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  2. This is horrific ... https://www.lincolnshirelive.co.uk/news/local-news/amelia-wood-inquest-louth-lincolnshire-4909808?fbclid=IwAR0mZJPsAZb2GZQW7x0h78qpZl_c2LJcHHpGG1INrZR1uDkljgIeLsEQMCA How many poorly maintained Land Rovers do we see on the road though .. 😢
  3. Without holding them in my hands then only difference I can see in the pictures is the Ebay one with the machining marks on the shoulder has had the attention of a cylindrical grinder, which is how the machining mark is produced like that. It's done with the side of the grinding wheel. Surface finish wont make any difference anywhere other than the point on the needle. The tolerances they would be working to will be minute and modern day Sliding head lathes will hold the tolerances with ease which is why the body of the genuine bosch one isnt ground.
  4. I think I missed him explaining what it was?
  5. Today
  6. 17mins in on this excellent video shows it and I think he explains it in the dismantling stage earlier:
  7. I can see 2 reasons for wanting to switch the fan on manually. First to have a backup should the thermostatic switch fail, secondly because sometimes you don't want to wait for the fan to come on automatically. With a 2-speed fan(s) the latter is less likely, with single speed it can be useful. I've add manual switches to my Lotus for both these reasons. A typical application is when driving to work and getting some traffic just before parking up. Depending on outside temperature and density of traffic the fans would either be on by the time I park up or just about to come on. By turning on
  8. I don't really know, I guess it's some sort of spacer or check valve that sits between the nozzle and spindle in the injector body.
  9. ThreePointFive....Thanks a million just what I needed ,,,,, and what's more I understand it. Thanks again to everyone the ideas and info you posted was really useful to me TTFN
  10. Thanks all. Yeah it could definitely been a bit more interesting than a brake pedal test switch! Jad
  11. I want to live in your world......makes mine look normal. Mike
  12. As Mike says early brake test switch.
  13. Fiddlesticks, it's the front machine gun.
  14. Certainly an interesting truck but definitely not the prettiest (says the guy that owns an ibex). Mike
  15. https://foundry4x4.co.uk/pdf/X Eng at Foundry 4x4 X-Fan 34 Instructions.pdf Does this help?
  16. It's a brake failure test switch/light. They were fitted to mini's and I guess early 90/110. They were connected to the low brake fluid level cap/ low brake pressure switch and illuminated when fluid/pressure is low. The switch part was solely to test the bulb in the same way as lifting the hand brake lever on later models. Mike
  17. That's the one, there are two versions on the Foundry site; the other is a manual control of one single fan and thermostat control of both. That's what I went for as I didn't want it to run straight from the battery in case of exactly this circumstance. The thermostat is only controlling a relay that takes the load from the fans (15amps each in my case!), so there shouldn't be the welding situation Si describes!
  18. It looks like a pedal, but beyond that, no idea
  19. Everyone likes a challenge! Although this might be a really simple one, but I can't find anything on the internet and I'm not sure exactly what to search for.... So does anyone know what the top switch is meant to be for? Thanks Jad
  20. Could this be what I needed back when I looked years ago
  21. I could never find a definitive answer about wiring at the time so it’s wired direct to battery and we presumed the other 2 terminals were for the 2 speeds on the fan. Would anyone have a link to a wiring diagram of some sort
  22. The needle tips look identical and come to a nice point. They don't look like the ones the OP showed us of dubious origin. I'm just using my camera phone which is having a difficult job of focusing on the fine detail.
  23. I agree with your analysis Phil - there look to be visual differences between them in terms of machining, but I dont know if that makes a functional difference. I dont know how much difference is acceptable in the machining process though? I would have thought they should be identical? What is the additional part that comes with the Eurocarparts nozzle? Do the tips look the same profile close up? Earlier in the thread, the pics RRC200tdi posted showed a very obvious difference at the business end... I cant see that here so they may both be ok??
  24. Indeed, I'm looking forward to what our panel of experts think. What are your impressions Richard?
  25. Hmmm, interesting.... @vulcan bombermight have some things to say given that he machines metal parts for a living (and for fun...)
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