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  2. Retroanaconda

    Defender wheel tracking

    I thought that originally but I think it’s that the deflection at the front of the rear tyre is being caused by the front tyre being out of line.
  3. Kevnic

    Won't fire

  4. jordan_meakin

    Front rocker cover bolt leaking oil

    They are very cheap and fit under a steel cap under the bolt. I've never had oil come out of them but have had moisture get in. If you replace, be careful not to over tighten. Would be a good idea to do the rocker gasket at the same time.
  5. Farmerfred

    My Discovery 2 had a serious problem

    I think if you don't know what you're doing don't try and take short cuts and get the engine rebuilt by by a specialist, you will save money in the long run instead of wasting it.
  6. Anderzander

    Defender wheel tracking

    I misread it then - I though you were saying one of the back wheels was out.
  7. Farmerfred

    MOT testing hammer

    If he used a hammer then the guy is an animal and needs to be reported to VOSA and his MOT certification revoked. No-one would treat my vehicle like that and get away with it, he's caused damage, I hope you didn't pay the testing fee. There are official tools to be used for MOT and guidelines on how they are to be used. I would be looking to take the matter further
  8. Your 300Tdi has EGR, so identical pipe to yours would be https://www.lrworkshop.com/parts/ANR3563 However, it looks to be obsolete, so you could either find a used one on ebay in the UK or use one of the pipes linked by western which don't have the t-piece for the EGR vacuum feed if you're not using it. The two rubber end pieces are not available separately so you could even just replace them with some generic vacuum hose.
  9. Farmerfred

    Cracked Windscreen

    My Brothers 2000 (W reg) Discovery TD5 has developed, or should I say suffered, a cracked windscreen, this apparently is a very common problem with these, the cause being corrosion in the pillars distorting the glass and causing pressure that results in the windscreen cracking. This one is cracked in the bottom drivers side, runs up at a 30 degree angle and across towards the centre for about 7 inches, luckily it does not leak. To renmedy the cause the rust will have to be eliminated and the pillar made good before a new screen can be fitted. Anyone else had this problem?
  10. western

    Cabling for side-lights

    Front side lights & tail lights Left - red/black trace Right - red/orange trace Left & Right brake [stop] lights - Green/purple trace Left front/rear/side repeater indicator - Green/red trace Right front/rear/side repeater indicator - Green/white trace rear number plate light - red/black trace feeds from rear tail light connection rear fog light - red/yelow trace [you will find this wire on left & right sides of the vehicle] reverse light - green/brown trace [again this is on both sides of the vehicle] hope that helps, how is wheely coming on ?
  11. 2a-Egg

    Front rocker cover bolt leaking oil

    Will. Find out when I investigate.
  12. jordan_meakin

    Front rocker cover bolt leaking oil

    There are big rubber seals under those - are yours perished?
  13. Retroanaconda

    Defender wheel tracking

    I concur that it sounds like the front tracking is out. I set mine this way: Put string tightly around vehicle. Set steering box in straight ahead position (using slot at rear of drop arm) Adjust drag link to set front left (passenger side) wheel dead in line with rear wheel on same side. Adjust track rod to now put front right (drivers side) wheel dead in line with rear wheel on same side. Reposition steering wheel on column if necessary.
  14. Any ideas why / how oil would be getting out of this, looks like its being pushed out when the truck is running..
  15. TMacs90

    Early defender 110 second row seats

    Thanks, but I bit the bullet and ordered some new ones... eyewateringly expensive!
  16. TMacs90

    nas rear step with detachable tow hitch

    is this the kind of thing that you are looking for? NAS Rear step with receiver
  17. TMacs90

    Cabling for side-lights

    I have found this page useful for reference for cable choice in the past. The second link is also a converter from AWG to Euro mm. Auto Electrical Wiring Basics Wire Gauge Size Converter
  18. TMacs90

