customer-care/
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  7. De Ranged

    kiwi series build

    The top links.... been alot more work than I thought but these shouldn't have any issues Started into the Chassis Mount..... this is going to tie into the spring mount that is why it has gone so far back down the chassis I couldn't resist drilling a few speed holes after all this is a comp (ish) buggy There will be a shorter one on this side and a couple of braces inbetween to tie side to side and the X brace between.... I'd have to check the numbers but this gives me 4 adjustments
  8. Yesterday
  9. David Sparkes

    Urgent request P38 diesel.

    Yes I think you can. You have to unclip the cowl from the radiator, pushing the cowl back towards the engine. Then undo the radiator cover; if they are still in place you may have diificulties with the clips holding the bonnet catch release cable. What I cannot recall in detail is the oil cooler details. I seem to recall there is one for the engine oil in front of the coolant radiator, but I don't recall how it is fixed. There may also be one for the gearbox incorporated in the coolant radiator, the possible problem there is the pipe connections. If there are spannered jobs, rather than hose clipped jobs, make sure you have the appropriate spanners before you start. The oil coolers for the auto and manual gearboxes are different. Be aware that a split radiator is often the first sign you have of a head gasket leak, or similar problem, allowing combustion chamber gasses to pressurise the cooling system. Consider running the car with the radiator pressure cap partially released. This may not stop you loosing coolant, although with the cap even lightly in place the rate of loss will be reduced, but the main benefit is that the new radiator won't split before you get home. If you have been a 'wise virgin' and kept your membership of a motoring organisation up to date, the sensible course of action might be to have the car flat bedded home, especially if a caravan is involved. If you are not a member, but are on holiday for the week, consider joining Britannia or Green Flag online on Tuesday, then ring in with a breakdown on Saturday. Obviouly check the conditions for any clauses that stop this abuse being possible before you throw more money at the problem. Regards
  10. garrycol

    14CUX HotWire - Ign input - Megajolt

    Thanks - that is what I thought but I was a bit unsure.
  11. Hi , I am on holiday at the moment & the rad has blown in the car , can I change the rad without removal of the viscous fan as I only have a very basic tool kit , will order a new rad tomorrow if I can fit it , your urgent attention would be appreciated .
  12. BogMonster

    OT: Ifor tipper oil

    Electric TT3621 - now been told that a 32 hydraulic oil is the thing to use. Manual may be the same - mine has the manual lever but tried it today and by heck it's slow!
  13. Arjan

    Crank Pulley puller

    yes - easier. But also VERY expensive out here... The airgun was about 1/3 of this one..
  14. Ed Poore

    Crank Pulley puller

    This is easier. No air line , and I should know done 5 sodding crank bolts in the last few months!
  15. landroversforever

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    Ha! I’ve just posted the same on the other thread thinking it was this one the angle on a centre drill is also the same angle as a centre for the tailstock
  16. western

    Clutch? problem, 110, 200tdi, r380

    I know if the pedal travel/free play is not correct it can/will cause clutch slip. The fluid amount increase would be minimal it's the pressure that does the work.
  17. western

    Engine and gearbox fit into chassis

    I agree with ^^^^^^ it should be spot on.
  18. lo-fi

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    That's the way with a "dead" center. The alternative is a "live center" which has a bearing in it, so the pointy bit rotates with the work. Grab a set of center drills - a lathe essential. They're the correct tool for making the whole for a center as well as starting a hole for a twist drill. I can't figure out quite what inserts they are, I'll have a look around some charts. Edit: Still can't say for sure, you'll probably have to carefully measure a few angles, then have a look here: http://www.carbidedepot.com/formulas-insert-d.htm To figure out what holder, the biggest factor is probably the size shank the machine can take.
  19. qwakers

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    doesnt help that im in no way a machinist and all i know ive gotten from the likes of this old tony and the fabrication series! (and binky of course!) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcxlBLmujrjTVSSUkzZ2Jlg https://www.youtube.com/user/featony/videos
  20. Gazzar

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    Don't worry, I knew what you meant!
  21. qwakers

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    sorry, i typo'd that.. meant to type center drill
  22. Gazzar

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    Center drill! Perfect! A solid centre punch sort of thing for a lathe. I think I'll get one of those. Thank you.
  23. qwakers

    OT: Ifor tipper oil

    SUTO would be my choice, mostly because there's a ton of it around and i can usually cadge some for nowt (SuperUniversalTractorOil)
  24. Gazzar

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    And another: What tool holder should I order to fit these inserts? Are there Chinese versions at quarter the price, but 2/3rds the quality? When I was cutting the CV axles I held the other end in a center. But the piece was turning, the center wasn't. I kept it lubricated, but I'd there a better way?
  25. qwakers

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    you don't start with a drill bit for a start use a tailstock center first http://www.technologystudent.com/equip1/mlathe4.htm
  26. Gazzar

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    More questions: How do I use the lathe to drill a hole in a bar? I tried with a drill bit and found it difficult to center the bit.
  27. Starting to look the part...
  28. You'd be better off looking for a Defender based unit to fit on what is after all a late USW. If I were you I'd sell the USW while they are still making strong money and but a Wolf or 127/130 ambulance, or even one of the civvy Defender ambulance conversions. Anything is possible but a Series based Marshall's ambulance body is going to have some age to it now and I can't really see the logic in trying to mount one on a late Defender. The ambulance bodies tend to be heavy and require beefed up springs etc.
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