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  2. Preload is set by the shims surely? removing the flange to clean up won't change that.
  3. The extracted PDF documents are out there for free on the interweb (and ISTR they're linked from the tech archive) with no need to run any software.
  4. I would like to remove the diff flange so I can give it a god clean but it’s unclear from the workshop manual whether removing the flange, mud shield and seal will upset the preload settings. Anyone done this before?
  5. To help visualise the EDIS VR sensor setup: You can of course rotate the VR sensor as long as you rotate the trigger wheel with it and keep the relationship about right. You can trim it in MS to get it bang-on, but if you're too far out you'll run out of advance.
  6. Dr Charles Tennant was the former chief engineer at Land Rover and has held a number of senior roles in industry and academia.
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  8. A shallower take to the screen would have made it more difficult to get the engine in and out if the back cylinder or two were under. I’d love to see a forward control too, but you’d have to lift the cab upwards considerably to get any space, which I think would have an impact on the CofG.
  9. I assumed it was a 90.... No idea why.🀐🀐🀐
  10. The red light is just a matter of putting 12V on pin 6. With my new engine I will use that light as a "Check Engine Light" which I can switch on when an undesired situation appears. But that's something I can do with the Megasquirt installed. Or do you mean something else?
  11. Ah yes! I meant indeed that I was happy that the correct anticipated amount of distance appeared on the display. The extra kilometer was already expected. I am now checking to see if I can get the runup-circuit going again. edit: Succes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNDoYsFZON4 I mixed up Pin 1 & 2 of the pink connector....
  12. Obsolete. It is the tiny self tapping screw which holds the shield for the oil seal on the front of a V8 timing cover. Does anybody know the size, please? I removed mine, put them somewhere safe and cannot remember where it was
  13. I'm sure that Evoque forum is taking up room. Mo
  14. Hi guys Being as it's my birthday today I've treated myself to a new metal detector a Tianxun TX850, been having a bit of trouble with mine a C scope 4pi as for some reason it was falsing starts good for a couple of hours then starts falsing all the time and as its was just a beginner machine to me I've decided to upgrade to something a bit better so one it arrive I will post some pic's
  15. Thanks Nige, can we fix the English in the Grenadier forum description? So much an alternative to the old Land Rover Defender it just has to be here !
  16. Fair point, a pitch forward cab with that still had the option of a passenger area and sealed well would have been a challenge worthy of the gifted! πŸ™‚
  17. That is expected, the speedo only stores odd numbered miles. It's impossible to get an even number EDIT: I may have misinterpreted your exclamation marks as surprise at the odd number when they could be an exclamation of success
  18. I think I found something; The first succesful attempt I had in reading the chip gave me this (on another programmer device, an SP200, with this one I wasn't able to write anything back to the chip) But when I change that to 16-bit I get this: (and that looks a bit more familiar) So probably it's just the EZP2019 software that's mixing things up.....
  19. 2 new forums everyone A&M TEAM New 2020 Defender Forum Covering the all new 2020 Defender Models throughout the world Moderator : TBA The New Ineos Grenadier So much a alternative to the old Land Rover Defender it just has to be here ! Moderator : TBA
  20. This is the relevant path; you want the complete VisualStudio Project? private void tbdesiredODO_changed(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (int.TryParse(tbDesiredODO.Text, out int desiredODO)) { int odoPart = desiredODO / 16; int hexPart = 0xffff - odoPart; List<int> hexArray = new List<int>(); for (int i = 0; i < 8; i++) hexArray.Add(hexPart); int remainder = (desiredODO - (odoPart * 16)) / 2; for (int i = 0; i < remainder; i++) hexArray--; tbHex.Text = ""; for (int i = 0; i < 8; i++) tbHex.Text += hexArray.ToString("X4") + " "; lblStoredODO.Text = ((odoPart * 16) + (remainder * 2)).ToString(); } else { tbHex.Text = "?"; lblStoredODO.Text = "?"; } }
  21. @CwazyWabbit I think I found something, Looks like my reader has the MSB/LSB mixed up? Gonna dig into that a bit further... Edit: but now the needle isn't moving. Seems like something went wrong when I started to flash this chip, that might have mixed things up. Maybe I just type over the hex dump below of the working KMH speedometer and see what that does. Edit2: When used my algorithm to generate "666666" and then swapped every first and second byte (so instead of 5D3C 5D3C 5D3C 5D3C 5D3C 5D3D 5D3D 5D3D I typed 3C5D 3C5D 3C5D 3C5D 3C5D 3D5D 3D5D 3D5D ) I got 666667 on my display!!!
  22. Wes, appreciate your point of view. I too like the idea of a semi-FC style setup, however it always makes maintenance more difficult, so I guess goes against the grain with the ethos of the Grenadier. Having to remove a scuttle panel to do any work on an engine is a royal pain in the backside. Personally, I'd like to see a more prominent feature of the bonnet, with lower front wings, actually more like a jeep, than a land rover, as it makes engine bay access far easier from a reach perspective, and the better visibility -there's no real need for the high corner wings on a defender, is there? But, these things are slightly immaterial, as a package it is likely to work well.
  23. My brother regularly transports vehicles as large as the Range Rover using a Nissan Cabstar. However he uses a trailer for anything over the vehicle's carry capacity. The difference is that unless you know what you are doing the trailer requires a Tacho and an operatory licence for commercial use. Brother has the Tacho but due to his setup doesn't legally require the Operators licence. This clown could have used a trailer.
  24. Frankly you can't please everyone all the time. No matter what the final body design they came up with there would be those who it clicked with and those that it wouldn't. The market will decide either way.
  25. It's just my gut reaction to it. I mean no offence by it. What they should done differently is a near impossible question to answer, as I would be directly contradicting myself. I like an overall project that has been designed inside out without unnecessary aesthetic constraints. That way you get the most capable vehicle. Fair enough there may well be hints from other vehicles but overall there are masses of visual cues from the defender. Entering a new mark and model into the market is a risky endeavour and they have clearly appeased the stakeholders by targeting a captive, discarded market by giving them something that looks and feels familiar. Fair enough. Ironically for a group such as us the comments that have developed the most heated discussion are based on aesthetics. Personally I liked the defender for what it was capable of, and it's serviceability, not what it looks like. My comments are merely flagging the over constraint in the design phase. Items that show over constraint? How about windscreen rake? It's steep. A shallower angle and shorter bonnet would have resulted in lower fuel use, more resistant to stone chips, and less likely to smash with a bush or tree strike. Also what about driver position? We're not making a racer here, so why not move the drivers forward, heading more towards a cross between a forward controls and people carrier? Grants either more cabin space or loading space for the same wheelbase. Anyhow, that is enough from me on that.
  26. Based on my '97 300tdi 90, I believe that the front pipe is expecting to see ESR4526 as the next part of the exhaust system. It has the flared flange that matches your part. If it's of added help, my rear exhaust is ESR4527. These both seem to be listed as 97-98, so it's possible that yours is early 97?
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