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  2. 200tdi sump oil pan

    No not normally, there’s a firm on eBay does a cork gasket . I used RTV when I rebuilt the engine but when it started weeping the 1st time and the bolts were a bit loose I thought I’d try the gasket , but they’ve loosened themselves again so thought I’d ask on here. Will order some new bolts see if that stops it .
  3. "Blue Box" oil-filters...

    You always put the pressure gauge on the output of the filter so you monitor the pressure fed to the bearings, and so that you would be aware of a blocked filter by a drop in pressure. If it were on the inlet it would register high pressure if the filter was blocked.
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  5. What does this plug into?

    I have an 03 td5 auto and it’s not connected either or the black one with it,and there is no problems.
  6. "Blue Box" oil-filters...

    I can see what you are saying Snagger , it would suggest that the oil pressure gauge feed is on the out-flow side of the filter ? as the pressure before the restriction would be greater . Is the spring on the left filter some sort of blockage bypass relief valve? cheers Steve b
  7. Salisbury axle

    Changing the flange would result in a different nut position as there will be small variations in flange length. I'm sure Nige would disapprove of my comparative botch, but it works.
  8. "Blue Box" oil-filters...

    No, he's saying that dire filters like Britpart's bock the flow and drop the pressure of a healthy engine by a potentially catastrophic amount. The quality of the filter paper is important, but the reduced length and heavily reduced pleat count in the Britpart filter probably reduce the paper area by 50%, hence the poor flow.
  9. 200tdi sump oil pan

    My understanding is that you don't use a sump gasket, but RTV on a 200TDI. This would help the bolts secure themselves, and indeed glue them in place slightly as well. No need for loctite I am sure.
  10. ibex 300 build

    Dash mod done. Old Lifted by 30mm. Mike
  11. 200tdi sump oil pan

    Hi all , have a minor problem I’m losing oil not loads a bit through were the sump pan mates to the ladder frame . And I’ve sussed it out to be that the bolts are undoing slightly , I know this because I fitted a gasket a while ago last week I noticed a bit of oil on the lower exhaust so after fitting my new shocks and springs I had a look and found the bolts slightly loose , this happened before just after rebuild which I put down to the rebuild which I found out when fitting the gasket both times they have been torqued up to what the manual says. So is it a case of needed new bolts as the old ones are worn or should they have a bit of locktite on them ? cheers Ian
  12. "Blue Box" oil-filters...

    Don't quite get this. You are saying that the "upper class" filters increase the oil pressure by 25psi? Normally oil pressure is an indication of how tight/good the big-end and main bearings are, and of course that the oil pump is working. I would expect a good filter to work well while allowing oil to pass as freely as possible, not double the pressure causing a reduction in flow and load on the pump. If there is a difference in pressure across the filter, it will probably be due to the material itself i.e. how porous it is. Not so easy to measure.
  13. V8 block repair

    I would be more worried about the condition of the liners - make sure any of the liners have not slipped and get the block pressure tested - cheap blocks are normally cheap for a reason. Hopefully it is just the lifter issue which would be an easy fix. Garry
  14. Series 2 ignition switch

    That's odd. I'd have expected : left - auxilliaries position - vertical - teeth of key on top, off - key can be removed. 1st right: running. 2nd right: heater - spring loaded 3rd right - starter (possibly + heat.) So maybe you have the wrong switch. I don't think new ones are especially expensive)
  15. Series radiator heater matrix replacement

    I am looking for some help with my series 2a . About a year ago there was a company selling new heaters on eBay that would fit to the internal bulkhead with greatly improved performance but after scanning the web I can't seem to find them now I am ready to make a purchase does anybody have any idea what the company name was you could choose the size of the air outlet pipes many thanks
  16. Strange starting issue AGAIN

    Sounds like a loose wire to me...
  17. Range Rover Classic Not Starting

    Which efi system?
  18. V8 block repair

    Yeah I’ve done a little digging and it seems phosphor bronze inserts are a thing in the blueprinting world. They are also harder and produce less friction. Emailed the more well known RV8 engine specialists this morning about it. Its not that bad but it’s enough to feel with a fingernail and the way I see it, the lifter will only make it worse. Reaming it may be an option but I’m not sure if the oil flow will be the same afterwards. It would be more inclined to fall out the bottom of the bore rather than into the lifter
  19. V8 block repair

    Any decent engine rebuilder or machine shop will be able to give you a definite answer, but this looks like a job for an expanding reamer and a small bronze sleeve made up. I'd be very surprised if it's not savable without spending a fortune. Does a lifter stick in that hole now, or is it rattling about? If you're lucky, you might just get away with having it reamed to a decent finish again, but it depends how much metal has been scuffed away.
  20. Range Rover Classic Not Starting

    What is the cranking voltage? IOW, when you are cranking to start, what voltage is present at the coil? It could be that your battery is marginal and dropping too low for the coil to operate while cranking, but it's fine when the starter isn't drawing current, hence your good spark when testing it.
  21. sand tyres ?

    You just need a good All Terrain Tyre (AT) which will provide an adequate tread for most for sand.rock and the road. It should also be a light truck tyre which has a thicker sidewall to provide better sidewall protection for when airing down is needed - will help prevent staking of the sidewalls and cuts from stones. Suitable tyres would BFG AT KOs (LT) or Bridgestone Desert Dueller 697 AT LT. Obviously need spares, repair kits, air compressor etc
  22. "Blue Box" oil-filters...

    They spec the parts though, and test them before accepting them. As TSD discovered doing an autopsy, even a genuine Bosch starter motor that fits a TDi does not have the same level of sealing as a genuine Land Rover starter motor made by Bosch. Likewise almost any part fitted by any manufacturer Vs the OEM replacement. As for blue boxes, I reckon their stuff is specced by sending a blurry camera-phone photo of the part to China and taking the lowest bid on something that looks like it might just fit if you squint and stand a long way away.
  23. Which is best ?

    Oh god no, I've seen those, £150 for a fake Eberspacher, I couldn't sleep with one of those fitted in the car just wondering if I'd wake up dead and on fire!
  24. Yesterday
  25. Wolf 300 Tdi : is it a myth ?

    The Tangi chassis are very, very HD..... I know that for 200 % However, I can't tell you why Thanks for the engine input. I'll have a think about it. 1st need to finish the Hybrid. MOT is June 8...
  26. Roof Rack fabrication project

    Cheers Ross , the idea is that I’ll make some plates and mount the light bar in the space at the front .
  27. Look what I brought home last night ..

    I’m getting lots of help with this Ross - two non members get the kudos here. 😊
  28. Roof Rack fabrication project

    Looking good though Ian! I like the shape at front
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