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  2. 300tdi front stub axles

    Not a worry, I wouldn't got that far, glad we found the item you needed Ian.
  3. Series 3 V8 rebuild

    Hi Lloyd, welcome to the fold. Looks like you are doing a neat job there. More details and pictures welcome! Daan
  4. The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    There's chequer plate for that alone!
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  6. The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    WFM 372L chassis 90103366A still registered as a petrol as well, DVSA would love this one, MOT history is interesting too, somehow tested as a diesel and the mileage going backwards! suggests build date late 2008/09 so going to need that IVA, strange thats its a trader and that they'd not question it
  7. Series 3 V8 rebuild

    New to this site building a series 3 V8 taken a while getting close to road worthy try to put up a test pic
  8. The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    What function do the disabled toilet handrails form?
  9. 300TDi overhaul

    Well on the three engine I've had apart it hasn't been the case! They where all worn on the crank, though only one of them very badly and it had done 540.000km's. But still, a rather stupid design to wear the crank instead of a replaceable gear. Indeed.. 200TDI FTW!
  10. 300tdi front stub axles

    I stand corrected and bow to Western's superior knowledge (what was I thinking to, a mere mortal questioning a GOD?)..... It is the seals that there is x2 options FTC840.....FTC3145 Sorry about that
  11. As all proper 88"s it needed something in the middle of the windshield area to annoy you, so a tube was added This tube is a slightly smaller diameter and thinner wall, its the same I used in the cross bar at the front. As you can see I added a bit paneling as well to get to the height of the bonnet, here's how it looks from the inside: This gives you an overview of just how short the nose is, only the length of a Series bonnet: Also just got time to fit a center hinge a center hold down in the front. All just stuff I had laying around, no fancy Billet Race stuff here
  12. Water in Diesel , Just an idle thought.

    Very very interesting that. I only wish i could afford to keep the tank full !!. Also this mention of, ( Fungal Growth ) as described by Nick. I have have treated fungal like slime in the bottom of windscreen washer bottles causing the washers to fail because of the blockage. I've always treated that with boiling hot water from the kettle and adding bleach, then rinse, job done. but never fungal problems in Diesel tanks. Fungal problems in water is usually associated with poorly maintained air conditioning units, with the added medical complications of legionnaire's disease. So all in all, this is very interesting to learn that diesel tanks can produce a fungal growth.
  13. 300tdi front stub axles

    Cheers both , found it in my parts book was looking at the wrong page . Seems there's 1 bearing but 2 different types of seal that fit in before the bearing . Cheers western have had a quick read but will read it properly later . cheers Ian
  14. 300tdi front stub axles

    If irc the other part number was just numbers??? Will have a look, but i did a full axle front and rear rebuild and did a lot of work checking parts... so i am pretty sure there are x2 bearings for front stub axle. depending on axle number determins which part number you require. Will try and find the info and post it
  15. 300TDi overhaul

    Thank you very much for this clip, very informative !
  16. Hello all Just tapping in to your collective expertise please. As part of RRC build, I wanted to see what you recommended for the following. Fuel pipes? - material and connector type recommendations please Engine & Gearbox oil cooler hoses? - material and connector type recommendations please For a V8 install what coolant hose material best? Also recommendations for thermostat too please. The one that came with the p38 4.6 will need replacing, so I wondered if there is a better type than replacing it with the LR one? Lastly, any recommendations for suppliers too is always welcome. Thanks in advance. Steve
  17. 300TDi overhaul

