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  3. Oh laugh it up Davo, I was trying to bring the humour in it to the fore. At the time I didn't really think about it at all once I was out, save to make a mental note never to show anyone. It's only with hindsight that I'm a little more sober about it. The VW's are hot items these days, and there's a real following for the still branded workhorses. that blue red and white one was branded for some steiner beer or other so I'd say some people would have wet themselves over it. And I know there are some who'd endeavour to save it regardless, but you'd spend less time building a better machine if you put a new one together from scratch for the amount of panel work you'd have to replace. Anyway, LR! The Vogue is coming on, I'm into the other side already and soon I'll have to hit the back end. It needs a rear cross but I'm more concerned about finding an alloy boot floor for it.
  4. As some of you may know from my previous posts. I have been planning a trip to Corsica for a while now. So,we got back from a 6 day trip a couple of weeks ago. I did quite a lot of research to plot off road routes mainly from Wickiloc.I only planned to do tracks graded as difficult or expert only,as the lesser graded tracks,I find you could drive in most family cars. We cretainly wren't dissapointed,every day we had to drive sections of track that required low box & difflock.& ever the rear air locker was called into service on one occasion. The island of Corsica is stunning,with mountains upto 2000m & beaches to rival the Carribean. Here are a few pics for your enjoyment. Enjoy, Marc
  5. on your existing speedo red/white trace wires = gauge lighting thats all it needs, on the td5 speedo your red/white can be connected to pin 4 of the upper plug/socket for gauge lighting signal from transducer goes to pin 2 of upper socket, the other 2 wires on the transducer = earth & 12v +ve feed from fuse box/ignition controlled permanent 12v feed to pins 6 & 9 of upper plug/socket earth wire to pin 7 of upper plug /socket ign controlled 12v feed to pin 10 of upper plug/socket all the above go to the pink plug C1060 in the 'wibbly wobbly speedo' thread on here you should/don't need any connections to the lower plug/socket C1061.
  6. Yes, I've installed threaded bosses in some places, and drilled various mounting holes as per the original locations.
  7. I know what you mean; I get the same need if I'm doing some major work on my older car and have to drive the newer one. There's just not any enjoyment in it. This is why I don't think many modern cars will ever be classics. Anyway, I was wondering where your next episode was and then it popped up on Youtube and I realised I'd missed it. I have to admit that while I can appreciate fully the seriousness of your close call with the VW body I was giggling during the whole sequence. And I think most of us have done something similar. Funnily enough, just a few weeks ago I heard a story about a split-screen being saved. Some tourist was up here and found one that had been sitting in a river for many years. So he came back up with a trailer and some gear and spent a couple of days digging and pulling this thing out. I knew they were valuable, but wow . . . You've done a wonderful job once again and I'm really enjoying the amount of information and the pace. Thanks for going to the trouble.
  8. Got the door-bar sorted today. Got an idea yesterday about letting the bar fold into half a tube, so that when its shut its firmly secured, but when its open its easy to lift off. The bar itself just needs a lick of paint now: As you can see it folds forward just enough to have to be pushed to hit the fender arch, so this means I can just make some sort of hook arrangement to hold it open if I feel like it. But seeing as it just lifts off, and weighs nothing, I could just remove it all together
  9. Thanks guys. Yes most of the engines seem good, but as my luck usually dictates, it only appears to be the BXE/BLS engine codes that were vulnerable to this particular failure. The BLS is exactly the same as the BXE but with the addition of the dreaded DPF.
  10. Wow i haven't been able to find those plugs, thats a great tip and will help me out a lot instead of buying a loom. The problem i am having is that i am find conflicting data about what goes to what pin. I have no prob finding the live and ignition feed behind my dash (purple and white wires) but how and what pins take them is the prob. I have heard some people had issues connecting power to pin 9, and that should be a ground, ect... any other info would be great! Andy
  11. All good!, Just been out this afternoon, and the handbook symbol has gone. Tried the above scheme to see if one side or other produces anything and can't seem to get it back. Happy with that
  12. There's good movement before you get to the bite point. I.e. It's not on the floor.
  13. easy just extract the relevant info from the how to fit the full instrument pack thread on here, you will need a Td5 insntrument pack wiring loom or buy the plugs/sockets from
  14. we used 50mm x 30mm x rectangular box 3mm wall thickness on my 110 just drilled & tapped the box for the floor plates & sill panels.
  15. Hi all! I know this has been covered, but i can't find anything thats exact. I brought a 200tdi back to the states when i was stationed in the UK, and have since been doing a 13 month re build. Currently i want to install ONLY A SPEEDO form a td5 (not the whole instrument pack). For the life of me, i can't find data on just doing that; everything talks mostly about doing the whole thing. I know that i need the transducer, 3 core wire, and the speedo. I would rather not butcher up a td5 wire harness for this, so what can i do with the items mentioned? Thanks guys! Trying to spread the defender love back here in the lower 48! Andy
  16. Where is the bite point on the pedal?
  17. My chassis was done in peterborough, and they did a lovely job. Later I got my bumper done in southampton as it was closer since I moved and it was so-so. So there is certainly difference in quality between them, even if they almost all work under the Wessex banner. Also bear in mind they may be able to ship stuff for you, but the shipping I got quoted for the chassis was more than the galvanising itself. Daan
  18. Hi every one. I just bought a new 32/34 to fit my land rover, but there was't any fiting instroctions in the box. so my stupid cuestion is, how do i connect it? Can't find any fiting diagrams on the net. Is it that simple? Only me stupid. Thanks
  19. Hi, Just checking that when you bled the system did you unclip and raise the coolant resevoir above the bleed screw height? Regards, Griff
  20. As some of you will know, I have had various problems with my gearbox lately. One of the remaining issues is that, on occasions, first gear can be very hard to select from standing still. If it is selected whilst very slowly rolling, it will go in more easily. Second gear selects fine whether stood still or moving. What could be the reasons? The company that reconditioned it told me this would 'wear in'. I am doubtful as it has done about 10,000 miles now since fitting last autumn. So far i have: 1. replaced all clutch hydraulics and bled 2. adjusted the shims on the 1st/2nd guide on the gearbox 3. clutch itself was all replaced when the gearbox was last out. I wasn't able to change the spigot bearing as the one i had was the wrong size, but the old one had only had about 40k miles of wear and felt fine and received a small smear of copper grease before refitting the box.
  21. My Golf PD130 has just racked up 240K of total abuse..... All I've done is put a turbo cartridge in it (not as easy as you think with a VVT) and change the oil regularly. VW specialist in the unit next to us loves all the PD130 motors and reckons they only go bang if you seriously over rev them.
  22. If you are making this in box section how do you plan to bolt the bottom cill trim and body mounts in place?
  23. Get friendly with a local engineering company that gets regular galvanising done and see if you can add it to one of their batches for a bottle of whiskey or some other bribe.
  24. We've got a Golf, GTi TDi (PD engine) and last year it went in for some weird running issues.. Suspected injector.... Ended up being a collapsed follower and damaged cam. While it was in I had the garage change the bottom end shells just as a health check. Engine stayed in the car throughout and head stayed on the engine throughout..... I didn't do the work myself so cannot comment of ease of the job though. Hope it helps.
  25. Must be an EDC model since it has fault codes.
  26. Is the core a standard replacement or a hybrid ?
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