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  2. Chicken Drumstick

    109 V8 chassis options?

    Yes I think you are right on many fronts and I agree with much you say The only thing I differ on is the auto box. I have nothing against them, very much liked the one in my Jeep 4.0 litre off road. And it actually convinced me how good they are off roading. But I just don't overly enjoy them on the road. I have a tidy 4.6 p38 auto at the moment (too tidy to sacrifice for this project). And I have an automatic Camaro z28 LS1 (which is were the engine would come from). I also bought a manual Camaro z28 LS1 last year (yes, I have 2! And probably way too many vehicles overall 😜 ) . The automatics are perfectly adequate to get from A to B. But they remove a large portion of the driving experience for me. Plus a 4 speed auto will always have compromised gearing, reducing performance and economy compared to a 5 or 6 speed manual with the same engine. I don't have anything against diesels exactly. But there is no denying petrol is quieter and more refined. Modern diesel cars are quiet, but that is more the vehicle than the engine. And putting the same engine in an old vehicle will make it seem more nosy. Power isn't everything, but 200hp+ would be nice for my intended use and desired thrills. And most of the LR diesels that are viable to swap in are not really going to offer this. I'm used to fairly speedy vehicles with Camaro's and the p38 runs quite well too with the 4.6 The M57, while I agree is a good engine. Just adds a lot more cost and complexity. The only reason for considering the LS1 is because I already have it. And on face value is pretty much the ideal engine. Although I'm having reservations about bolting it to an R380 now. And I don't have the funds to pump into spending 4-6k extra on just the transmission. Which is what it seems it will cost to do anything else. I have nothing really against the Rover V8, as said I have a 4.6 p38 at the moment. I also have a Triumph TR7 V8 with a 3.9 in. But there is no denying the LS1 is a superior engine. Likewise with leaf springs. I don't really have anything against them directly. But choice and cost of leaf springs is limited and expensive. And again, they don't ride as well as coils. Parabolics get close in some regards, but still not as good. The bigger limiting factor is the axles. I know more work and cost I could fit coiler axles to a leaf sprung vehicle. But if I could start with coil springs it would be less work. I hate to say it, but I think using the LS1 just isn't going to be viable for my budget. Using a p38 chassis has it's own appeal. But somehow feels like it's more of a RR rebody than a 109 rebuild, if you know what I mean. I'll contact Designa today, have been holding off until I had a little clarity in direction. I don't know if they can cater for it, but a 109 coil chassis designed to accept D2 running gear would be quite appealing. i.e. buy a donar 4.0 manual D2 and transfer the axles, radius arms, engine and transmission over. But it maybe easier to use a D1 with the more conventional A-arm and Defender style front radius arms.
  3. reb78

    Disco 3 electric seats

    I dont know the year Ed. Its a known issue with retrofitting D3 electric seats into one that didnt previously have them fitted - i think the memory module needs a feed from the mirrors etc to work and because they arent memory it throws a wobbly. The passenger seat is plug and play though - I dont think that is connected to the memory module. I am trying to remove the memory module from the system completely, so those buttons will be defunct, but the movement buttons will all work properly. As far as i can see, the passenger seat switches earth the motor through the side of the switch that is not activated - so if you select to move the seat forwards, live comes from the forward switch connection and earths through the backward seat switch connection. Vice versa to move the seat back. The drivers side seems to make a live connection to the memory module and is earthed differently - presumably through the memory module. I think i can replicate what is gong on on the passenger side by using a pair of change over relays for each set of switches. Anyone any ideas if this will work?
  4. Boris113


    You could try Alive Tuning or Flatdog, both advertise Dinitrol application and they are both in Lincs
  5. landroversforever

    wiper wheel box

    I've got a couple of I think 300 era ones kicking about from memory. Came on the scrap bulkhead I bought for chopping about. You're welcome to them Ian.
  6. Chicken Drumstick

