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  2. hi i recently fitted 2 disco 300tdi axles to my 200tdi defender and the axle had a counterbalance weight on the front diff can anybody tell me weather it is worth keeping it on or any information about them and what are they called . iv searched google and cant find anything about them but i did see one on a 110 on youtube
  3. even 150k on the crappy 2 pin factory Rover type diff is not great. There are a LOT of variables but I can remember reading Tdci owners getting multiple diffs under warranty. It seems LR really dropped the QC with the last of the Defenders (As seen with changes in parts that had served well enough for decades, like the centre diff in the LT230)
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  5. Escape, unfortunately I have no memory of what the booster output rod setting should be. Good luck !
  6. Superb, thank you Ralph. Even including the part numbers for the add on bits and pieces for both senders.
  7. Yes still working fine, Oil temp sender screws into forward edge of the oil filter housing, between the arms of the injection pump to engine block bracket as shown in photo, there is a big screw blanking cap [item 5] on the diagram just below the hand drawn oil temp sender PRC4372, it comes out & the oil temp sender screws in. the female spade connector slides on to the sender circular terminal, if you use a fully insulated terminal you will have to cut part of the sleeve away to allow it to fit the sender.
  8. We bought a 5ltr can of Limestone to do my swb all Limestone inside and out, inside had one coat and the outside had two coats not the best paint job in the world as it was our first time we had sprayed a vehicle but it does me, anyway think we used at least 3-4 lts and use the rest for touching up when needed.
  9. I suppose the other side of the coin is that when you see people doing it online, less experienced people think it is 'OK' to do, and then go and have an almighty accident losing a finger or worse. I suppose it is a bit of social responsibility that is required when you put yourself in the limelight -something I know I have mentioned before. Do what you want in your home, but if you are in any way showing how something can be done, be sure you are not teaching people bad or dangerous habits.
  10. Thread revival alert! @western do you still have this set up? I'm looking how I can fit my oil temperature sender with out drilling into the sump. I see this is for your oil pressure sender, how did you fit your oil temperature sender?
  11. I was wondering if the one that did its pinion oil seal could be down to a seized sliding joint in the front prop. Could also be a bent axle or something going on... but yeah I'd be trying a different mechanic as an experiment (or change the diff yourself) and make sure the axle is actually cleaned & flushed out.
  12. Yep, wood tools can be just as nasty - our builder had a mishap with his spindle moulder last year. It kicked - probably caught a knot or something - and pulled his hand in. Cost him a couple of fingers and a month of work. Angle grinders are probably my least favourite tool - they're incredibly useful, but...nasty dangerous things. A few years back a neighbour was helping me break an old RRC. He stopped cutting and swung the grinder down by his leg without waiting for it to stop. I yelled and he reacted enough it only took a nick out of his boiler suit - right over his femoral artery. No
  13. Was the axle casing cleaned out properly? Sounds to me like some debris left from the first breakage.
  14. As expected, didn't find much time (or motivation...) to take another look at the brake problem last week. I did take off the master and checked the booster outputrod. Nothing seemed out of place, no items trapped. I did notice the rod can be adjusted. As I know some work was done to the car, but no idea what exactly let alone to what standard, it is quite possible somebody had a go at adjusting it. And made things worse. The car came in with a very worn wheel bearing, that would of course have caused a delay in braking power, and could have let to overadjustement. @Pawl12 you would
  15. https://carbuzz.com/news/land-rover-defender-stars-in-new-overlanding-documentary "The A&E network and Land Rover North America are partnering on a new documentary called "All You Need To Know: Overlanding." The 60-minute doc premieres on Sunday, April 18 at 10 p.m. We're guessing LR loves this project as its cars, particularly the Defender, have been historically known for the practice. Though they haven't been the only ones. ..."
  16. ... But you're in a Land Rover, you already know you're late before you've even set off
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  18. I meant to say, I wasn't going to watch it as I am a bit 'over' their stilted back-and-forth delivery style ("I think the new Defender is good but unreliable, what do you think Tommy" "I think it's unreliable but good, Dad" "valuable insight, Tommy") so I wasn't being rhetorical when I asked which one scraped, but having watched it now, initially I assumed it must have been the Defender because of how they were talking. They cannot say that the Defender will do 80% of what the Wrangler will do, then show it doing 100% of what the Wrangler does but also better than the Wrangler did it. The
  19. The arch protection seems to be a factory option, part of the explorer pack.
  20. @Hybrid_From_Hell might have some ideas, there's not much he hasn't seen. I'd be interested in more detail about the exact failure each time and if anything else has been changed or any work done before the problem started?
  21. I know it'll be buffed and fluffed to within an inch of its life but I do hope it's reliable...
  22. I'm also guilty of not always having the guard on, only on 5" grinders i hasten to add, I also find it easier to be accurate and disc can get further into awkward corners, unlike Fridge I rarely wear gloves, however I always wear suitable eye protection. I've used grinders extensively for 40yrs and not had a A&E visit although to be fair I have had a couple of melting cut moments. On a more somber note I have in the last week took a healthy chunk out of the top of my thumb with a wood bench saw, again no gloves but i would argue that if I had had gloves on the damage could have been w
  23. i read somewhere that it's probebly a 130 converted "gun bus" , probebly converted by foley's .
  24. Exactly. The Defender won the test. It was also quieter and more comfortable getting there, could carry and tow far more (despite the Jeep having a hemi V8 under the bonnet) and was cheaper. I guess the viewer could be objective about that because they did, at least, report those facts.
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