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  2. Your compression figures are horrific, no real need to test it any further.
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  4. I need to get under and have a look . I got told of some easy green lanes some I driven in my car last summer so I went out around 7 tonight ...
  5. To play devils advocate... Is a leakdown test going to tell you much you don't already know or won't for sure if you've got it in pieces? Like I said before: whatever the fix ends up being, you'll end up removing the head anyway. You can probably have it done in the time it takes to rig up a proper leakdown
  6. Equally I think it was Si that mentioned the more modern Land Rovers have torque sensing diffs in them which means that broken half shafts are a thing of the past because it'll kill the power to the engine / wheel in order to save it.
  7. My amarok is torque limited in reverse, you have to rev the nuts off it when reversing a trailer uphill. In countries with sand dunes people code it out but you know, warranty 🙈
  8. Perhaps it just shows that the average punter can't be trusted to have things like difflock buttons as they'll just drive around on tarmac with difflock engaged and then file a warranty claim when something breaks... same reason modern cars limit engine power in certain gears to save the gearbox or go into limp mode when overheated... maybe annoying to some but I'll bet in the big scheme of things it saves an absolute ton of warranty claims. Be honest, the vast majority of people tooling about in 4x4's and SUV's don't even know how to engage 4WD or what the various things do / when to use them... giving them a nice easy option like "snow" or "sand" or "mud" makes it far more idiot proof.
  9. thermostat is best described as being heart shaped, it is mounted to the radiator cowling between the top & bottom hose essentially , 3 hose clips & easy to change,
  10. The diff lock may actually bo on the transfer box but no means to activate it. I know that the trasfer box on my car doesn'y have it but the gearbox and transfer box that I intend to replace it with has it.
  11. My car gets toast warm and sometime I cannot stand how hot it is in the cab and need to reduce the temperature. I do like it hot most of the time.
  12. Replaced correctly ? What you mean ? Never took one apart on a d2 so wouldn't know what looks like . One done a o ring or a seal around the thermostat that pushes into housing and a gasket or o ring to seal .
  13. My 2004 TD5 runs with the temp gauge half way up. Do the hoses get hot? especially the top hose. If not, first suspect is the thermostat. Make sure it's replaced correctly. Griff
  14. Nicely getting the thread back on topic! Yup, if you pay extra, the new Defender allows the driver control over "certain parameters" of the traction control system. I find this somewhat ironic - there was a time when you paid extra for automation and manual control came free! This clearly shows the perspective of the decision makers at JLR today. A long, long way from what it was.
  15. Was wondering how long it would be before the preacher arrived
  16. And I have no excuses where it comes to cold. It was 67F here yesterday. I want to run some leakdown tests before I remove the head. -Evan-
  17. On the 8th day God made the 90, the rest of past current and future models were just failed initial attempts 😛 Mo
  18. I have no heating in my land rover, but if I use it in winter, I have a seat heater, it is basically a heated seat cover that you plug in to the cigarette lighter plug. I bought it in Czech republic for a fiver I seem to remember. It is amazing, have to unplug it 10 min into the journey as I get too hot. I have little hot air window demister on the dash to make sure I can see through the window, also on a cigarette plug. Great setup, -10 has been no problem. I would start with covering the grille if the engine does not heat up, as apart from you being cold, there is the engine itself to worry about as well. Either way, don't overthink it! Daan
  19. My main concern is a few years down the line - cheap seals can shrink & perish for example. In my case, I've got a Webasto as a night heater in the ambulance and I really don't want to be killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in my sleep. As a "day" heater for use defrosting/driving around I'd be more relaxed about a chinese one, especially in a Defender where it's too draughty to keep carbon monoxide in for very long ...but that said, if it's the choice between a used German one or a new Chinese one for similar money I'm still voting German!
  20. chinese heater in my van has done its job to the point im considering fitting one in my 110DC, 28C inside my van at a very wet walters arena was definetly welcome after a day in the rain
  21. 245 vs 255 is not a difference i would worry about personally,
  22. should run with the guage in the middle of the sweep heater on full chat should be Hot, does the temperature come up when you give it a bit of a hammer?
  23. How warm does or should a disco 2 run ? Mine is only 1/4 - 3/8" above the white line by the cold and heater is not hot but pretty warm . Any ideas what this could be ? Thermostat , air lock , water pump , blocked heater matrix ?
  24. I'd agree with that. Also a dodgy installation of even a premium product could all end in a disaster!
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