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  2. It took most of the day yesterday fitting it as i just took my time, not tested it yet but have tested it with car on axle stands and seemed ok so will test drive it tomorrow as its my day off
  3. Good luck ringing Extreme-ly-hard-to-get-them-to-answer-the-phone 4x4
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  5. I did however buy an LOF clutch release bearing, I liked the look of the retaining clip mechanism they've dreamed up.
  6. I'm with Footman James and have had an agreed valuation for my '95 300Tdi 90 for the last 5 or 6yrs. I have increased it several times, think it's stand at 8K now!?! They asked what its value was and I gave them a figure, waited a few minutes and they came back and said OK! No photos to send in, no reports, no list of things added nothing!?! My paperwork from the insurers shows the agreed amount every time! I did ask what is the Maximum agreed value I could put on it and the guy said I can't tell you that!?! So every couple of years I put it up a Grand hence it's now at 8K. Every other insurer wants photos, reports and other information and I have told them I am not happy with the idea of someone sat in an office who knows nothing about LR's and what is involved in keeping it on the road and usable telling me what he or she thinks it's worth on a given day!?!
  7. A little burr inside the bush?
  8. So a few hundred quid to reserve a manufacturing spot, Ferrari and others do it. Can you sell the place later (for a large profit)?
  9. I know there's a fuel "shortage" at the moment, but I doubt any Landrover product would happily run on either...
  10. The plain shackle can be fitted either way up. The shackle with the big spacer has that spacer lower most and toward the spring (the spring is narrower than the chassis), and that shackle is on the inboard side of the chassis. My outboard shackles were all completely plain, but yours has a small spacer. I’d expect that to be at the bottom facing the spring.
  11. All I know is people eat a hell of a lot of pizza and can’t clean their own pools….
  12. Many thanks, Peaklander. I obviously hadn't explored enough. By Sod's law the details I need haven't yet been covered - 1991, so I guess I'll just have to compromise and with whatever is there. Mike
  13. Well I've fitted them, the brakes work and they don't rattle. All is well. Mo
  14. It's God's punishment for you putting SVO in the 110 😁😇 Mo
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  16. So are you putting money down on something where the final cost is unknown?
  17. Looking at the extreme 4x4 ones at the moment, they look like a spherical set up on the bottom, remote res as well, they also look longer for increased articulation and the colour scheme ties in with some stuff on my lightweight, will probably ring them next week to see what the crack is. If they are built by Ohlins I will most likely give them a try regards Stephen
  18. To be fair, you could also replace the bottom rubbers for softer ones, like the procomp ones. I don't think there is anything wrong with the design of the shock as such, but the bushes are polyurethane, and rock solid when done up, which caused them to bend. I think any other shock would have done the same with those bushes. The angle they go through on max articulation is quite large.
  19. I wish we'd had that exchange rate last time I was in the UK! The NZ dollar has nearly doubled, relatively, in the last 18 years.
  20. @Chicken Drumstick - I have a part built Tornado with D2 dash and RX-8 seats if you want to wander up for a tea, a natter and a laugh at my poor progress in getting it finished... Probably not too far from you!
  21. Well got the rears done. what a faff on.Stuck on the front now as not sure what goes where. Firstly the bolts wont go through the chassis bushes, they went through the same bushes on rear though, Secondly not sure which way shackles go top or bottom.On Diagram I have Left 2 90577721s 2 90577723s 4 537742s and 537741s
  22. If you are wanting to utilise the D2 I have seen some nice tornados built using the Disco dash and seats etc. Although I appreciate this completely avoids the look of the ibex....
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