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  2. It's still got those silly suspension attachments for the lower arms hanging low down. They look a bit naff and ready to get caught on everything. The side they have put the steering wheel doesnt make it look very British either!
  3. Haha. My Land Rover came from Dubai. It had sat on a runway for a while. When they went to shift it, the tyres tore as they had welded to the surface! Proper, lovely hot.
  4. Not wanting to wander off too far but a mate of mine has a very late S3 LTWT and the rear X-member has infill sections on the outer ends as the chassis is a civilian 88" . It also has a standard S3 bumper and civvy style axle drive members and halfshaft end caps . It's reg. is A****** and it all looks pretty original to me - one of the last maybe before the 90 rocked up ? cheers Steve b
  5. Glad I found this post as I've been thinking of changing my S3 wheel and had the replacement "maturing" for a few years in the garage! The wheel I've got is the Puma type with the pad in the centre. I've got a few questions: How much clearance do you have between the wheel and the top of the dash? Do you hit the dash with your fingers when you're driving? Do you find you keep hitting the indicator stalk as you're driving? What is the offset on your wheel (distance on your wheel from the back of the boss to the inside edge of the rim) so I can compare with my new wheel. Do you find any problem with the wheel hitting your legs or getting in? I'm 6ft and have no problems at the minute.
  6. Not for that one it's a series 2a lightweight the axles are for my well modified series 3 lightweight regards Stephen
  7. Yep...………………………………………………...
  8. I would check that the fan hasn't seized in front of the aircon rad.
  9. Hardly ! It being auto was my only disappointment- so if that’s selectable and we can have 16 forward gears; well that sounds pretty good 😊
  10. They're a lovely bit of kit, nicely engineered. I've heard a few problems from some people, ruomurs of poor quality bearings in later units but they're still head and shoulders over the GKN offering. Mine's done a fair few miles in a 3ton vehicle with a 4.6 V8 in front of it and held up sell so far. If you fit it, get the extended finned sump for the LT230 while you're there, the overdrive will warm the oil quite a lot so extra capacity & cooling is nice.
  11. Depending on the age of the two they might be identical - later ones the engine loom was integrated into the body loom so a right old faff to separate, earlier ones could be got out as a separate loom with only a few wires to connect.
  12. Oh dear Stephen's going all Fast and Furious on us 🤣
  13. As Bowie says, it's not critical - set it too low and the thing is trying to make adjustments before the exhaust gas has got down the pipe to the lambda sensor. The ECU basically goes: Read EGO sensor value, if it's not quite right apply one step of correction. Wait for the set number of ignition events to happen Read EGO sensor value, if it's not quite right apply one step of correction. Wait for the set number of ignition events to happen etc...
  14. Might be worth having the system leak checked & recharged with the correct gas to ensure it operates properly.
  15. It's not that important, just setting it to 30 and I am sure it will be fine.
  16. I had one - not sure on comparative strength, they seem to be sold under having a great range of movement and the grease point.
  17. Yes about 250kg without wheels and tyres finger nippin charger squashing good regards Stephen
  18. Hello, i recently acquired a 2007 Defender 90 with a broken 2.4 transit diesel inside. I want to convert it to a 3.9 EFi Auto. I have been offered a Discovery project and i was also offered a Range Rover as spares or repair. Both have excellent running gear but i was wondering what i would be best using as a good foundation for swapping as much as possible over? Or would you recommend something else with a 3.9 auto? I want the donor car so i have wiring looms and such like. Let me know what you think.
  19. Wow - they are a chunky thing aren’t they 😊
  20. I bet this becomes an official option at some point!
  21. I was on that too I think ! Maybe it’s all going to my junk folder .... hmm. ....but more importantly - I wonder how representative that view in the back was ? It looked cavernous. Did they tell us it would come with axle lockers?
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