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  2. Do you know what controller or timer you have? If you connect using wbus it should work as can be independent from vehicle system. CANbus totally different story
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  4. Scotts90

    After spraying your project

    Using a half decent gun does help, and patience! Waiting for coats to flash off when you're relying on ambient temp can lead to the temptation to load another coat on too soon. I really enjoy spraying, it gives enormous satisfaction when it all turns out well! good luck!
  5. Scotts90

    Door lock help !

    MWC1480 rhs, MWC1481 lhs. Google is your friend lol
  6. ianmayco68

    After spraying your project

    Thank you , hope I can do it justice . Cheers Eightpot, I’d read about getting shadows and not looking the same in a diy guide I found , so the plan was I’ve got a good sized table and room to hang doors and the like from a beam if need be , so I was going to lay the parts out and stand at the bottom of each panel (as it is on the truck) and spray right to left . Cheers Scott, I’m hoping to get a good finish that hopefully only needs polishing, the epoxy primer I’ve used seems good stuff never heard of it before , you can get a real smooth finish with a bit of wet and dry .
  7. landroversforever

    U-Pol Raptor Chassis

    Cruel Mo! It is actually progressing
  8. Mo Murphy

    U-Pol Raptor Chassis

    This is important for Ross as his chassis will be in the workshop for ever 😂 Mo
  9. Scotts90

    Td5 diesel filter mount on richards chassis

    Methinks that filter head has seen its day and the bolt holes are non-existent! The OE chassis has rivnuts installed for filter head mounting.
  10. Scotts90

    After spraying your project

    3M and Menzerna are good products. As mentioned farecla is messy, the clean up process can take just as long as the compounding. Best advice is to achieve as good a gun finish as possible to limit any refinishing by machine, easier said than done when not carried out in a proper booth...but still achievable. I prefer 3M fastcut plus or fastcut XL as this has far less spatter and dusting. If your finding a lot of dust in your coats then you'll struggle to knock this off by machine and may need to break out the wet-n-dry.
  11. I have a 1991 100 that is a ex MOD winterised deep wader - pretty much all of that has been stripped out, however the hardtop and alpine windows remain original. The alpine window seals need replacing - understand there is either 4mm or 5mm glass in there. If I pull it out can I accurately measure the glass thickness from anybody's past experience? (I need to wait 10 days for the new seals to arrive so keen get it right first time) Whilst the glass is out I'm thinking of painting it white on the external side like my roof as I have La Salle headlining in there that blocks the Alpine windows off anyway. Can anybody suggest the best paint to use for longevity - explicit brands and links appreciated as always, else just characteristics is fine 😉
  12. roamingyak

    Thin spongy foam on many body panels

    Awesome, thanks everybody!!
  13. Retroanaconda

    A couple of lose ends!

    First one is the diagnostic port and the second is the reverse switch, it goes into the back of the gearbox not the transfer box.
  14. My breather has blocked up and the circular part snapped off when I undid the bolt so I need a new one. However, I can't seem to find the pieces separately other than buying a complete breather kit which seems a rather expensive way of doing it. Found the parts list here: https://www.landroverworkshop.com/diagrams/transfer-box/transfer-box-lt230/front-housing_53744#14 but it seems to be missing a key part - the circular part with the barbed end that the plastic tube connects to. Banjo bolt is easy to find, as are the washers and the tube I have is plenty long enough so I can cut a bit off and use that, but I can't find the "banjo" part anywhere. Any idea what part number it is or what it's called? Richard
  15. Can anyone tell me the best way to mount the td5 diesel filter on a 300 / richards chassis? It is currently ziped tired on! i dont like the idea of relying on a few mills of plastic long term! Howeverif drilling the chassis is the only option then I will fudge something abit stronger: Thanks for your help Dan
  16. Dan D90

    Door lock help !