    109 V8 chassis options?

    When I spoke to Richards a few years back about my 88 project (the one in my avatar). They were uninterested in any alterations from a standard chassis. So I used a 2nd hand chassis for the rebuild in the end. That said, I have emailed them regarding V8 109's and their Stage 1 chassis. But no reply yet, might have to phone them if I get chance.
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  8. Retroanaconda

    wiper wheel box

    The later ones are a different type, they're a sort of squared-off oval shape where they go through the bulkhead. And they mount the other way up, not that that matters for your purposes. You'll need the type to match the age of the bulkhead you are using. Pre-2002 the older type, after 2002 the newer.
  9. ianmayco68

    wiper wheel box

    I think they’re both the same only difference is on the later type the wiper arm has a nut to hold it on , could I have them please Pete , I want to cut them up to see how best to do it for welding them to the disco arms . Practice on them then buy some new ones . Cheers Ian
  10. FridgeFreezer

    Larger transfer box sump

    My stickers are from RS components (part number 555-409 etc.), as mentioned by someone else you need brake cleaner / IPA to get the surface properly de-greased before sticking. They are all non-reversible but as it's about £2 for a pack of 10 it's hardly breaking the bank to stick one each time you do a service etc. Edit: The bolts are what came with the transfer box, no idea if they're original, RM "upgrades" or whatever the PO had laying around.
  11. You are quite right,I didn't look at the photo,only read the part listing - Which is clearly wrong.
  12. Ed Poore

    Pillar drill old or new?

    You can just about see it as a paint brush holder on the right of this picture.
  13. miketomcat


    The bonnet catch position is adjustable. Loosen it close the bonnet allow it to centre itself (you may need to help it) tighten and check. Mike
  14. Ed Poore

    Pillar drill old or new?

    If you're still after one then I've got a big floor standing pillar drill that's minus a motor you can probably have? Startrite I think - I got it off ejparrot but there was a three phase motor on it which has subsequently been repurposed at my parents.
  15. Ed Poore

    wiper wheel box

    If you know where they are then that would save me several hours of searching / tidying through the shed...
  16. Ed Poore

    Pillar drill old or new?

    Use em?!
  17. I'm currently rebuilding my series 2a and i'm starting to sort out the wiring. It has a Holden 173 in it, a common conversion in these parts. I was wondering if I can delete the voltage regulator box on the bulkhead as it has an alternator instead of the original dynamo. I have always understood that the alternators have a sort of internal regulator so it is not needed.
  18. fasterblaster

    R380 black plastic bits in oil

    Hi, I have a 2001 defender Td5 with about 80K miles on the clock. I recently changed the gearbox oil and found black fibrous bits of plastic in the oil. From what I have managed to read the oil pump may have fibre teeth. However, I think the later R380 oil pumps, as in the TD5, are an all metal construction. My other thought was it could be the oil feeder ring as that looks like it is some sort of plastic. Any thoughts on what this could be and the implications for the gearbox? Thanks.
  19. Found this. Might work. https://www.steerforth.co.uk/20mm-70mm-spacer-stroke-restriction-tubes-p-4153.html Anyone have suggestions on a good way to make or get made a collar for it please ?
  20. mad_pete

    Pillar drill old or new?

    Nice, what’s your plans for them ?
  21. snailracer

    Swapped my S3 109 for a D2 'landmark'

    So here's my dog solution. Bought a proper dog guard from britpart and then cut up an old universal guard and used a post that came from a Tesco delivery van racking system. A couple of u bolts to clamp it all together and it works well. Simoncsk have you got any links or pictures of your radio install?
  22. mad_pete

    wiper wheel box

    I just changed mine so I have two old ones. Mine are the old type.
  23. miketomcat

    109 V8 chassis options?

    There has been a 109 coiler chassis on eBay several times and not sold it is listed as a early 110 but isn't.
  24. Hercu

    Discovery 3 Limp on acceleration

    Magnet....Truly Robbie knows his Disco's and I am "eating" up his info on the internet... Although we are worlds apart I can feel the integrity and enthusiasm of that guy on his reports and writings... Kind regards
  25. 14Platoon

    Heater........V irritating

    I made a loom for a VW Beetle before, that was pretty simple as I just found where the wires started and ended. If I know where this one starts and ends I can just replace it I think.
  26. ianmayco68

    wiper wheel box

    Cheers Ed .
  27. Magnet6x6

    Discovery 3 Limp on acceleration

    Hercu if you've got Robbie on the job you couldn't be in better hands Good luck
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