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  2. Is it a proper new and then galvanised chassis, or an old used chassis that has been galvanised? I have seen a couple of the latter and they have still rusted out in the common spots eventually. I guess that might affect answers....
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  4. Looks good ! You can always cut out the window opening....
  5. Alternator fitting. I was surprised that this was metric.
  6. Yes it can if it is a rolling chassis that retains the axles,steering and suspension, oh and there is no id on it
  7. As it legally cannot be used unless for a purely off road toy, or is re registered, effectively not a lot, unless it has had NO I.D. stamped on it
  8. We should focus on Simon's question - but I don’t know it’s value.
  9. Its all a farce in any case. What they actually mean is "original" as in original specification. If you read the actual wording its quite clear, so "interpreting" or bending the words so suit what you have, or want to do, is wrong. Therefore ALL changes of engines, fuel type, gearboxes, axles, etc etc, P38 steering boxes, suspension lifts etc, fall foul of the wording. The way its worded, all you can legally do is bolt on accessories.. Therefore, virtually every Land Rover on the road (this means you) and almost every classic car, should have a "Q" plate and pay tax at whatever rate they choose to apply. Remember, its all about the money ! Personally, I see no problem with using a pre enjoyed chassis, or altering it even. provided it has been done to a proper standard, and has not been stolen
  10. I think nobody has answered the original question. How much is it worth. As a chassis and as a rolling chassis?
  11. Has anyone else noticed, that apart from the First Edition and X models. All other 90's come with coil springs as standard, even the very expensive HSE variant. It looks like you can option the Air Suspension in one of two ways, but will cost an extra £2.5k A shame, as I wonder if this means in a few years time, the market will be flooded with coil sprung versions and EAS ones very difficult to find. I say this, as an off roader, I don't want coil independent suspension. You can see how it restricts the 3rd/4th Gen Shoguns off road. And with coils, surely the Defender is nothing really more than a heavy Discovery Sport/Evoque?
  12. I think you guys may be misreading the word 'original'. I believe this means 'type' not the physical item it left the factory with. The rational for this is, that same page also states original against the engine/axles/transmission and steering. If we were to adopt the position that 'original' meant the physical item from the factory, then anyone with a replacement engine (same engine, just a different engine number), gearbox (same gearbox, bur recon), different shocks/springs (longer shocks, different spring rate) and HD shafts/different diff would be at risk of a Q plate. And I think clearly this isn't the case.
  13. It doesn't work properly though, get loads of messages about files and paths missing. I have never downloaded unlocked versions as I have not needed them. Are they on here somewhere, or has anybody got a link?
  14. That doesn't say anything at all about selling or buying a chassis.
  15. I finally managed to pick up the door this week and have fitted it this morning. It’s got an internal channel stay that holds it at around 90 degrees, I can get a bit more than that if I adjust it. I can add a hook at the bottom for if I want to have it open on windier days. I now realise that I should have gone for a half-glazed door as it would have looked better, but I’ll have to live with it!
  16. I know I’m late in this one but ...... I can’t believe someone is trying to pass that off as anything other than dangerous, it’s as if they think a long pretentious write up can disguise the fact that it’s a pile of junk , a dangerous pile of junk , gawd i hope no one buys that !
  17. Now that is truely hideous. What was the convertor thinking?
  18. Thank you Call it OCD but I hate single or limited colour looms.... here is one I found today on my mates car the loom has some damage from a previous life and they had cut some of the loom off, now just from the wire colours and manual I was able to tell the lad what these were.... so I need lots of colours. This too me is a bare minimum lol I'll buy and collect more.... and this is only 10amp stuff I still need some 15amp stuff, why I made extra room..... having these done should make the loom on the 40 series alot nicer to do lol Got a bit of time down the shed today where I was able to do a bit more work on the Chassis Table..... I'm getting sick of grinding dust lol but I only have one more part to cut down.... I also got 1/3rd of the 10mm stuff to plate the ends.... my poor little bandsaw wasn't happy about the long cuts on fine tooth blade, jammed up a couple times..... hopefully the blade lasts Got a little present in the mail.... finally got the cutting tips for the 3mm Acme thread for the legs If I've got some energy left after my mtbike ride then I'll keep going lol
  19. Not for sale but somehow i feel it still belongs in this thread.
  20. Yes, I bought a meter of this: https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/p/rubber-in-tank-fuel-hose-by-cohline-per-metre-2190-0615 Regarding the return line, if it doesn't already have a tube that goes to the bottom of the tank then I shouldn't worry. The most important part is to get unaerated fuel to the engine! Steve
  21. Hmmm,... clown + unloaded transporter + loaded trailer..... that doesn't sound like a better combination halfway down the M6! 😮
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