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  2. roverv8

    Td5 looms into a earlier pre 1991 vehicle

    Just picked a 7 pin plug up for £10 off eBay, thats great go to the fuel tank gauge 👍
  3. dailysleaze

    Defender wheel tracking

    I did the string method once and whilst everything looked aligned, it turned out to be 8mm toe out and ruined my brand new tyres in 20k miles. Now I do the curtain-pole-rim-to-rim method and having it checked at the garage has confirmed this way to be pretty accurate.
  4. bushwhacker

    Defender wheel tracking

    The 15mm gap is only at the left side of the rear passenger tyre as you look at it everything else looks good. Completely standard set up. Yes it was Hybrid's mini tech I was using worked very well for my 110. 👍 I'll do the measuring on the front wheels and see what I have. Thanks again for the help.
  5. Dave W

    Defender wheel tracking

    Do you have a lift kit fitted/taller than standard suspension ? Toe in at the front can cause the line to move away from the front of the rear tyre, turn the steering until you get the same gap at the front of both rear tyres, if you can. If you have toe out on the front then, with the steering straight, you'll see a gap appear at the rear of the front tyres.
  6. Oakmaster

    nas rear step with detachable tow hitch

    I have a NAS step with Dixson Bate 'professionally fitted' from new - Its not very good (in fact its very poor) mainly because they didn’t fit the straps / braces that would have stopped it being bent (backwards / upwards) Having lived in the USA I do like receiver hitches, and would recommend you investigate that option (which is what I intend to do myself)
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  8. Gazzar

    Cabling for side-lights

    It's simple for a half decent Bush auto sparks. Standard auto cable will do, no heavy load with led lights. If you get the wiring diagrams from the workshop pdf files you'll get the colour coding, which is best to follow for subsequent fault finding. They are on line. You should download them and print the relevent pages. But it depends on what's locally available. The key thing is to ensure the earths are good. And the connectors are high quality, not chocolate block or scotch block type. Wrap in good tape, non sticky, or conduit. Pictures please?
  9. Ok, things go really slow. More than one year later and the garage build is not complete. My right hand needed surgery, and I have been disabled for that reason a pair of months. Now, in full working order, both wife and I have decided to say goodbye to our jobs and have started an artisian cheese business. I have decided to ditch the toylander style project for now. I think that I will use some 6" hoverboards for powering it, since they have motor, controller and battery in one single package. The price of this devices has lowered quite a lot in in last years. Meanwhile, my son is riding a Jeep with twin 12 volt motors. It has been a presen from his uncle...chief mechanic at local franchised Jeep dealer.
  10. Scotts90

    nas rear step with detachable tow hitch

    As far as I know you won’t get a Dixon bate style detachable/drop plate style NAS step. You can get a step with the 2” receiver style box which will allow you to swap attachments. I did read somewhere recently that defenderupgrades are selling fully UK towing certified NAS steps so may be worth dropping them an email.
  11. Bowie69

    Dynamic timing

    As above, make sure the pointer is in the right place first,or you are shooting in the dark. Easiest way to do this is with a piston stop, it has been covered on here, do a search. Then, most V8s will tolerate 9 deg btdc on modern fuel.
  12. Eightpot

    Lidl smart battery charger

    I gotthe similar looking one from Aldi last week, £12.99 Very impressed so far - has a setting for AGM batteries and it managed to fully revive a completely nailed battery I had in the scrap pile.
  13. walace58

    Dynamic timing

    Not sure how you do it on a v8, but why not check TDC and put the plate right/ confirm first?
  14. reb78

    Defender wheel tracking

    He's doing this. The string is 15mm off of the front of the rear left wheel.
  15. I am looking for NAS style rear step for a defender 90 with detachable tow hitch, anybody seen this around or know if this is available anywhere?
  16. Anderzander

    Defender wheel tracking

    I agree with the above. it sounds like your are checking if the string touches both sides of the tyre evenly with the string straight - and have a rear wheel (albeit measured from the tyre) that doesn’t seem to sit square to the others... I’d measure the distances between inside of the wheel rims as close to inline with the axle centres as you can. It could all be dodgy tyres.
  17. elbekko

    Off Roading In Portugal

    There are ways... most people do bolt-on mods, and swap them out once a year for the inspection. Or the highly illegal way of having two vehicles with the same VIN (not recommended), one of which goes to inspection and sits in a barn for the rest of the year. Or skip inspection altogether. The guys in the UK are damn lucky.
  18. landroversforever

    wheel/tyre/offset help!?

    This is quite a useful comparison tool: https://tiresize.com/wheel-offset-calculator/
  19. Rrc19933

    Range rover classic side mirrors

    Hey guys thank you for your replies. I looked it out and turns out that 2 wires out of the switch plug were switched between each other because somehow they were all cut an rewired. Sometimes **** like this just happens.
  20. Rrc19933

    Dynamic timing

    Pointer is the rotor arm? I have used a strobe to see the degrees and it was far away before TDC. I want to adjust it to the correct degrees depending on the engine that i have 36D. It was running perfectly but i have removed the distributor without marking it. I know it was wrong but let us consider that I’ve checked it and had to adjust it. I’ve searched and found many answers some say 4 degrees BTDC others 6-8. When i change the degrees the idle rom changes and i read that it should be between 500-550rpm. Mine is around 650-700. I can also change the rpm from the air intake. so I’m pretty lost. Just want to do it right for maximum power and best fuel consumption. Also I suspect that the reference plate of the TDC is tilted a litte to the left side. Thank you
  21. Rrc19933

    AC compressor

    I’m sorry, the AC compressor...
  22. mad_pete

    HP22 auto gear box loom

    Did the classic have a speed transducer ? My auto has reversing light and ignition inhibitor on a plug on the side of the gearbox and that’s it. Diff lock is off the Transfer case.
  23. Scotts90

    Defender wheel tracking

    Better to measure to the rim (assuming it’s the same as the front). Different tyres, pressure, condition (as mentioned) and load may cause the sidewall to flex differently from the front.
  24. Scotts90

    wheel/tyre/offset help!?

    Standard boosts are et35 if memory serves, going to an et8 will give you 27mm of movement towards the outer arch. My boosts on 265/75 have a 30mm spacer giving the equivalent of an et5 (the spacer effectively moves the mounting face to almost the centre of the wheel) ET0 and ET10 are quite common offsets in aftermarket modulars/alloys.
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