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  2. De Ranged

    kiwi series build

    Thanks guys you've backed up what I've seen here in NZ, most run the pulley and fairleads for the reasons you've stated Nearly finished the rear battery box, and I was looking at it thinking that the front winch is going to be heavy enough by its self up front, maybe I should put both batteries in the back so ...... Bugger!..... if only I'd thought of this a bit sooner hmmmm might have to tweek things lol
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  5. Eightpot

    300Tdi Conversio Exhaust

    Yes you can cut near that weld. The joints do allow a bit of swivel, so the centre section will sit away from the chassis, or make the cut with a very slight angle - Cut it, join it with a couple of tacks and test fit it, there's a fair bit of wiggle room and movement on the rubbers even if its not quite right.
  6. deep

    Finally took the new kid out!

    1st video: 1) Nice to see it getting muddy. 2) Looked like you had fun. 3) This really is the new Land Rover. A line of expensive station wagons driving slowly over a carefully modified flat paddock. That makes me sad. 3rd video: 1) So, so much better! Good on you for tackling that. 2) That steering lock is impressive. 3) Defenders are still better (ducks for cover) but that Series One looked the most fun... 4) Love that South Africa market 2.8 six cylinder. Yum. 5) Great location!
  7. What Fridge says. No point in reinventing the wheel..
  8. Bowie69

    New Series - RR Heavy

    George, just watched your latest, bloomin well done man, great job on that, and the recap footage shows not just how far the car has come, but how you've developed as well. Sterling stuff. Someone got a drone
  9. Yeah they're cool looking but as you say there's naff-all height in the back for campering unless you pop the top. TBH with 109/110" wheelbase you're slightly limited anyway by the time you've made space for 2 people horizontally you've used a lot of floor. Depends what you're after from a camper really, you can see the whole build thread of our 127 here, shows what you can do with an extra 20" . There's been the odd 109" Lomas ambulance come up, we originally missed out on one (that was good from a distance but quite tired the closer you looked) which led to us buying the 127. This style does crop up from time to time and I think they look really cool, properly classic:
  10. kevin50

    300Tdi Conversio Exhaust

    Should I cut out somewhere near that weld you can see on the straight bit at end ? in first pic or cut out over the weld ? Don't know why it has been welded there as it is Brand New, I told Paddocks about it and they are going to find out why it has been welded there. Also when cut and moved around 6 inches back I am certain that hangers will line up just right, But it is very close to the chassis in places as you can see in Pics. Is this Too Close ? as cant see any way to move it out and further away from chassis.
  11. Would probably look quite nice with the roof raised a little, but careful with the weight. They got the nickname "magic Marshall" for being fully capable of turning four casualties and a driver into five casualties when (not infrequently) rolled. The anti-roll bars do help, but worth bearing in mind! I'll pm details as they arrive, but sounds like you may have found a candidate
  12. FridgeFreezer

    Which shock absorbers

    There's plenty of "universal" eye-to-eye type shocks out there in a variety of lengths, it's just knowing which rates you might want. BTW my ProComps were ES9000's, no idea what the SJ had but I suspect the cheaper 3000's.
  13. FridgeFreezer

    New Series - RR Heavy

    I reckon when you get a vehicle finished you should do a "director's cut" video which is just the solid stop-motion of the whole resto, start to finish. What with all that spare time you have and all
  14. nickwilliams

    Simplest 300Tdi coolant alarm

    Yes, it would appear I can: That wasn't possible last time I posted pictures here!
  15. Badger110

    Sealing Rear Door Glass

    If i may add to this, the item listed is a butyl strip with adhesive added to allow the glass to stick to it. If you visit a builders merchants, or B&Q, Screwfix then you could pick up some flash band which is a similar product and has added benefits around the vehicle other than windows ( it's wider than the strip ). I use flash band on the bodywork at the base of doors to protect from standing water over time as these areas become prone to water ingress. Just a thought bodywork at the bottom of the tub by the rear door. ( dog posing for scale )
  16. Thanks guys, I've done some searching here and you guys have echoed what has been said before about the bolts, I will be doing as you said. 😉 If the rain stops long enough tomorrow I will be removing the head and cleaning the oil out of everything except the air filter canister....wouldn't want that to rust on me. LOL Todd.
  17. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Thanks a mill lads, pretty happy with this one and really motivating to see all the progression in the footage. The completely ripped apart rear end felt like a suppressed memory FF I actually cut a short section out of the old rubber to show a H, and was hoping Anthony would bring an S section with him and when that didn't happen I was going to show an on screen diagram. There's always something that gets left out in the rush to release an episode and unfortunately that was it in this one. Plus some key bits of the Vogue montage, but hey... there'll always be time for directors cuts when I'm rich and retired Top and bottom rows are S rubber and the second row are all H's. Basically the S places the glass outside the car body aperture/frame, while the H places the screen in the aperture. The notch in the H at 6 o'clock is for the locking trim. @Blanco It'll be classic for tax in '21 and I'll put it on the road hopefully before the end of the month so I have it for the summer. Want to get a test for it this coming week, early next week at the latest.
  18. western

    Sealing Rear Door Glass

    This is the stuff https://www.sp-4x4.com/product_p/arbo1.htm
  19. jordan_meakin

    Radiator cap leak

    It's not overheating/blown head gasket? If it's not flowing down the expansion, presumably the pipe is blocked...
  20. Headbolts can be bought from Turner engineering for a quite reasonable price https://www.turnerengineering.co.uk/300tdi-head-bolt-set-c2x20634565 I agree with the others blown head gasket.
  21. Mo Murphy

    Sealing Rear Door Glass

    Do you know what it's called, Ian ?
  22. ianmayco68

    Sealing Rear Door Glass

    Sp4x4 sell some stuff Mo, I’ve got some for mine , I’ve used it before on the 110 and it works well.
  23. steve200TDi

    custom dash project

    Excellent, thanks for checking! I will bare this in mind for the future! Steve
  24. garymorris

    Which shock absorbers

    Thanks , I was wondering about the pro comps , after doing a google search there doesn’t appear to be much choice
  25. Mo Murphy

    Sealing Rear Door Glass

    So, with a new rear door coming my thoughts turn to how to seal the old type rear door glass now that dum-dum is no more. What are people using now ? Is there something that won't dry out and fall out like dum-dum does ? Mo
  26. I went today to view a S2a marshalls with a 2.1/4 petrol under the hood. First thoughts were the rear area isn't as large as i originally thought height wise, in fact it's the same as a standard Landy inside or thereabouts but it does have the added width. However the roof can be raised with some fabrication to give a little more height...something like a Pulse body height, combined with the Dormobile roof it could provide a nice light living area to work on. I would also consider a new rear door section, doing away with the double doors and creating a single smaller central door. Will i buy it? Still not 100%...i'll no doubt post my musings on the matter as i think about it...
  27. Bad news Todd, I'd be inclined to think head gasket blowing into an oil way too. Land Rover say you can use the head bolts 5 times IIRC but for the sake of 20 quid I bought a new set since I didn't know the history of mine. Still, look on the bright side, your oil filter box isn't going to rust on the inside 😉 Mo
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