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  2. So what are you looking for? The ring and screws? All have part numbers but I don't think are available - I've looked for the screws which are 2BA but can't find any at the moment as shortly I'm going to need some.
  3. You can fit small studs easily, remove thread and pull into place with a nut. Nice to recess them into the hub at the back, They are a bit shorter - being intended for the single - ended nut. Larger nuts (27mm spanner size) are available for the 9/16 thread. Paddocks usually display a range on their website.
  4. Later vehicles use a CV cylinder with an attached reservoir for the clutch. Great fun to fill with the bonnet in place! Servo brake models have the reservoir on the cylinder or thereabouts.
  5. I think Paintman paint is classed as synthetic - in which case I've been regularly told that synthetic primer doesn't need an etch. I have painted alloy this way once - with no problems - and don't think it peeled the first time it rained but don't know what happened long term. I use Super*Etch which seems happy on alloy, steel and filler and has the advantage of being a filler as well which means that I can build up coats if necessary at the same time as I etch. (Convenient data:) https://www.express-paints.co.uk/upoxy-super-etch-primer-kit-2-0l/ You do need protection to use it.
  6. Looks like this system has an adapter so the spring fits in existing mounts
  7. bolt it down firmly and use a fy cutter
  8. I'm no expert but I'm getting ready to paint mine as well. The biggest thing I understood is etch is meant to go on bare metal while epoxy will stick to just about anything. I bought a direct to metal primer sealer/surfacer tinted black for a dark topcoat designed for both aluminum and steel. I was a little worried how the etch might react to all the different surfaces (steel, aluminum, body filler, etc). The other thing I read was important was to try to use the same brand from start to finish. The only things I know for sure is make sure it's clean and this debate can go on for years lol. Good luck, Sean
  9. Something I do not use or have, The two door mirrors are fine for me
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  11. thanks 8pot, I would probably buy one of the german ones made out of Stainless as my vehicle is registered in germany and I need a special paper to get the vehicle through the TÜV (german MOT) I see most of them seem to have the outflow pipe about halfway down the tank, do they then have another smaller drain pipe that connects to the fuel tank sump? or how does one use the lower bit of fuel?
  12. Ok, after much detective work I have found the answer to this. For anyone else googling this, there are 2 different versions, DCW604NT-XJ and DCW604NT-GB. The latter one comes with a 1/4" collet. I have not seen the GB version for sale anywhere, only the XJ version. The XJ comes with a 8mm collet. I have found the collets for the router, a standard enough thing but at the time of writing most spec pages are not yet updated to include the model number of the newer routers. So if you're looking, here they are: Dewalt DE6950 = 6mm Dewalt DE6951 = 1/4" Dewalt DE6952 = 8mm
  13. Don't connect the WG wire to anything. It's an ignition switched live used by the TD5'S Denso alternator. It's not required on the P38 alternator.
  14. I've had a few on vehicles. I don't know anything about the Britpart version, looks the same as the other types though. the only thing I would strongly advise would be to add another couple of coats of paint at least. They are in a vulnerable position behind the wheel for water spray, gravel etc and Britpart rarely add enough paint anyway. Plus once it's fitted you cant access four sides of it. I wouldn't use one on a diesel as the range on a full tank is enough , more useful in a V8 though and better than keeping cans of fuel inside the car.
  15. Hi all, my project, defender with a discovery 200tdi engine in it, I had everything working regarding ignition, lights wipers etc., weather picking up a bit so removed covers sheets from truck and do some more work on it, problem i have is start engine with key, no problem, turn key off ignition still on,the only way i can turn ignition off is with the side light switch, took key out and turned ignition on with side light switch any ideas, dd
  16. Its also not a reversible one by any chance?
  17. Now thats interesting - didnt realise they did those since last time garage took my tank out to do fuel pump they cut the tank gaurd end to end and then welded back together. yet to understand why?
  18. I'd be tempted to just use the stock fittings (ANR6460 if you need new ones), and fit a pushfit connector a bit further up the line.
  19. I had a closer look and there's no hope. I think I will have to look for another collet.
  20. Wow Western, this feels like finding a new continent!!! something Land Rover related that has NOT BEEN DISCUSSED on this forum, a TRULY rare thing 😉😎 does anyone out there have one of these tanks installed?
  21. "..the vision throught the back window it is only for commercail vehicles lol there is next to no way I could get away with it.." A rear lookingcamera / screen in the mirror is not an option ?
  22. Thought about side scoops? Often done with track/racecars when moving radiator into where the rear seats should be.
  23. How big are the slots in the collet? Some of the ones I had at work for the mill covered a surprisingly large size range.
  24. I have just got delivery of a new router. A DeWalt dcw604. Online it is marketed as both 1/4" and also as 8mm. On the DeWalt website it says " 8mm (1/4") ". It came with only one collet in the box. My old router came with 3 collets, 6mm, 1/4" and 8mm. I have 1/4" and 8mm bits I want to use and I somewhat expected this one to also come with 2-3 collets. I have tried it out with a 8mm bit and it's a perfect fit. I have not even tried with a 1/4" bit. So my question is, should it work? I don't think so myself but I'd be delighted to be wrong, if the one collet worked with a range of different it sizes.
  25. Land Rover hate him for his honesty, but love him for his honesty. It's such a love/hate relationship. At the moment it's hate. Mitsubishi , on the other hand, loathe him He reminds me a lot of David Bowyer - but a colonial version. David is a wonderful chap and a good friend, but he has this way of not sweetening the facts, something some folks hate. I don't. If the truth hurts learn form the hurt, then don't get hurt again
  26. For some weird reason, I can weld better with Arc than I can with MIG. My MIG is a decent Butters machine, whereas my ARC is the cheapest buzzbox freebie you will ever come across - someone brought it round for me to try and never took it away again (they didnt want it back).
  27. No 🙄 I think they're too small - 1/8NPT would be 9.5mm OD across the male thread and ~0.9mm pitch, these are 7.7mm OD and 0.75mm pitch.
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