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  2. @ Ed Poore think i miss read it, thought the VAT needed to be included, but it's already been added. Will have to have a serious think now.
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  4. I took this screenshot from one of the Island Rover(?) videos. It just struck me that it shows a purpose-built off-road vehicle, next to an all-road car, next to a purpose-built off-road vehicle. Seeing the three of them, in roughly the same colour, parked together hammered it home to me.
  5. Chicken Drumsticks's answer is truly excellent! I'll just add that, with most old school Land Rovers, it actually takes a really bad track to unload you diagonal wheels. They have an absolute tenacity when it comes to finding the ground and following the contours. However, as you cross the axles more and more, one side of the axle starts to carry more weight, which means it gets proportionally more grip than the other side. Excess use of throttle will increasingly tend to break the grip on the unloaded wheel before it actually starts waving in the air. Controlling momentum and throttle together will get you past these points, most of the time. If you think about it, you don't actually sit in one cross-axled configuration while you move - it's a transitional thing, so you just need the impetus to pass that point, rather than trying to immediately force all your power into the loaded wheels, which are carrying the drive for that short period of time. Too much impetus and you will start to bounce, something you will quickly regret. Generally I start with a little bit. IF it's not enough, I'll try again with a little more but I will very rarely just floor it. Of course, traction control reduces the need for impetus and comes into it's own when you are crawling (or maybe bouncing, in extreme cases). However, because most leaf/coil sprung Land Rovers are so good at keeping their wheels on the ground, it's just not an issue for most people, most of the time! Incidentally, the coil suspension works better than leaf springs, not because of greater travel (as a lot people think) but because the way the axles respond to obstacles, dictated by suspension geometry, is better; and also because leaves have an element of stickiness (stiction) which lowers their responsiveness to subtle changes in the terrain. With experience comes the "feel" which allows intuitive control of impetus and throttle. As Chicken Drumstick sort of pointed out, the modern method of throwing power at every problem will not give you that feel! It will break transmission components though...
  6. Eh? The link above for Gwyn's is £78 Inc VAT?! £86 Including the bolts if you want them.
  7. Yes Mate seen it, Just waiting till I get right tools, before I attempt it.
  8. I think that in one of the Britannica videos, Mike shows how to be sure that the pulley is put on with number 1 port in the correct position. He basically says “don’t panic if you’ve taken it off, just do this”.
  9. Said before, but love this thread and its detail. Don't think I've seen it matched. Will likely take you up on a loan/hire of your 'blox'. Minded to the ACR cam, i was wunderin' about how the skew-gear alignment/synch was going to work. Last did mine years back, and can't remember what I did. Can't remember if you, or I said, but for the benefit of others, the 5MB requires a 3MB timing sprocket for the ACR cam. I suspect a new set of pump-gears would be wiser, yet I've bought myself a 'bluebox' oil-pump, more because a faulty oil-pressure switch had me thinking a pump was required. Intended to fit as a stop-gap for a full-rebuild. Won't be misled again, now have an oil-pressure gauge, and an oil-temperature too. Keep it up, I'm sure it's not only the likes of me looking forward to this thread. It's LR4x4.com's answer to another installment of Project Binky... Ahem... for those of you with no idea what I'm wittering on about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hCPODjJO7s
  10. Fuel pump will only run for 2 secs on ignition live, and then when the engine is cranking running only.
  11. Had time for a quick looksee today. Getting spark. Very strong spark actually by the look of it. No juice going to FP for some reason so need to investigate that. Will update over weekend.
  12. WISE words Troll Hunter, it would seem all those hours spent searching under dark bridges resulted in wisdom!?! And for a normal member of the female species FLOWERS would work magically! But alas mine is far from normal! If i produced flowers for the little godess i would be lashed to a stake and flogged untill i confessed my SINS!!! But maybe, just maybe if i got her something for thar PRECIOUS horse of hers, i might just pull it off!?! HELL I'll DO IT!!! What have i got to loose????????
  13. It's a manual that was well done to find that so it not meant to be there, that would explain why it works now. I have no idea past history of car god its 30 years. Who knows who fitted that. A lot of people dont use difflock ect so maybe none ever found it a problem. The ligh came on ect. Still impressed with finding out only fitted to autos ect , oh and it's a 90 transfer box .god know how that got there
  14. Mutley, From personal experience, I'd recommend setting your heart on the Gwyn Lewis one but then allowing your head to take over, and buying one of the cheaper models. You can then have the money left over from the Gwyn Lewis non-purchase to buy the flowers for SWMBO. Although the flowers will not last as long as a new ball joint, they can have additional benefits😍! Mike
  15. Found this says that plate is FRC8561 fitted to RRC/Discovery & 90 autotrans vehicles, not manual transmission, is it a 90/110 transfer box or a Discovery one ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-Rover-LT230-CDL-Shift-Linkage-Gear-Lever-Retention-Plate-FRC8561-/201606082252
  16. I've just stumbled across this post, which I find quite interesting with my current plans. Snagger, did you go for leaf sprung coiler axles ? And if so how did you get on with the front axle concerns?
  17. Gwyn Lewis is 120 plus with postage!?!... A bit too rich for my blood in the current climate, the other one DA1129ULTRA is more affordable from 60 - 80 quid! So as much as i luke and have bought Gwyn Lewis gear in the past, not sure i can justify this item of theirs?.... Cheers Litch for the info on the adjustables, one would think it would only need adjusting after every year or so to take up the wear factor?
  18. Hope so yes. I have the fall back of the non-abs disco 1 system if needed.
  19. Well it was stopping it going into diff lock. There is no play in any off the linkage. It just stopped the travel of the lever the pictures above show it lined up and the position it move to when difflock is engaged. It works fine with it removed. So your saying it meant to be there? Even more confused now. With that fitted wont engage properly.
  20. "So is it more faff to keep adjusting as I was hoping just to fit and grease it every 3 or 4 months" I have had two adjustable ones (non-greaser) and neither has needed adjusting. The first one was in for about 10-years and I replaced it at the same time as fitting a replacement rear axle but upon inspection the one I was replacing was still in perfect condition (in fact I still have it in the garage "just in case"). New replacement has been in for about 5-years now and once again, that has not needed any adjustment. I had it out of the axle-casing the other day (I am fitting a galvanised chassis) but once again, upon inspection it was perfect so I have left it alone.
  21. OK Mate will give that a go tomorrow, been on a sold 2 hours trying before 🤐 Ill get the bloody thing on tomorrow, then if its still the same, its Got to be something to do with Pump.
  22. Yes that's how I do my 200tdi's timing belt.
  23. 3 Bolts are slack Mate, shall I take the Whole Tensioner off, Then put belt on ?
  24. Think that plate is part of the rubber gaiter.
  25. Slacken off the 3 small bolts that hold the timing gear to the injection pump hub & take the timing belt tensioner off.
  26. How much is Gwyns now? I got the one from him and didnt think it was too bad - i am sure it came with new bolts too.
  27. @pete3000 hindsight is having had the same Defender for 11yrs. and knowing how things play out on the little darlings, hence why i am going with the bracket and ball joint fitted!?! 😂 Cheers Paddy will take that on board, in the mean time anyone had experience of the DA1129ULTRA as the Boss will likely use my nuts in the ball joint if i went for the Gwyn Lewis costly item!?!
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