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  2. 3.5 V8 Vee Belt Tensioner Bearing

    As luck would have it I have a spare tensioner assembly which has a notchy bearing. I spent some time looking at it this morning and for the life of me I cannot work out how it comes apart, unless you draw the bracket off the pulley wheel shaft and there is a retaining clip for the bearing within the pulley wheel itself
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  4. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    ... and a top hat. Mo 😊
  5. Rear window wiper

    My 1983 county has a hole for one and washer but not currently installed, would like to though.
  6. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    Good plan, wear gloves
  7. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    Ok I think I've a better idea. Very light gauge guitar string. I'll be careful. Proper stuck on! Red stuff. Would that be factory red stuff? I'll let you know what i discover.
  8. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    Stanley blade, carefully... and then lever off with aforementioned big screwdriver.... Obviously don't muller the surfaces, but a little damage can easily be taken up with the instant gasket...
  9. ifor williams with 76mm coupling eye

    I always feel that having something kept out of sight as much as possible, and not so shiny to stand out is a good start for security. Of course you'll struggle with that latter concept with a brand new unit. My mother has always adopted this principle with her horse trailer, although she seems to have no difficulty making it look thoroughly neglected
  10. Rear window wiper

    TTBOMK were Series never Ex factory with rear Was / Wipe But..... Some people / countries know differently..
  11. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    Ok bolts out no problem. Cover plate is glued on tight. Any ideas, i don't want to damage seal faces with screwdrivers. Nothing on any sites or in the book about this.
  12. Fuel pressure gauge

    I'm guessing that you may be able to drill a hole in the bottom of the blanked section...? Early P38 version have a Schrader valve on the opposite side. No idea on the thread, sorry.
  13. Transmission mounts

    Good job we all have a SOH on here
  14. Discovery 1 Inner Wings

    I would use parts from YRM and do it properly,I recently did a RR Classic inner wing job,their parts fit well and are easy to use.The car can be as good or better than new in the repaired areas and last longer than the original if coated properly.
  15. Fuel pressure gauge

    Nope, that hole is blank.
  16. Transmission mounts

    hahaha oh dear... you know I thought that was connected to here but I kinda missed the obvious... its been one of those weeks I'm afraid... even more worrying its still only Tuesday...
  17. Trickle charger while being stored

    One other point: you don't have to run it 24 x7 - if you feed it through a time switch - I left a car for several months with a charger coming on for half an hour every day, and it was fine.
  18. Fuel pressure gauge

    This may sound a daft question, but I don't know the answer so thought I should ask Can I just remove the fuel temperature sender, and screw in a fuel pressure sender instead? If so, does anyone know what the thread size is? Richard
  19. Series owner looking for RRC

    EAS isn't expensive* to work on or repair, or difficult - though obviously if you don't like anything with wires it's to be avoided. The ride is firmer than a (standard, well maintained) coil sprung vehicle, but it's only harsh if the air spring bladders have gone hard with age. The trade off is better handling on the road, and less compromise (you have a higher than standard ride height off road, lower at cruising speed, instead of one-height-fits-all, and you can drop the car to even lower access height for loading). If one of the big attractions of a Range Rover Classic is the "magic carpet" ride, you won't achieve that on EAS - but you won't achieve it on a coiler either unless you can find one with a working self leveller. You should be aware that the EAS controller on the classic is somewhat eccentric - the version on the P38 is much less...characterful...Rover basically beta tested the system on classic owners. Depending on your wife's sense of humour that might not be a selling point for her (how would she view her car "dancing" when stopped on an uneven side slope with the engine running?). * some parts - for instance complete air springs - can be pricey, but most can be rebuilt for a good deal less. E.g. bladders only on the air springs, seal kit for the pump.
  20. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    Sorry, think I had misunderstood a little I was under the impression you were hoping to rule out the transfer box to allow you to go ahead with the garage repairs. Doing the bottom cover is certainly worthwhile, as you say, nothing to lose. If you are getting more comfortable, you could even remove the centre diff to check that out With all that checked, then it really can only be the gearbox, so nothing really lost. Any loctite will do, in fact any threadlock.
  21. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    I was trying to avoid having to have this guy fix the problem as it involves paying a tow truck to take it 160 kms. And then paying this guy up to 1000 euros . He just says i need to bring it in. I think the oils should cost around 20 euros all in and i can re-use them if new, no? No wonder this person next door (about 500 meters away) wanted rid of this thing... Ok feed the cows and cats and nother cup of tea and take off bottom cover maybe it will reveal Something.. Nothing to lose now. Im getting more comfortable. Any old loctite? Need to go to town to get oils and loctite. Etc. Life in spain is pretty ****ty if you're not here on holiday. everywhere closes between 2 and 5.30pm country is run by nasty thieving pricks. The women given support to run rough shod over everyone around 4000 suicides a year of which 3200 are men . I dare say the 800 women were pushed rather than jumped.
  22. Discovery 1 Inner Wings

    I'd go with the above, get a cheap welder, if it is just the bulkhead and floor localised repairs, then it doesn't need to be pretty. The bolt-on inner wings look excellent value to me, if I were doing mine again I would almost certainly go that route, though I would weld them to the bulkhead, like you suggest. Chop the lot off and build it from scratch, you can do this sort of thing under a tarp even if you have no workshop -I know I have... My RRC has been too tall to get in a garage for a very long time...
  23. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    Removing the cover is very simple, a look and a pry/wiggle would rule out all but the centre diff failing, I would do it. The loctite is required, but if the boxes are coming out then just ask chappy to loctite them for you, ask even more nicely and he will seal up the bottom cover for you as well. I think the truck is just being picked up on a trailer, yes? If so I wouldn't bother putting oil in the boxes, it's not cheap, and will be fine to be pushed/winched onto a trailer, or dare I say it, driven 20 yards, especially if in low box.
  24. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    The thread lock is necessary - not only to stop the bolts undoing but to seal the threads and prevent small leaks. I'd remove the lower cover and continue to investigate, but I have built boxes before and have an idea of what to look for. It may do more harm than good for a novice to delve too deep, but removing that panel is no big deal, just be careful not to pry things inside with too much force if you poke around to see what is fouling the moving parts.
  25. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    Is the loctite necessary? ****, how did i get myself into this situation?
  26. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    Ok, yes I've just looked it up in the manual. So any equivalent. Am i going the right way by putting the gear back in? Or should i pull the lower cover plate first? I'm a bit unsure now of where I'm going with this. could it be that the gearbox output bearing is bad but not detectable under load? Or just reassemble and take to the specialist garage?
  27. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    ATF was the original spec, later changed to MTF94. Either will be fine, with advocates for both types.
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