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  2. Hi all, A group of us are heading to mid-Wales for a camping weekend, a day of laning and some time out with the kids. I'm looking for pub food and camping nearby where we can have a fire and a beer while the kids are (hopefully) asleep. I can trawl the websites but a recommendation would be invaluable. I'm looking around Bala but happy to be swung north or south. The lanes will hopefully be tame, scenic and aren't the focus of the weekend.
  3. Major IVA change

    I presume this applies to any chassis modifications. For example, foley doing a 3rd axle extension, even if the rest of the vehicle is original.
  4. Mig reccomendations h

    I started off with a supermig 180, converted it to eurotorch, great machine, until I treated myself to a Lorch!
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  6. water containers for camping

    I have one. I’ve never folded it flat again though as like Mike I worry it will break it eventually.
  7. water containers for camping

    I assume you mean the square ones. They work very well I use one for a while. The only downside is after a while they split on the folds. If I remember correctly mine lasted over a year of regular use. Mike
  8. Defenders for Overlanding/Expeditions

    Thanks for your reply 😊 I’d also get a lot from any write ups and photos you have ... ? Maybe you could also join in on the current camping thread and share what kit you use?
  9. pre-combustion chamber loose

    They are held in place when the head is fitted on the block. It is more important that they do not protrude beyond the limits in the workshop manual. The suggestion offered in the workshop manual is to use a bit of grease to hold them inplace while you put the head back on.
  10. 1985 2.5NA 110 When I removed the head to replace the gasket, two of the pre-combustion chambers fell out onto the block. I assume these are friction fit, but will not stay in place by just re-inserting them. They are not damaged; they just won't stay in place. Should these be replaced? Held in place with somehow while I lower the head back on? Thanks, -Evan-
  11. Gearbox issues AGAIN

    Nope it’s still firmly in place. It’s the fact that I went out later and the clutch bite point is now just off the floor by 1/2 an inch that’s confusing me
  12. Strange engine number?

    http://www.russellnewbery.com Initials RN that make/ rebuild engines.... might worth a follow up with them if you're that way inclined...
  13. Hi all , has anyone tried those collapsible water containers ? I'm going to start carp fishing again and they would be ideal fill them and take them to your swim and then when they're empty fold them flat and pack them away in the bivvy after a few days out fishing . cheers Ian
  14. Defenders for Overlanding/Expeditions

    "''it ain't no prom queen, but it sure does scream ''adventure''" I take that as a compliment ;-) And it raises another good point, you don't want a shiny bling bling metallic paint job vehicle for overlanding in Africa imho. Keep it perfect underneath mechanically and a bit rough and faded up above is my approach, and it will noticeably smooth your way at the huge number of police checkouts and borders you have to cross. I generally wear older faded clothes and the Landy exterior looks the same, so by the time you have driven up and stopped at a checkpoint its easier to plead "I don't have any money on me sorry Sir" when you have a few holes in in t-shirt, your matt paint work is faded, one wing has tape over it and your mud flap is missing. Will do some vehicle pic's in a few weeks, head down trying to import it into Portugal currently which is a freaking nightmare when you have as many modifications as I do ;-)
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  16. Major IVA change

    Twas what I thought, hence my comment above about it being essentially a new vehicle.
  17. Major IVA change

    My chassis isn't land rover though it's foers. Mike
  18. Show me your Camping setups

    This is pretty much what I have for the 110. I’ve got the same roof tent with the additional skirt, but I rarely use that as it’s a real faff to put up. Like you, we can havevthe tent up and ready for sleep in minutes.
  19. Show me your Camping setups

    Borris I really like that setup and would do exactly that in a 110 if I had one, or a Fox wing awning so that when getting in and out the back you can stay dry. Also Tuko that is a nice setup you have there. Definitely so ideas for me. It look like I maybe ending up with a 90 hard top in place of my series, so I may look at something more permanent for that.... watch this space
  20. SWB lightweight chassis rear bracket query

    Oh, okay. Thanks. G.
  21. Gearbox issues AGAIN

    Your exhaust downpipe hasn't come off the turbo outlet has it ? Mo
  22. Looks nice... but... I would prefer that the joints of the lower arms would be located under the axle to make it more stable. Now they are so far backwards that the force in the arms will be enormous while stepping on the brakes: the axle wants to turn with the wheels. This because the upper en lower joints on axle are quite close on one line with the joints on the chassis.. At least it looks like that.
  23. Upgrade to Disco 3 TDV 6

    I had a MK2 Cab SRi on over 200k, was a good laugh An accident (not my fault) killed it at almost 20 years old.
  24. Upgrade to Disco 3 TDV 6

    Sorry if you don't like my comments, but they are based on vehicles that come into my workshop on a daily basis,either for servicing or diagnosis.This is for my own customers and other garages customers cars.Many owners are struggling to keep them in good shape,often scrap them if major engine damage occurs.Maybe I should take some pictures of the corrosion I see and post them here. Many toothbrush salesmen thrashed their Cavaliers to 200,000 miles, I saw plenty back in the late 80's, early 90's. Then they seemed to disappear, almost overnight. I've had to scrap too many D3's already,same as P38's did when they suffered liner issues. TD5's it seems are still just about worth fixing - to some.
  25. Defender 200Tdi Turbo Rebuild

    Had to give the turbine housing on my turbo a few persuasions with my plastic mallet for it to seperate from the main centre body. these taken last May when the cartridge got replaced. [was the original unit IIRC, in quite good condition for a 24 year old turbo with huge mileage]
  26. P38 HD track rod?

    Does anyone make them for a reasonable price? My ball joints need replacing, and thinking of going HD as you would on another LR, but I can't seem to find much. I suppose the D2 items won't fit?
  27. SWB lightweight chassis rear bracket query

    Oh that one, yes probably a vertical rib to spread the load from the bumstop
  28. Defender 200Tdi Turbo Rebuild

    I found it helpful to get the circlip moving before you try to remove it with pliers. A bit of penetrating oil and heat as suggested above and then try to get it moving backwards and forwards in its grove by a few taps with a hammer and drift. It makes sure it isn't stuck before you put a load of effort with your pliers.
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