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  2. Afternoon, the friend is looking for a replacement battery as one of his 12v ones is goosed. Where do you guys get your replacements from? It’s a 1997 110 300tdi by the way Thanks 👍
  3. paime

    What Tyres

    Went for the Grabber AT3s in the end 235/85/16. Quite happy with how they look, a bit taller than the old STTs but they fill the wheel arch well. They are by far waaaaaay quieter than the STTs!
  4. That is right. That’s the benefit of epicyclic gears with clutch pack selectors - everything is already meshed, so you can have instant changes without removing torque. It’s how automatic transmissions work, and this is essentially a two speed auto.
  5. Eaton Trutrac and Quaife. Quaife is considerably better quality and has six worm gears each side (like the Ashcroft) rather than the 3 of the Eaton, who should be a lot more effective as well as more robust, but it’s 50% dearer too.
  6. You can replace the axle and prop with the 2002+ type and fit the Ashcroft, but that axle has more pinion issues than the Salisbury because the pinion is so short that the bearings have a hard time keeping it straight, or you can go with a Trutrac or Quaife. The cheapest I have seen the Trutrac is at the LR Centre at Speke, Liverpool. The Quaife is better, but almost twice the price (around £1k inclusive, plus bearings and any labour). I have a Salisbury axle on my 109 and will fit one of these (myself), hopefully the Quaife if possible at the time.
  7. I wonder how well it steers? Must fight it! Atleast he's not overloading the axles
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  9. Also they can only be fitted to certain later vehicles can't they?
  10. I've never been aware of the difference. I have a Sealy tool that does a great job and they've never leaked. Where are you located? Cheers Peter
  11. the clue is in the question SWOOSH GAUGE INSTALLATION: obviously not Land Rover??
  12. " 3l Mazda lump "........... Sniff What are the plans with that ?
  13. Thanks Bowie. Just to check, do you mean I need to get it back on quickly, or?
  14. I am in the middle of doing up a discovery 1 1996 and need to repair a brake line but can not work out what flaring tool i need (sae or din) any help with this would appreciated. thanks.
  15. I'm pretty sure it's got a 3l Mazda lump in it.
  16. Only a little just enough to keep the main gearbox engaged, but I don't believe that is the problem as the OD is meant to be engaged & disengaged under power without using the vehicles clutch. I will check the original rear case before fitting it with new piston seals & new filter to see if the oil ways are clear.
  17. Love cherrypickers... Belt driven hydraulic pump in the A/C position is an option - this is obviously PTO driven. Did you mention "Mazda engine".......... 😎
  18. Did you have the (main) clutch engaged when letting the revs drop to idle at the give way? If so, it feeds into my theory about an intermittent blockage needing oil flow to drop to reset. If that is the case, it's either a foreign object (casting flash or core remnant, perhaps) or the solenoid is somehow randomly dropping in against its return spring when oil flow drops to zero as you come to a stop, but I think the latter unlikely.
  19. Why didn´t I think of that! :-D As I said before, feels like I´ve missed something obvious. I´ll keep my fingers crossed and will troubleshoot focusing on the starter system. Many thank´s! I´ll post an update here with the results.
  20. personally i wouldnt go down that route as the box then becomes a collection of items put together to work rather than using a complete assembly either the BMW 6 speed or the R380 with an adapter plate
  21. Hi Recently purchased a winch bumper for my 90 but the mounting brackets don't align with the chassis?? Am I missing something obvious or is the wrong one for the vehicle? I purchased it off Ebay off of another defender. Help please.
  22. Yes, that´s exactly what it sounds like. Thank´s, will check as soon as I get home.
  23. A few more thoughts... Is the surface it's running on smooth and ridge free? A rough, grooved surface can quickly destroy a brand new seal. Have you seated it in the correct position? I can't remember what design that one is, but occasionally it's possible to seat a seal way too far in as there's no stop and you're supposed to use a special press tool with a raised ridge and a stop to seat it. I think there's a keyway slot in the crank nose? Been a while since I had one apart. Are there any burrs or sharp edges? Is the crank straight? What brand seal are you using?
  24. Quick follow up to this, two years on: The rebuilt box is going strong. Its had a couple of oil changes with no nasties appearing and hasn't put a tooth wrong.
  25. At work now, even with the solenoid empower disabled OD slipped 5 times on the way to work, worst occurrence as pulling away from a give way line on a roundabout, took a reduction of revs to almost idle to get OD to grip & give some drive. So soly can be discounted as the cause.
  26. You, sir, are a champ! Thank you.
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