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  2. Washers and the circlips for the wiper linkage aren’t shown as a replacement part in the D1 genuine parts catalogue, hence no part numbers but there’s plenty of retailers on eBay that sell washers and clips.
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  4. I appreciate the early Am responses from you both , thanks. I'll have a look at that , I've already bought the fusebox , I've only just thought that to tidy it up a bit I could drill out one of holes in the spade connector and fit these , or buy a new mini fuse box where the connections screw in
  5. I have a 200tdi and a 2.4tdci, I also put a lot of work in sound proofing the 200TDI but it will never be the same as the TDCI, which is just less noisy. I've found the steering to be the same, my 200tdi is as precise as the 2.4tdci. In the end, they are both Defenders and besides engine & gearbox, not much has changed. I like driving both, but neither of them are comfort vehicles and never will be.. If the wife doesn't like it, you can't do much about it.
  6. You'll have to fit the spades with double wires - ie first one has source + feed to 2nd - 2nd has feed for 3rd as well and so on.
  7. If I add a blade fuse box (mini) and power it from existing ignition wire how can I then spur that off to more than one new electrical item ? , I've tried my best to explain in the diagram , thanks. Initially I will only be running a dual usb from this and don't really at this time known what else I will be running off it , it is just for future reference . I will also at some time try to exchange the under column glass fuses for another blade fuse setup. VID_20190817_153823738.mp4
  8. Before moving the props and checking other things I tried tightening up the wheel nuts , I had read of similar symptoms where wheel nuts were able to removed by hand , they were so loose! , mine weren't that bad however they were certainly not as tight as possible , I haven't got a torque set so I usually tighten them up as best as I can without issue , however ive done approx 500 miles in the last 2 weeks as they seem to have loosened slightly , I have only taken it around the block so far but ill try to take it on a run and see if it has helped , ill let you know
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  10. I have a number of King Chrome ones and they they are around 10 yrs old, more than half of that commercial use and one of my draws (the odds n sods draw) is jammed full... that full I often have to force and riggle the tools down into it to close, at a guess I'd say 20kg of tools and dies and its been dealing with this for most of its life it does feel a bit loose but it still hasn't let go That said I'm looking at some cheap tool boxes from Total Tools, Chinese made house brand.... but they have a good thick construction ( I can't even get the materials and slides for the same price lol) my plan is to form tool organizers so the draws shouldn't be overloaded and I'll build a new larger peg board for all the common used stuff A little tip.... if you decide to go the same way as me, go have a look at them and measure up the gap for the draw slides and make certain it can take a good quality replacement, I've found some of the cheap stuff has these narrow slides that don't look like they would last and I can't seem to find replacements on the net
  11. yeah ive found a few dead links and a load of paysites... nothing has come of it yet...
  12. One or more of these links might help, one is a link to the lister forum https://www.google.com/search?q=lister+sr3+workshop+manual&oq=lister+sr3+&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l3.5211j0j7&client=ms-android-vf-gb-revc&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
  13. not the easiest car to transport tools in... god the job done though... plust (not pictured) the floor of the lorry is now up and out of the way. on a side note, does anyone know where i can find the manual for a lister SR3 diesel single speed engine? need to get it running... its a 25kva generator that i've been lent with the understanding that i recommission it for them... got diesel at the fuel rail but nothing comes out the injectors top banjo's when cracked and engine cranked over... im fairly sure its me doing something wrong. this things from the ark....
  14. Looks like a Freelander 1...………………………..
  15. Chassis is decent, bulkhead decent, existing running gear is generally decent...doors are a bit ropey, but aren't they all. I've added about £350 worth of sound proofing to doors, roof , floor, bulkhead, basically everything I could. It was still loud, but admitidly that was mostly my fault but running silly wide wheels.. these have now been replaced by 235s road based tyres, only driven round the block but the difference seems night and day. What actual difference is there in terms of steering between the later models is there? - that was the main area of vagueness that she hates.. I can't see how are complete rebush, new shocks, overhaul etc to get as good as can be cannot be far of a modern defender. Tbh, this one's got an 3 bolt steering box, but was rebuilt in the last year...but still. The fundamental design is surely still the same!? The straight six is a good shout.. I would love the smoothness and refinedness of that but fear electrics are my weakness... Requires more reading..
  16. It's very unfortunate and misleading. The subtitles suggest the new car builds on the heritage of the others, when, in reality, it completely abandons every design feature of the old, bar the fact it has a four wheel drive system and possibly a Land Rover badge. I am generally positive about the new vehicle but hate bull droppings of this type! Not much ground clearance in this video either...
  17. Recon gearbox Chris, would be foolish not to replace the clutch whilst I'm in there 😊 so yes undoing the catalan engineering ! Mo
  18. on my axle the other arrow was on the thin part (where the spline's are).
  19. One snap on one and two from machine mart to make the stack been abused for 15 years and still going strong regards Stephen
  20. second hand snap on, cheap and you can get parts should you do something silly.
  21. Not got it on road at mo as doing seals on bits.. So have floors out.. I need to have a proper look at it rather than a few minutes here and there. Just can't see how or where air might be getting in.
  22. Well they are in looking and feeling great, still no sign of back and forward motor working but can live with that for now, mind you removed one of the runners to find what I thought was the problem always the way never an easy fix 🙄
  23. Revisiting the Catalan engineering Mo? Chris
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