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  2. This is a great site for help BUT you will be much better served by joining DISCO3.co.uk and ask in the D4 section. I don't know what the options were for a D4 but the D3 has multiple headlight options from new so it will affect the choices to upgrade. A change of original spec may be the better choice?
  3. Worth having a watch through the chat Cosworth had with a reporter about the Valkyrie engine. They've designed the intake plenum specifically to get a flow of air back and forth across the pistons. About 9m30 in. I did some reading the other day of an article written by one of the Garrett engineers and that technique is useful on a NA engine but when it comes to supercharged (of which a turbo is one) engines then you're better off just ensuring it gets fed lots of air and has an easy exhaust route to allow the turbo to spool up freely as you'll see far more gains that way.
  4. Wow just scanned the LPG thread, but have to agree with the later comment that once it became obvious that the owner had now idea what to do or about safety, they should have stopped and told him to stop.
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  6. It’s under the passenger seat, I think, though that may be just the ABS unit and plug. The SRC ECU is under the centre console cubby box, so if you remove the centre console, you’ll be able to trace the wiring. The console is removed by lifting away the gear lever gaiters and the flat area matting and pulling off the window switch surround. Undo the two screws near the front of the console and in the cubby box, and remove the screws from the window switch panel. Once the window switch cluster is out of the way, with the car chocked or in gear (both if on a slope), release the hand
  7. Land Rover stopped using it in the 90s too. Might be because of toxic or environmentally hazardous substances involved, but more likely the bean counters making them cheaper. That’s why Defender wing tops are always full of elbow dents, softer than the 90/110 wings that coped with elbows but sagged below squaddies’ boots, and Series wing tops managed the boots without much harm.
  8. Add some shims made of flat plate to the left engine and transmission mounts, between the brackets and the rubbers. That will move them up and to the right and will give you the clearance you need. There are no differences between standard and MoD spec chassis that would cause or avoid this fouling. You could try new mounting rubbers, just in case yours have squashed as they aged. That would have allowed the whole assembly to sit low on the chassis.
  9. Got the two looms through their holes. Towbar loom to the left and main loom to the right. In the process of slowly matching wire colours. Still to put the grommet back in the hole to the right. It seems I have miss placed some double connectors so also need to get them.
  10. Ummmmmm. That pipe is the turbo inlet.
  11. @Jocklandjohn - not nonsense at all, lots of modern cars the plastic intake pipes have resonators built into them, and I assume the boffins with supercomputers and fluid dynamics simulations have worked out it's worth doing.
  12. I’ve seen it somewhere.. I like the look of the sandwich plates. Gonna need help with sizes though. ive got a temp and pressure gauge but also wanna keep light on dash so do I need 3 outlets plate ?
  13. Schhhh....! This is one of those "Yes, but why would you?" questions that seem to appear on almost a weekly basis. The results of these can become internet gold, and everybody needs a chuckle. On the LPG forum, this is one of my favourites - best read when you really need a giggle: https://www.lpgforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=8148
  14. Up to the vehicle owner to fit/use as they want, as you like your vehicle standard or close to it, then Please don't be having a go at others for their choices, anymore of this & you WILL BE put a Mod approval, which means your posts will be read by one or more of the Moderator team before it is approved to be visible to all other members. You have been warned.
  15. Gotcha. Cheers watch this space for oil gauges 😂
  16. I had a BMW 528i with limited slip diff, and the manual warned that with excessive or heavy use of the throttle in wet or slippery conditions the vehicle may display a marked tendency to rotate about the centre of gravity. They were right, it did.
  17. Drawing links between modifications and sexuality is not valid and does nothing to enrich the content of this forum, jokingly or otherwise, if it could make users feel unwelcome based on those grounds. This has to be a welcoming forum, or it won't be a forum for long. Please post accordingly. Oh I know, it's PC gone mad.
  18. Thank you dantastic for the info. I have just purchased a DCW604NT-XJ thinking it was a dedicated 1/4 router as described for sale, only to find an 8mm collet only supplied! Why do Dewalt do this, it is misrepresentation and i'm annoyed with dealers not telling customers of this anomally at point of sale?
  19. Nothing else needed, screw sender into adaptor, then the sub assembly into the thermostat housing.
  20. Surely the gaitor would squash enough to get the bolts in?
  21. Been down this road, this may help: https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/107805-s2-hinge-door-mirrors-for-the-classic-look/
  22. 'Robin' on the Series 2 Club forum will modify your S2 hinges to include the mirror-mount; the supplier can specify the diameter of the hole, to suit their mirrors. He also sells via Ebay. However, I share the view that true Lightweigt hinges are different to S2 hinges, so my comments above may not be applicable. Regards.
  23. I'm on standard series engine mounts. I've not yet fabricated the gearbox mounts. It feels to me as though the engine would have to go up a fair way tbh. Your idea of adding washers may just work but 4mm sounds a bit low. I think I would need at least 10mm just to avoid the bellhousing catching the crossmember as the engine was put under load.
  24. Very kind and much appreciated. Do I need washers or seals or anything to go with it ?? thanks Ralph.. saves the day again
  25. "Classic Britpart strikes again!" Not the case. These gaitors have been around for many years (I bought a set 20-years ago after having a bad time with the leather ones) long before they were marketed / branded by BP (was it Bailcast?) and if I recall correctly they were exactly the same. Just because BP market something it doesn't mean that they design & manufacture it. My fitting instructions are long gone but did you check you could bond the gaitors before fitting the bolts?
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