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  2. fit an engine hoist on a swivel?
  3. Fast and powerful hydraulic output requires high power and speed on input. This is a link to a thread here. An alternative may be go PTO. But without knowing anything about what vehicle your running, motive power, capacity, etc. It is pretty hard to say any more.
  4. Hi I have to remove my swivel pin housing and its got an 8mm seal The housing im replacing it with has a 12mm seal. Are they interchangeable and the swivel balls the same? I only need to use the proper 12mm seal? Thank you
  5. I used to paint cars for a living, but that was years ago. I have tried HVLP, but could not get a decent finish out of the gun. Using water based paints I think it would be OK, but as they blow warm air, I feel it will start to evaporate the thinner before the paint has time to settle on the surface. Not really had the opportunity to experiment...….. unless someone else is paying 😄 Must pay particular attention to the manufacturers data sheet !
  6. I think the only way he can get it checked is through a rebuilt vehicle check/IVA which could cost him much more. https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-registration/rebuilt-vehicles
  7. Thank you, I'm quite surprised by the results myself TBH.... I spent some time looking into that today, it might be possible. The site where I keep my photos can enable visitors to order quality prints through a UK company. Never looked into it before, I should do some more research before setting this up. If people are interested I can look further into it. The images are fairly hi-res and prints up to 30" would still look OK, the water marks wouldn't end up on the hardcopies of course. The larger part of today was spent on further tweaking the photos and making some variants, I'm quite stoked with these 😃 and a slower gif 😉 Greetings, Joris
  8. They will sit on the seats once the engine & transmission are dropped in place & the weight will move the diff nose down.
  9. Ok thanks for the advice. The seller has sent photos of pretty much everything. The V5, chassis welded in VINs, engine number, gearbox number, VINs under bonnet and in windscreen etc. Is there a way I can get it made legit by him before buying and is a comprehensive HPI check not enough then? It also has a full MOT so the test station must of thought the chassis was ok??
  10. I doubt the engine is fitted yet ? Get some weight on it and see how it looks. HTH Mo
  11. Hello, i want to make hydraulic winch for competition to be fast and powerful. I don't know much about hydraulic can you help me, put me in the right direction about what pump to use, what motor to use, how much oil tank to make ect.
  12. The remote was sent away with the becm etc and was tested and said to be working but it does not work on my car. Where will I find the receiver unit? Steve.
  13. Ed Poore


    I don't know about ATBs but generally availability of stuff for Salisburys isn't as good and is more expensive. Locker wise the only practical option for a Salisbury is an ARB and there are known weaknesses with those and the Ashcroft unit is considered much stronger overall. Some have been "rectified" as I mentioned in a previous post. One of the weaknesses I remember was that there's a plastic cage as part of, I think, the locking mechanism. This can melt and reasonably often breaks. I think when I had my first locker built by Nige he'd just finished making a batch or was looking into making a batch of metal versions. The other which is more of an issue is that the air seal setup has a tendency to perish in the ARB, I can't remember if it's because it's basically not used a whole lot and thus sits idle. With the Ashlocker its setup the other way around so that the seal is always being "stimulated" and thus doesn't harden up as readily. Hopefully Nige can correct me if I've remembered this wrong. But Ian is right, although the same basic blocks as a Dana it's not as strong. By the time and money you've spent getting it to a similar standard you can sort out the weaknesses in the short nose axle. Fundamentally the main driver is, at least in the UK, parts availability. For the vast majority of people they're not going to get close to breaking the standard LR one anyway.
  14. I'd imagine as said it's an entirely automated process generated from a camera van. You can't/shouldn't pay the fine as you haven't commited the offence, so you need to wait for summons papers to appear which will have a section for you to state your case and return it. It will then be looked at by a person, usually a dvla employee, and should get cancelled. The photo is thier evidence, so if it shows your car parked on private ground they can't proceed.
  15. Just look for any D3/4 off road comparisons. The new Pretender will likely be very similar in ability, as it is using mostly the same tech and is a similar size. It that or any vids of the current RRS. Overall the new vehicle is likely very capable, but it is big and vulnerable and detached from the outside. It just lacks that native ability of a true off road platform and design. The proper Defender 90 is small, nimble with bodywork and bumpers that rarely get damaged unless you doing something really serious.
  16. Picked up my new (To me) defender 90 last week. All was fine, I took the dash off to put some sound insulation in and replaced the dash. All was fine but today after I fitted some carpet I thought I’d take it for a spin to see if the carpet had reduced sound in the cab. But when started the headlights and wipers were on regardless of the stalks‘ positions and when the blower is on max smoke started coming from behind the speedo. To add to all of this when I turned the ignition off and removed the key the engine was still running and won’t switch off with the ignition, but will start. Took the speedo out just now end seen that the earth wire has melted. Only thing I have ‘done’ is added some insulation to the hole that lies underneath the passenger side vent where a couple of wires were. Any advice appreciated, absolutely gutted my first defender not even had it a week!
  17. reb78


    So apart from potentially weakening it, what are the other disadvantages of a Detroit in a Salisbury? Like Ian, I have a Salisbury axle and keep half wondering about lockers as the 110 is doing more off road these days than it used to. Having said that, one minute mine is in a muddy field and then the other it is doing 300 miles on the motorway at a decent speed. I really cant be bothered with axle changes to be honest hence the interest in potential upgrades to my current rear axle.
  18. Hi, I thought I was already a member of this forum but computer says no. So, thank you for letting me join. i have a 1993 200tdi Defender 90. i have just started refitting my new galv chassis, replacing worn out bits as I go. I’ve already hit a hitch whilst re attaching the front axle. Both radius arms are fitted, I’m reusing the coil springs as they’re in good condition. However, they don’t appear to seat onto the lower seats properly, it’s almost as if the axle needs to turn a few degrees. Ratcheting the chassis to the axle seats them better but the springs then appear arched. What am I doing wrong?
  19. My tomcat had a cambelt habit and my 110 had a wheel bearing habit. It would appear the ibex has a starter motor habit, it's already on its second starter. The first was stripped cleaned and re lub'ed before it died a few months later. Now the second (granted second hand) has needed stripping and re lub'ing, let's see how long this one lasts. Of coarse it has nothing to do with a few puddles both on and off road recently. Probably should order a spare ready really. Mike
  20. Looks great from Southampton..... Seriously though it's the roof no one will see it. Mike
  21. According to the weather forecast we'll be getting snow next week, can't wait, that'll sort the problem, there's bound to be some idiot who'll run into me and right it off, flaming sick of it now, it's taking over my life and I'm sick to death of so called 'experts' who know bugger all, the general consensus of opinion is that these were a bag of carp, and to be honest I'm begining to agree. The warranty thing can be a rip off too, I had one with my first landrover, got shut of it pretty quick, for the warranty to be valid, all work had to be done by a garage, what does that prove? My mate paid good money for his car to be serviced regularly at the local main dealer, yet he was still having issues, one time I had it brought to me the day before the service, got it on the ramp and taped all the lubrication points up with bright yellow tape, I also wrote my initials and the date on the oil filter. it came straight from it's service back to me and up on the ramps, guess what, the yellow tape was still there, and the filter still had my initials on it, boy did my mate have an interesting conversation with the service manager. lol
  22. Although their budget must be comparable to what Ineos are doing ?
  23. I think it's a very strange business model JLR have got themselves into. Out of interest, I have just gone on Autotrader, selected Land Rover, New, £40k to £50k. Results= Defender 110, Evoque, Velar, Discovery, Discovery Sport. Subjectively they all do a very similar job, just differing size and bling levels. In essence, what I am trying to say is their model range is competing against itself.
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