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  2. It's hearsay, but once upon a time there was a chap here with a Detroit in the back of a Discovery Tdi, and I was told that he took it out because it had a very nasty habit of making the vehicle go straight on when you got to a corner on a gravel road. Most of the roads here are gravel outside the town.
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  4. Paime , please post your views after getting your ATs dirty , ive been following this thread with interest as im currently on an ageing set of 265/75/16 Traction Tracks , I only do shortish trips so the noise doesn't really bother me or the handling on the road , as for laning again no dramas .
  5. In truth - my disappointment has largely yielded to boredom with it now. I need to move on.
  6. Liver, Fava beans and Chianti spring to mind .....
  7. You can’t remove a mans right to be offended ! Lol 😂 What would you do with all the new type owners ?
  8. Hi, Got yet another issue with my 110. When i press the wiper stalk, the washer pump does not work only the wipers move. So i thought it was a blown fuse... so checked that out and the fuse is fine (multimeter continuity tested) Then i guessed the pump itself was trash but just to make sure, i switched the wire, took the wire from the rear screen pump and plugged it to the front screen pump. So now it works perfectly... but using the rear screen wash to actuate the front screen wash is just a temporary fix. So my latest guess is that the wiring to the front pump is worn or chaffed on some place... I taped the wash wipe stalk so it stays pressed, and check for continuity at the plug with my multimeter, and i have continuity.... So...WRONG AGAIN. What do you think, is it a worn stalk ?
  9. I think I’m right in saying that the only bit of a Salisbury that’s stronger than a normal rover is the centre of the diff.
  10. Jeeez 63 pages and much like similar threads in other places they just end up going around in the same old circles. The vehicle is now a physical reality. Like it, can afford it, buy it. Don't like it, don't buy it. Can't afford it, go without. All the what if's and maybes won't change a thing. Simple really.
  11. If you fit a true trac in a Salisbury, I presume you don't need to peg the diff? Plus it's already 24 spline etc., so fairly tough.
  12. I hear what you are saying. But I think you are missing the point being made. Also I don’t recall anyone bemoaning the D3 when launched. It was a fantastic extension of what a Discovery model was. And that’s the crux of it. This new Defender is just so far adrift from what the previous models since 1948 thru 2016 had been offering. For me it isn’t even about the gadgets or touchscreens. It about not being a utility based recreational, rough and ready off roader. I’m also amazed that Land Rover as an organisation would so freely and completely leave the utility market. Yes yes, we all know they won’t be rivalling Toyota on a world sales level. But still, for a company founded in that segment. They now have no presence at all in it. There really is no practical reason, other than they didn’t want too. To have offered something more inline with how the Jimmy, Wrangler or even Ford Ranger have been designed.
  13. If it is valve seat damage from unleaded you can start by checking the valve clearances - the valve sinks into the seat to simplify it and closes up tappet clearances . Once these are set do a compression test with the right tool . cheers Steve b
  14. This exactly. When I was looking around at cars back in 2015, I was looking for something pokey but also something that had character. Whilst a Golf or Audi would have been quicker or a GT86 would have been more fun on wet roundabouts, the mini just had/has something fun about it. Yes it’s a million miles from the original car but it’s still instantly recognisable as a Mini. That’s where I think the new defender has lost out mostly, it just isn’t instantly recognisable in the same way.
  15. Simple way to see if you need to open it up, is a compression test, for £10 worth of tool it has to be worth it.
  16. I did say "Definitely worth watching if you're open-minded enough to hear Land Rover's point of view, especially towards the end" when I posted the link to that video. Maybe that proviso was overly optimistic? I might be close to the most conservative person on this forum (my early 110 could only be improved if it had a Series 2 dash and a cable to stop the engine, instead of a diabolical solenoid). I absolutely loath electric handbrakes, touchscreen interfaces in a car and autonomous anythings. Nevertheless, even I have to admit times have changed. The perspective of people who actually make vehicles - influenced by a bored public's hunger for new technology and pointless road performance (who actually NEEDS a 129 m.p.h. Land Rover??), critical road tests, relentless safety legislation, a critical need to make a profit and who just want to make something look different and appealing - is a thousand miles away from that of people who are content with something made in 1958 but don't want to pay the true price for making that today. Yes, they went way too far with the gimmicks but, given those constraints, they made the best Land Rover they could (if you don't want a pick-up or flatdeck, eek). At the end of the day, or maybe at the end of a long day's work, or a long expedition to a remote corner of the world, what it looks like matters very little and everyone will get used to it anyway, like they did with the Disco 3/4.
  17. The Detroit is very popular but a friend has one in his alleged 90 and it can be a vicious beast in some circumstances, as it throws the car around quite violently when it "bites" in slippery going. Basically, it just wants to go straight, like any locker, but that is not always predictable. I think I'd still have one though, because I don't do intense off-roading of that type. (Edit) Just as an aside, he put the Detroit locker in the rear Salisbury (the "90" is a cut-down 110) and a Tru Trac in the front, something like twenty years ago. As far as I know, they've proven to be very robust and durable.