    I tried to replace the door locks today only to find there is a key part missing! There should be a small rod of metal where the red line is on the picture below. Without it the lock is not connected to the door latch Does anyone have a photo of what the rod looks like / its dimensions so I can make some new ones? Thanks for your help Dan
  17. Mo Murphy

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    I think Neil (V8Freak) may have a surplus GKN now that he's auto, might be worth a pm Ralph. Mo
  18. Dan D90

    A couple of lose ends!

    Can anyone tell me what these cables are used for? Its a TD5 conversion if that helps? Te fist one is in the underseat battery compartment: Thos one is on the transfer box? under the center seat: there is a few more in the engine bay , will add more photos! Thanks in advance Dan
  19. Jocklandjohn

    Steering column to bulkhead brace - needed?

    I just repaired mine last week. It corroded away and one day went PING when I pulled myself into the van using the steering wheel, after which it squeaked like a bugger when in low revs. I was able to drill a hole through the back of the bracket (on the U) and bolt it to the repair section I usd to patch the bulkhead with an M14 bolt. Worked just fine, now squeak-free and solid.
  20. roamingyak

    Transfer box - Castrol Syntrans or Syntrax?

    Thanks all, Went for this as it seemed to remove the GL-5 debate and keen to try synthetic (not sure what has been put in recently - assume its cheapo mechanics oil etc) Syntrans Multivehicle 75W-90 Fully synthetic GL-4 manual gearbox oil (Dave is away on holiday for two week at Ashcroft btw)
  21. I was lazy but as I don't open them, I ran a bead of black RTV along them between glass and runner. You can't see it and they don't rattle. It's not a direct answer but it might help in the meantime.
  22. Gazzar

    Headlights not working

    As the 6 position switch is unique to military vehicles you might have more success asking in the military forum. Having said that..... Do you have 12v (or 24v if FFR) coming into the headlamp stalk? Do you have 12v (or . . . ) coming out of the 6 position switch? G.
  23. One of the things I failed the MOT/DOE on was rusty brake pipes at the rear. On mine (later model) there are two little short but bendy pipes just forward of the axle connecting the flexibles one each side. To see things more clearly I removed the wheel arch liners and that enabled me to see a bit more....... but most disturbingly it revealed that the cross-axle pipe where it passes above the short pipes in question was badly corroded as well. I pondered trying to splice a bit in but really the only proper solution is to change the whole thing so........ fuel tank out for access. Have drained the tank and removed the filler as per RAVE, but the next step is to disconnect the fuel supply and return lines. RAVE says just that 'disconnect', but looking at them it isn't obvious how they work, in fact I thought they were little directional valves in line, any one been there before me please?
  24. tychoS

    Transfer box - Castrol Syntrans or Syntrax?

    From the LT230 FAQ at https://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/frequently-asked-questions/lt230-faq-s.html What oil should I use in my LT230 ? Use a GL4 or GL5, either mineral EP80/90 or synthetic EP75W90
  25. joe1

    Td5 discovery 2 very sluggish acceleration

    Hi, yes should be better than that- 90+mph should be easily available. (But having said that, I'd be wary of pushing TD5s too hard, sometimes it seems like they just need any excuse to break their heads/fuel galleries). On Td5s the turbo does come in with a bit of a wallop, and it does need to be driven with that in mind, adjusting gears to suit the turbo range. But first thing really would be read any fault codes and see if anything is logged. After that certainly blank off the egr to see if you get more oomph - but leave the externals still visible for any future mot inspection. Good luck
  26. FridgeFreezer

    Transfer box - Castrol Syntrans or Syntrax?

    I thought the LT230 could run on anything - I've seen LR manuals spec GL4, GL5, ATF and engine oil for the LT230.
  27. Dear all, I've got the standard rattle in my windows, and a minor leak from my extremely tired felt seals. I'm looking to remove the windows (it's a 2001) and replace the seals. Can anyone recommend a good solution, I'm currently looking at these https://www.mudstuff.co.uk/garrison-sw-rear-window-kit.html Please could someone advise? Kind regards FF
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