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  3. I’ve been thinking this for a bit ... hope it doesn’t damage his momentum for his channel.
  4. RPR's transmission shouldn't be working that hard - it's a light truck with low gearing. His only problem might be heat depending on the local climate but if RR's and Disco's with the same engine & box & transfer aren't struggling I'd hope a little 88 wouldn't have a problem. I've worked the 109 fairly hard on occasion and none of my oil temp tell-tales have ever shown an issue either with high speeds or heavy loads over long distances. And we proved the LT230 is good for ~400hp with zero mods.
  5. From what little contact I've had with American stuff it's not exactly the pinnacle of engineering - often very "heavy dooty" but you still have the feeling that many corners were cut on all the other components... and cosmetically they just always appear to be designed by a 10-year-old boy who's watched too many Transformers movies and had too much sugar.
  6. I am sure he is out enjoying the fruits of his labours, ...... 3 months road tax will have set him back about €500 I think he must be out getting his moneys worth
  7. Nope, was only thinking about this a day or two ago
  8. Just noticed how long it's been since a video (or post!) from @Shackleton, anyone heard anything?
  9. I like Defenders but in many areas I would say the bar isn’t exactly high..... 🙂 driver comfort - not really Fuel economy - nope crash safety - erm Somewhere to put your elbow - not both on road handling - some 0 - 60 - Yes Ability to fix with cable ties and gaffer tape - 10 / 10
  10. I'm pretty sure I figured it out. V8 manual Disco are rarer here than forward control FFRs, (I know of 2 or 3), it turns out the previous owner didn't know the fork required a retention clip (571163) so it was held in place only by the plastic cup and hope... Something must have shifted allowing the behaviour, but I still can't really figure out what was actually happening... it's mostly back together now and seems to be working. if it happens again I'm boring a scope port and figuring out exactly what's going on. Thanks for all the input/ideas.
  11. confession time... i might have boy racered the generator! to be fair, the owner wanter a silencer on it and i had that motorcycle can knocking about....
  12. The red and yellow being a nod to Series transfer box levers, I think we can be pretty sure it will either control high/low/diff lock or whatever electronic frippery they provide to perform the equivalent function.
  13. They are continually comparing it to the old Defender and telling us it will be better in every way.
  14. Fugly indeed but I'd take that over the bland mediocrity that passes for normal on New Zealand roads. Seriously, have designers lost the will to make something look nice?
  15. I got a Richards, and the people who did the swap (in 2014/15 - it took them a while) said they were the only real choice )back then. never heard anything negative.
  16. Interesting stuff - my DAB antenna is inside, stuck to the alpine window light, under a patriot roof rack, and close to a supporting leg - Its hopeless.
  17. So Mrs tommobot drove the 110 this evening.. Successful!.. not 100% convinced but it was much quieter and nicer to drive, and to be honest it was only down the road for 5minutes but it was a very rutted and off camber downhill road.. Plotting next move now, and getting excited as it looks like a may get away with keeping it! Got a few months to finish off another project and then could start on 110. .. Completely random question, lpg tanks.. are there any off the shelf solutions for underneath the vehicle..?
  18. Plan ? Nonsense, make it up as you go along. Works for me 😉 Mo
  19. Why aren't they comparing it to the old Defender? It shows they've abandoned the market that it was built for. Marketing is all smoke and mirrors. The second iPad was marketed as "lighter" than the first, the third was marketed as "faster" than the second, but was heavier than the second and almost as heavy as the first. Similar to when whichever RR model "lost" 400kg by moving to an aluminium chassis, no doubt it was weight gained in a previously bloated edition.
  20. Not sure about LT85 or other gearboxes but for the standard LT77 and R380 both V8 and Tdi variants use the FTC5200. There is a special shorter bearing (UTJ100210) for the stumpy bellhousing variant of the R380. And according to the parts book there is a separate bearing for the Mpi engine in Discovery applications - FTC2772.
  21. In a transmission that is working hard, and I think yours would be, I’d be hesitant to add another stage that would be a weak link and also contribute to heating the rest of the transmission and it’s oils anyway.
  22. Many thanks to all for your assistance with this problem,have spoken to my local garage,they can fit it for me,however they have never fitted 1 before,has anyone got the schematics for the electrical connections to the Engine Coolant Sensor,the connections on the Timer Relay are 30 I 31 I 87a-- 15 I 87 -- 30 I at the top,to the left 31 I, centre 87a -- 15 I to the Right, below 87a is 87 -- hopefully this will be of use,if not I will try and upload a picture of timer relay
  23. Based on the numbers run in the Ashcroft calculator, with the 1.03 HR LT230, there should be no need for an Overdrive.
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