    I am getting even more respect for your 200 TDi
  18. Anyone offer a perspective on this please? I've got both air heater and water heaters (Eberspacher) in my 110. The water heater has been in there 15 years and works fine, the air heater only installed last year (works fine too). For both I tee'd into the fuel line at the lift pump before the fuel filter as has been commonly suggested. However although both heaters work ok I've had an ongoing problem with the vehicle's running - ok at low to moderate speeds but runs out of steam at higher speeds. Injectors are serviced, new lift pump & fuel filter and fully overhauled FIP a few weeks ago (for the second time!). I know my FIP was knackered and it was fixed, and the lift pump was faulty too, but its all tip top and shiny new and I'm still experiencing poor full-load running (going up hills specifically). I'm starting to suspect this could *possibly* be a fuelling issue and might be related to the tee'd heater lines. I've got clear pipe on the water heater and when the lift pump is operating it causes the fuel in the heater line to visibly 'bounce' up and down. I'm wondering if the addition of the two T's to the fuel line is having an effect on the lift pump efficiency when the engine is running. I've checked all the pipe connections to the heaters and they appear to be tight so my initial assumption that air might be getting in seems rather unlikely. The Eberspachers wont fire up with air in the system as the heater shuts down and flags up an error code, and thats not happening so I'm *guessing* it indicates all is ok. However...is it possible that the lift pump pressure is enough to pull air in somewhere down the heater line without it being obvious to the heater sensors? As the heaters run ok its only the vehicle running that concerns me. Would an electric lift pump (which might be a good thing anyway as I've used 5 lift pumps in the last three years) be a good move as it might more reliably lift the required volume of fuel despite the tee'd take offs? Or tap into the fuel line at the tank exit (on the side 110HT 1989) and run a dedicated fuel line to the heaters? Or tap into the tank at top (I've cut the rear tub floor already and put a wee hatch in it so can get access easily to the top of the fuel tank) and insert a dedicated into-tank line for the heaters? So I guess the wider question is - is it conceivable that the additional fuel take-offs are affecting fuelling at high rpms?
  19. 300TDi overhaul

    I will give it to these engines, they are tough blighters !
  20. 300TDi overhaul

    Thanks Soren, I am sure I will see the "offending" key in real life soon
  21. 300tdi front stub axles

    this might help -- https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/53661-changing-the-needle-bearing-ftc861/ page 419 in 110 parts book only list the ftc861 item 21 in http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/parts_books/110/5_axles_suspension_steering_p398-471.pdf same part in 90 front stub axle too, so whoever told you there are 2 variants wasn't correct.
  22. 300tdi front stub axles

    Cheers Andy can knock the bearing out the one tomorrow it looks like its steel cased , unfortunately the one in the other stub has disintergrated . The part number I've got for the bearing is FTC861 that's what the parts place have given me , they haven't mentioned 2 types and they aren't listed in LR parts manual . do you have the part number for the other type ?
  23. 3.5 V8 tuning

    Marc, you know LPG always gives you a power loss compared to petrol. So switch to petrol when you need the power. Doesn't come any easier . As all the others above say, there's no replacement for displacement. Not cheap, takes a bit of work but you do get reliable results.
  24. 300tdi front stub axles

    Think you will find the all come WITHOUT the bearings and to make matters worse, there are x2 sizes! You need the axle number to determine which you need, or buy both types as i did (not that costly maybe £10 for a pair), the fit which ever are in the old stubs. Yes this means you have to knock x1 of them out. 1 type has a steel case the other not, so easy to tell the difference. No harder than fitting wheel bearings if you have done them? As for knocking old bearing out long old flat end screw diver and basicaly find the lip and thwack it with a hammer and work your way round, NOT in the same place all the time Hth Andy
  25. 300tdi front stub axles

    Hi all , need to replace the front stub axles on my 300tdi 90 project , have found some oem ones from EAC parts but you have to fit the needle bearing yourself and are there any other parts inside the stub as I can't find the bits listed for the inside of the stub axle in my LR parts book. Are they easy to fit ? as I think I remember from another thread that they need pressing in and are a pain to fit , can anybody recommend any other makes with the bearing fitted ? cheers Ian
  26. 300TDi overhaul

    trashed 300tdi oil pump thread in Defender forum --- https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/97506-300tdi-failed-oil-pump/?tab=comments#comment-849423
  27. STC1172

    200tdi top gasket set https://www.turnerengineering.co.uk/stc-1172-gasket-set-top-c2x20634834 hover over the small photo & move cursor around it & it'll put up a bigger one you can see the contents of the pack. inc --- manifold gasket, rocker cover gasket & 2 x semi circle plugs, valve stem seals, turbo to manifold & exhaust downpipe metal gaskets, thermostat to head & top cover to lower section gaskets, various copper washers for fuel spill return banjo bolts, injectors to head.
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