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  2. Tuner studio gives a flash read error and it does idle ok.
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  4. You could create a wormhole and walk through. Are we off topic yet ? :-)
  5. Thanks to all for info posted. Dave64
  6. Yes like all good women - not cheap!! Best to give Rakeway a call re price because that is the first one he made so price could change and being from Aust I did not pay VAT Nick
  7. Ah, but that brings up a different ethical problem. To teleport someone you 'simply' identify all the particles in their body as well as direction and speed of movement, then you simply select a set of the same particles at the remote location and reassemble them ....... at this point you destroy the person in the original location.
  8. Have you ever thought about taking up humming? I'm told it's quite therapeutic and can be done whilst fixing washing machines, freezers and driving with little need for technology. Try getting your memory card formatted on a pc fat32, they don't do anything clever, see if it will see it. If not try blag an old sd card (not sdhc), format it in the pc and see if it sees that. Or try a sub stick if possible? I'm not sure which stereo my amarok has in it bit it has 2 sd slots, one for the sat nav maps so I guess the other must be for music. I will stick a card in and see if it works sometime.
  9. With the tesla the driver is still in charge of the vehicle even when it's driving itself, the same as using cruise control I guess. The guy who died in the tesla hit the side of a lorry as the camera didn't detect it against the sky due to its colour or reflectivness or whatever. Their argument was to compare the number of deaths per driven mile against the number of deaths per autonomous driven mile. By that argument their technology has saved lives. Their are 2 hgv systems being tested that I've read about. One is Volvo and as a car driver you somehow book a lift with a lorry online, meet up with them on the motorway and join the convoy. The cars then follow the lorry close together until it's your turn to leave the convoy. Just have to hope the lorry driver stays awake! The second was I think Scania where numerous lorries link together so that you only need 1 driver at the front to control the whole convoy to cut down on drivers and it means they can travel closer together. Both of which would make leaving the motorway from the middle lane fun! I say skip it and go straight for the teleporter. Just have to hope your broadband doesn't cut out mid teleport!
  10. Pretty sure my 16x7s have et00 offset (zero) which means they do not encroach inwards at all but they do stick out a fair bit more than standard.
  11. I have found some info on the net. Gearbox, bellhousing apart, is the same as the one used in turbo f70 type Daihatsus. Ratios are very close to those of the Rover box seen in Series vehicles. Both diffs drop to right as in Land Rovers. Bearings and syncros are easy to obtain for rebuilds but ave not found yet the max torque this box will tolerate.
  12. Insurance is just a bucket everybody pays into and pays out in case of an accident. I have house insurance in case something happens to my house. The insurance companies will crunch the numbers and charge accordingly.
  13. Are they like these?
  14. I've done it on a P38, can't imagine the D2 hubs are all that different. Big circlip holding the bearing in, press out the bearing, look up which one it is, replace, done.
  15. Maybe not, the SuperPro body mount bush kit, SPF1788K, is £17.50 for a pair of bushes for a single body mount. So £175 to do the 10 body mounts on a range rover classic.
  16. Knowing the reliabilty of the electrics on my landy, I wouldn't want lives depending on it somehow.
  17. Then we will all be 'Sunday drivers'
  18. That's one of the issues that has to be thrashed out before truly autonomous vehicles can become an everyday reality - it's not just the technology. My money is on heavy goods vehicles being the first place it gains traction as more than a rich man's toy. Big financial benefits to getting rid of the driver (except from the drivers point of view...). Personally, I like the idea of sitting back and letting the car do the long boring motorway slog/daily commute and the like. Just as long as I can still take the wheel when I want to. Logically, though, the computers will eventually be better at it than us and no one will want the liability of distractable fleshy drivers.
  19. Pretty sure the one in there is 88 Ralph. It is old, so probably tired?
  20. been looking at pictures and I think that 571756 looks a bit skinny to replace the abs top pin but FRC3511 looks a better bet by any chance has anyone got either of those that they could put a Vernier on? this is what I measured from the existing one although I did all the measurements, washed my hands and then typed them all and probably got them a bit mixed up so please don't take these as gospel
  21. I'm sure there will be plenty of lawyers ready to sort it out for you, Ralph, for a fee of course.
  22. Did you get a 88 degree stat ? or a 82 degree as used in the older TD engines ? a 88 stat should open at that temp not lower. it is normally stamped 88 in the bottom of the stat centre body.
  23. So. I think the comments re the stat are correct. 150 miles done today. On warm up, you can see the gauge rise to just over 80 and then the stat opens and it drops to about 77/78. If you pootle along, that's where it stays. If you put your foot down on the motorway, it gets to about 82/83 but no higher.
  24. Early disco 1 axles were range rover axles. There imperial axles not metric ones. Mike
  25. I had an early D1 200 that had the two seal set up, but apparently they are fine with just the one.
  26. Just got round to reading this thread Retropower , very nice work on the body and chassis . The OM606 conversion is an interesting option and I think your choice of working up from a relatively low state of tune is worthwhile too , after all it's a fair upgrade anyway . I'm also enjoying the classic steel in the background of some shots . @Santa a build thread would be excellent please Great to see RRC's being preserved , the only real Range Rover cheers Steve b
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