    Auxiliary Fuse Box

    Hi there, I'm looking for a little bit of advice regarding installing an AUX fuse box. The 1996 300tdi 100 csw that I have recently purchased has a raptor dash with no less than 14 ports/switches! Only three of them are connected at the minute, drawing from existing ignition activated 12v feeds. I have plans to use some of the other ports/switches, for various applications that I won’t bore you with. My thoughts are that it would be simpler, safer, and more reliable to install a new auxiliary fuse box rather than continually look for power feeds, and perhaps overload the small factory fitted fuse panel, when I want to install a new device. I want to do it myself, and I have a little bit of experience with wiring, soldering etc but by no means an expert! Has anyone done the same or similar in the past? Here is my outline so far, I’d appreciate any feedback on anything that isn’t safe or appropriate! 1. Mount the 100 amp total rating AUX fuse box perhaps in the Raptor glove box to the left of the switch panel for easy access. 2. Mount a 100A breaker in the seat box. 3. Run a positive and a negative feed of 16mm² 110 Amp cable direct from the battery (perhaps a second leisure battery in the future) to the breaker. 4. Continue the positive and negative feed from the breaker to the AUX fuse box with 6mm² 50 Amp cable. 5. Use 2mm² cable to wire positive and negative feeds to the carling switches from the appropriate terminals of the AUX fuse panel. 6. Install the appropriate fuse for the application running from the carling switch. For example GPS charger: 5 amp. Am I missing anything or doing anything wrong with this plan?
  19. supaimpy

    AC compressor

    company called Motorclimate UK or Compressor Tech based in Warwick will do a rebuild, but really ac comp rebuilds are not a DIY job.
  20. Lightning

    Defender wheel tracking

    Well if it’s the FRONT wheels that show a 15mm difference then it could just be that your tracking is out. Why not take it into a tyre fitter and get the tracking checked, it will at least eliminate that as an issue.
  21. V8 Freak

    Defender wheel tracking

    I would suggest you try and identify if you have a bent axle or not. I used a length of braising wire to check the distance between the front and rear of the rims of the front wheels. I suggest you do this simple check to see if your wheels at the front are parallel or near to it. If one is wildly out it could be pulling the string away from the front of the rear tyre but it would need to be something severely wrong to pull it away 15mm from one edge of the rear tyre. I'd also do a check on the rear axle as this should also help t see if the rear axle is bent... (Edit - You posted at the same time as me... Definitely need to shorten the drag link )
  22. western

    Rivets for grille badge

    There might be part numbers on the outer race edge.
  23. bushwhacker

    Defender wheel tracking

    Right got the wife's extending mop shaft out (less the mop bit) done the front of the front wheels and the the back of the front wheels. I am getting approximatley plus 15mm difference at the back of the front wheels. So as it had looked the passenger front wheel needs to come in at the back or out at the front (this should bring the line in at the front of the passenger rear wheel) which is the way I think I will adjust as the track rod ends on the track rod are both nice and even. Unfortunately I ca'nt try this out until Sunday as we have a forest event on Saturday. I will keep an eye on wear. I bought this 90 as a complete unknown and I am just sorting it out for an MOT. I hope this makes sense. 😵
  24. neil110

    Rivets for grille badge

    Might have to knock them out and take them to a bearing factor
  25. Ally V8

    Faultmate or JLR VCI SDD ?

    It depends on what you need or expect from a diagnostic tool, I have Snap On Modis, Testbook T4, and a Nanocom Evo for TD5 stuff. But what now gets used most of all is the DA512 tool from Diagnostic Associates which may be worth you looking at. They all have good and bad points,but you need to tell us what you want to do with it.
  26. Cbkearney

    300 TDI Timing Troubles

    Hello All, I'm new to the forum, but not Rovers. I am replacing the timing belt on my 300 TDI that was out of a discovery and now in my Range Rover. It has the R380 manual in it. I have the kit and tools for refitting the timing belt from Bearmach, as well as, the tools for timing the FIP. It looks like the crank sprocket was replaced with the lipped one at some point. In trying to time the motor to replace the belt and and the front seal of the FIP, I have noticed there are no slots machined into the flywheel visible through the wading plug hole, only a machined "X". My questions are as follows: 1) Why are there no slots visible? 2) Can I proceed without locking the flywheel? What to I need to do to ensure that the timing remains accurate? 3) How do I remedy the problem at the flywheel, short of removing the motor and transmission? Thanks in advance for any help. Chris
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