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  2. So easy just to cut the handbrake cable.
  3. Article in the Times apparently talked about a £35k start price. I haven't seen it but a friend mentioned it. Don't forget, there will be the 20% discount for those who can fiddle a commercial vehicle through the books and then convert it to a normal car for normal uses.... (is the 26k for the pickup plus VAT?).
  4. Well this is just a go to work car for his wife and the pair of them are too safety conscious for any degree of spiritedness regards Stephen
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  6. Hmm - a Hi Lux is £26k start I think - so I was kind of thinking they’d aim to get it into the 30’s so there wasn’t such a big gap between basic utility choices now. 🤷🏻‍♂️?
  7. Do you not think part of their brief was in effect to modernise the Defender ? I don’t think they would make it look like much else when that’s what Jim Radcliffe likes. I like it - but there again I like the Defender!
  8. Would anyone with the Trucklites be willing to post a photo of them fitted? I've been weighing this up for 6 months as all of my lighting is LED and I like the idea of lower power draw on the notorious headlight wiring (I have a Boomslang kit before we all knew how bad they were) so this might be another safety measure as well as the other benefits. I hate almost every LED headlight's looks, but the Trucklite looks near standard, I just want to see them on 'normal', working trucks and not the handbags that my searches come back with so I can make up my mind.
  9. I think it's just the physical gearstick gate pattern. Looking at the instructions on Foundary4x4.co.uk, both locks are fitted when the gearbox is in 5th and the transfer box is in High ratio. So I guess there maybe different dimensions between the two boxes. When I fitted my centre dash in my 90 I had to bend the gearstick and so I had to drill a new hole in the lock for the two halves to twist/slide/run in (that'll make sense when you see the kit). So basically there is room for adjustment if you can visualise how the lock works. Hope this helps Steve P.S. You may need the R380 version, but I don't know if a LT77 top housing would change the layout or distance from the HI/Lo lever. Thinking about it now it could just be the distance between the two levers that determines which lock you need?
  10. Came across this the other day, thought it was quite interesting, you don't hear much about Cummins in vehicles over here, although they seem to dominate small marine engines. Thought it might be of interest on here. Out the box engine: https://shopcummins.com/products/cummins-r28-turbo-diesel?variant=28164531421284 LR Conversion adaptors: https://quickdrawbrand.com/product/cummins-r28-land-rover-defender-crate-engine-with-complete-adapter-kit/
  11. Hi, I don't think it will turn over if it's imobilized.
  12. I'm not sold on the looks. For me it is at odds with the rest of the development effort. This is how obvious it must be for school teachers when one student copies another. It appears to be rooted in teddy being thrown out the pram when they were told they couldn't continue manufacturing the defender. I love the results of inside out design work, where everything is designed around a set of key objectives and the form takes up a sort of abstract beauty. Case in question F1 cars. Designed to excel in aerodynamics protect the driver. I'd be very surprised if they can honestly say they took the key requirements of serviceable, durable, drives well off and on road, wastes no more fuel than needed, and they realised the design solution set was so narrow in scope it was unavoidable to look like a defender. To me this feels like we'll get the best axle, chassis, running gear, but can't spare the resource to give the body the same effort. Don't get me wrong, I admire the effort and the end result but the body just feels like unfinished work/missed opertunity.
  13. If it’s modified then a photo of the mountings between the gearbox/transfer box and the chassis, including how they attach to the chassis, will enable us to confirm if the box is in the rearward position (2.5NA/TD/200Tdi) or the forward position (V8/300Tdi/Td5). This will narrow down the options for propshafts.
  14. Lucas IAT arrived today. I went through the instructions for Tunerstudio and got myself a bag of ice, kettle and a meat probe ( thermometer). I took some readings from the Lucas IAT with the intention of sticking the Resistance vs Temp values into the calibration table. Before doing this though I ran the same tests with the current Unit supplied in Nigel’s Xcess 4x4 kits. BLACK LINE LUCAS RED LINE Standard Megasquirt IAT. I was expecting a linear graph. `excuse the secondary school diagram. If I was to draw a ‘line of best fit‘ (asked the A level Son for its technical name) Should this be the readings I stick into Tunerstudio ??? If I draw a linear best fit line then I can leave the current settings as is because the current sensor is all over the place and would be pretty similar plot So I think it’s close enough.. It was 20 deg Celsius ambient today. Measured via the thermometer. Both the Lucas IAT And the Nige supplied IAT registered 20 deg Celsius in Tunerstudio. So I think it’s a pretty good match. Unless I’m simplifying things and Megasquirt is a bit more sensitive or precise than I’m assuming. Any thoughts welcome !!!!.
  15. Well we went to Southport but when we arrived the tide was coming in and was chucking it down so decided to drive to Formby where the weather was better but the beach was full of scrap, paving flags and nos canisters so decided to knock it on the head and came home, will post pic's tomorrow
  16. I followed that for a few years and then lost track of it. I’d forgotten about it until you shared the link here. Is it nearly done yet !?
  17. so its the PRC8318 then "Fuel pump - high pressure - EFI to GA464553"
  18. My solid brass UNF ones haven't loosened in years of service, I must have done something wrong
  19. 4” lift! Wow. Are you in Iceland building an Artic style truck? If not I’d look at lowering it a lot. A stock Defender is like running a 2” lift kit on other 4x4’s. ie they are already pretty high.
  20. PRC7020 is a low-pressure pump for carbs so you'd need a 2nd high-pressure pump somewhere after it.
  21. its broken !!! fuel pump as dead as a doornail which fuel pump is better for the Megasquirt efi? PRC7020 or PRC8318?
  22. Well, it ended up being hicote "blue". I'll see what it looks like when I start shooting paint this weekend. Tis only the filter canister, mind.
  23. Jon, I think I've still got my old NA/TD rad sat in the workshop, one of the full width ones with the oil cooler loop in the end tank. It's a proper metal tanked one, not sure if its 100% or whether a hose was leaking but would make a good core to have rebuilt. Assuming I can find it and haven't scrapped it, you're welcome to it.
  24. I'm sure the Superseal and Econoseal take the same crimper, as I bought the matching ratchet crimper from Durite when I got plugs. They've worked perfectly for me every time. EDIT: Same for both super and econo: https://www.durite.co.uk/itm/70886/Crimping-Tools/Ratchet-Crimping-Tool-for-Econoseal-Superseal-Terminals/070351 Also worth adding that the crimpers were only about £25-30 when I bought them and the quality is great. I think I've got the other one for noninsulated terminals too. I'd happily get another crimper from them when I next need one.
  25. International built both the 2.8 versions and a normal 2.5 version IIRC. I want to say they were used in Mazda/ford Pickup?
  26. Polestar blue is a gorgeous colour. Just wish they actually built the 4wd C30 as more than just a single concept car
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