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  2. There is nothing wrong with HIDs - Landrover have been fitting them as OEM equipment since the early 2000s and they work fine - I have converted the halogens in my RRS to HIDs and they work great. However technology has moved on and certainly for low beam I would look at LEDs - LEDs are not quite there yet for Hi Beam but good elsewhere where you do not want distance.
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  4. Isn't the manual steering lower geared, though? Just removing the power assistance from later vehicles is much as Neil describes on his 110. Okay on the move, but almost impossible to manoeuvre at low speeds.
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  6. Series SWBs had one of these each side and LWBs two. Factory option I believe.
  7. Saw A BMW 5 series like this at the weekend on M25 junction 4. Climbed the barrier going too fast round the roundabout. The Duke of Earl driving it could obviously handle it ! FFS
  8. and thus it becomes clear https://www.lrworkshop.com/diagrams/land-rover-defender-body-chassis/body/rear-body-upper_52730#1 Standard fitting on some models perhaps
  9. I've just emailed a huge order for parts in. Good thing payday is soon!
  10. holy thread revival! in the 8 years thats passed. ive found: HID's are utterly herendous and a complete waste of time and money. you couldnt pay me to fit these. wipac clear lense with good branded +150% osram/philips/ring bulbs or 80/100W with uprated relayed wire loom is mehh, nothing great. cheap ebay LED 7" headlights with built in halo sidelight/indicator which i currently have are also pretty poor. but they do look cool! 🤣 52" LED light bar along the roof on the other hand, is just fantastic. trucklite LED's are going to be next i reckon.
  11. see pages 855/856/857 in http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/parts_books/110/9_body_and_chassis_p741-909.pdf
  12. Last time I spoke to them & the guy went to underwriters to check a few things for me, on the return call he said its valued at 12,000 Which I said yes & so its not a normal agreed value but what the underwriter has agreed to.
  13. Before I start, this isn’t a for sale thread. I’m after some advice. I’ve got an old 300 tdi disco, it’s been used as a motorised wheel barrow while we carried out some house renovation and ground work. That’s all come to the end now and I’m contemplating what I should do with it. Do I break and sell or pull the engine keep it mothballed and scrap the rest ? I just wanted to know what’s the rough value of a good tdi, r380 gearbox, transferbox and axles, alloy wheels. The body work is largely beaten and the chassis is crusty and I don’t think it’s salvageable. I understand it’s worth what someone is willing to pay etc. just after some rough guidance on prices so I’m not a million miles out and wanting to see if it’s worth me bothering to split it in the first place. thanks in advance. jason.
  14. I know the theory, but I think I'll leave it be. It's a series with styling inspired by a brick. A warm cam, spi, fancy exhaust, high compression head and an extra 10% capacity over standard should be enough to push the RRC diffs to near legal limits.
  15. You need one of these pipe/hose assembly https://www.johnrichardssurplus.co.uk/land-rover/defender-1985/steering/power-steering-pipe-ntc3066.html or https://www.johnrichardssurplus.co.uk/power-steering-pipe-ntc6863.html depending on chassis number last 8 digits.
  16. They are the same for all fronts and 90 rears. 110/130 rears are different.
  17. If you fancy a small die grinder job that will make a nice difference, grab a gasket do some port matching between head and manifolds. I'm in the "leave everything else be" camp too otherwise.
  18. Just what I need Mate Thank You Already got extended oil coolers and pipes , just the power steering to sort now. Did you have to Lower Radiator Mate ?
  19. Love NFU Not the cheapest but definitely no quibble when you need them to pay out!....Wife has her horse insured with them, the house and contents is insured with them but sadly money ran out when it came to the LR so that's insured with Footman James with an agreed valuation of £8000 for a '95 300Tdi 90 no forms to fill in, no photos needed nobody comes to look it over! They just ask you how much and as long as you dont take the **** you get the nod.
  20. Can I put a D2 diff into my td5 defender ??
  21. Pretty certain I can see three angle valve job in there, and some flashing removed is clear, so I would be tempted to leave it be. Don't change the combustion chamber shape, unless you want to start grinding them to match volume down to <1cc....
  22. i'm trying to fix the rear heated screen ( this has never worked , as long as i have the car 🙂 ) , so far i don't have power to the screen , there's power at the switch . and the switch is working.
  23. It's a transmission brake - this system only holds the vehicle if both rear wheels are on the ground with intact diff and half shafts etc. Hence the procedure for jacking the vehicle for wheel changing of locking in four wheel drive or chocking the other rear wheel . I think a few pictures of your rebuild are in order ...part of the unwritten forum charter I think . cheers Steve b
  24. I’m now stuck with what to do. I asked for a refund (quite a bit now) but no response. The £90 is I think below the minimum credit card protection level which leaves small claims court I guess ? I want to go and get some mud rails and move this along but I don’t know if Edge will end up sending me the rails anyway. I’m ready to be understanding for production and other issues but companies that promise update after update and then don’t ever give one are very frustrating to deal with. If you said a week but now it’s two just send me a text Surely that’s not too hard? Come on Edge give me my money back ! 🙂
  25. Do you mean turning the step in the combustion chamber into more of a slope? I think I'll leave be, unless it's one a couple of hours work with a die grinder, I'd rather not....
  26. Being 4+ years into a 1973 series 3 rebuild, I have come across a parking brake problem. The hand brake drum seems to work fine, locking the rear prop shaft but not the rear wheels, what am I missing, any help is welcome.
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