  18. It’s not about modern though - it’s about focus. they could have made a very focused off reader that was modern - but they haven’t .
  19. Modern MINI’s at least in the 3 door format aren’t a million miles from the original though. The R50 (the first new MINI) was very close in many ways and had good styling traits. Also I’m not knocking the physical vehicle LR have announced. It looks to be everything the Discovery 5 should have been. It IS a Discovery in everything but name. But it isn’t and I doubt ever will be a Defender. Once it isn’t new and shiny I think people will look on it more with scorn and such a departure on what it should have been. Again I’m not attacking the physical vehicle. I can well see me owning one at some point. But never as a Defender/Series replacement or alternative. Not too mention this new model looks nothing like a Defender or Series, with which LR keep claiming it is related too.
  20. the parts pack from overdrive repairs arrived today, so I now have a nice new clean filter for the rear section & seals for the pistons, solenoid & other items Piston seals x 2 below pen nib Solenoid seals x 2 belowpen nib nice shiney new clean filter & gasket
  21. I'm not sure LR are being as cynical as you make out... in their day the old ones were better than a lot of cars available to the average farmer... hydraulic brakes, synchros on the gears, heater, windscreen wipers, that sort of luxury! Also nothing attracts the same devotion as the first of something - no-one's cherishing Discoveries like they are older Range Rovers, no-one cherishes Series 3's like they do Series 1's, etc. etc. with very few exceptions. Not sure that makes one better or worse than the other - the original minis are classics but you'd probably sooner have a modern one to go on a long journey or commute in, even if they are a tad more complicated Modern laws (safety, environment, etc.) and modern customers (beyond a few die-hard masochists) want modern vehicles.
  22. Yup guys, same process, same poor result. Still, let's hope for Edsellike success ! Mo
  23. I have a 1983 Series 3 LWB Ex-Military 24v. I rebuilt it about 5 years ago and all has been well up until recently when the engine has become noisy. I didn't rebuild the engine. The noise is difficult to explain, but is best explained by me as a ticking noise. The noise is quieter at idle and increases in volume under load, but becomes quieter on the over run, presumably as the Revs drop and the engine isn't under load. I have changed the manifold gasket, inlet to exhaust manifold seal and carb to inlet seal, but that made no difference. Then dropped the exhaust downpipe (again) and used exhaust sealant on re-assembly. Still no difference. Checked the tappets and all good at 0.010". While checking tappets I found that at the start of every 2nd downward movement of the starting handle a slight wheezing noise was evident. At the end of every 2nd rotation the wheezing was worse. I took out all the spark plugs and felt for suction and compression in all 4 cylinders. I know its not scientific but with my thumb over the plug aperture I felt both compression and suction on all four cylinders. On putting a spark plug in each hole in turn there were no weird noises but when I put a spark plug in number 4 cylinder there was some wheezing evident. All other 3 cylinders were open. I ran the engine with 3 plugs in and number 4 removed. The engine ran but it was too (other noise) noisy to hear the underlying noise. All back together and engine runs but the noise is still there. On engine shutdown there is a sucking noise, almost like its about to backfire, but doesn't. If I am honest the engine might be a bit down on power compared to a year ago, but the change has been gradual so I really haven't noticed. My next plan is to buy an engine compression tool and see what that tells me. My money is on a burnt out valve (s) on Number 4 Cylinder. I don't know if the head has been converted to run on unleaded, but I would say it was doubtful. And yes I have been using unleaded without lead additive. Am I barking down the right path? Do you think it sounds like I need valve seats replacing? I have mechanical experience but not on "sucking chest wounds"!!!! Any thoughts appreciated Ta Chan
  24. Most serious concrete pumptrucks bring about 6 M3 and a 30 mtr. boom. Looking at your floorplan, he'll need more time to set up his legs and unfold the boom than to pour.. Do not do this floor without netting / armour - you'll more than regret it.
  25. Chevy Impala: Chevy Impala: Brand >>> Substance.
  26. Land Rover sadly aren't the first people to re-hash a well established name and heritage for some cheap marketing tricks. Remember the muscle car the Dodge Charger? Sure you do, the General Lee in the Dukes of Hazzard. With V8 engines available as big as 7.4 litres and built for performance. Well in 1982 Dodge saw fit to re-launch the model with this fwd 2.2 litre variant..... oh dear! I bet hardly anyone remembers these. Obviously this new Pretender, sorry Defender Sport looks to be a good vehicle overall. But I wonder if history will be so kind to it in years to come. When they are 20-25 years old, rusty and fully of electrical problems with it's then out of date technology. Will they be loved and coveted like a Series One, II, III or real Defender is now? I'm not so sure tbh.
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