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  2. Hello all, Call for setup and photos for longer, stronger and more recent shock absorbers in leafers (S2 & S3) Fox, Bilstein, others... Thanks and BR,
  3. De Ranged

    kiwi series build

    A wee bit I didn't post up from last trip home I'm doing ball joints on the front of the bottom arms so had to machine up some threaded inserts And what I got sorted yesterday Got both the bottom arm joints on..... discovered I'd been in too much of a hurry when I'd machined the thread plugs for the 50 x 50 box, when I'd done my test fit screwing the rod ends in they were still warm lol yep they shrunk, not enough to not work but they are tight..... I know better lol Had a good mate come to play so got a few little jobs sorted like the joining the tub capping to create a structural rear end not that I should ever take a hit across there, given how far the tyres stick out lol it was something structurally that wasn't proper. And yes that is where full bump is going to be for the suspension I'm going in this morning to fit the other bottom arm and the missing top arm and cycle the suspension so I can work out clearance between the top arms chassis mounts and the bottom arms. Because my bottom arms come up over the top of the axle it moves them up enough to conflict with the top arms chassis mount.... so they get built accordingly
  4. My hydronic is plumbed into the engine for pre heat also the oem heater, but I've also added a matrix in the front but controlled with a solenoid water valve , turn on the matrix blower and the water valve opens and extra heat into the cabin, also means you dont need to have ignition on and screen blower running . Use the relay switch feed (from the diesel heater) to control dash blower and screen is demisted prior to getting in the truck. To get hot water for a shower etc really you need a calorfier to keep up with the demand and also the capacity to keep the heater working and modulating . Its all nothing new, been fitting systems that do similar into live aboard narrow boats and campers etc for nearly 40 years
  5. Gazzar

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    Better pictures. I need help with this, I think.
  6. western

    Accelerator pedal spring on a 1989 90

    Spring is nrc9121 item 5 on page 473 of retroanaconda's 110 parts book on his website https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/88554/3595/throttle_pedal_return_spring_defender
  7. Simon_CSK

    V8 problems

    Bowie yes that is a very good point. You couldn't get much further away but the offer is appreciated and if you are ever passing then you will be welcome for a brew just look for a house with multiple Range Rovers and a Discovery all in black 🤣
  8. Gazzar

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    I think my drum switch (that's what the forward/reverse switch is called), is not standard. I think I'll do some playing with it, as I see that they CAN be configured for what I want.
  9. Bowie69

    V8 problems

    If they were broken, how did all 8 get broken? And how are you getting ANY compression if they are broken? If I were closer I'd pop over and give you a hand for a brew.
  10. Simon_CSK

    V8 problems

    FF Agree with you but it is my pride and joy. and they charged me £217 to change the spark plugs and seal no 8 injector, and compression test the engine 😲 I will try putting diesel down the bores and see if we can get the rings to free off. Aparrently two or more bores were at 50psi and a couple at 75psi. None of them were good enough to seal so I could be fighting an uphill struggle. The garage reconned that the piston rings were broken.
  11. I need a new spring for the accelerator pedal on our '89 90, as it is broken. It's the one around the pivot of the pedal. I would buy a whole assembly if I could find one, as the bracket metal is also blown with corrosion at the bottom. The only springs I can find are for the engine end of the cable.Cheers.
  12. 2a-Egg

    Sump Gasket removal

    Got it all Off using a paint scraper. And new one now on and sump back on.
  13. 2a-Egg

    New user new 2a owner

    Today was able to fot the new sump seal, rocker cover gasket, new oil filter, new fuel sender and new spark plugs. The old fuel sender had rusted solid.. Guess the tank got left open or empty and water got in..
  14. The lazy tongs style riveters work well, less effort too! This type: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-HEAVY-DUTY-LAZY-TONGUE-TONG-HAND-RIVITER-RIVET-GUN-POP-RIVETER-5-NOZZLES/380865447239?epid=2289615738&hash=item58ad598547:g:MjIAAOSwuRRcpbpX Steve
  15. Gazzar

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    But it does have a start capacitor, which should stop the in-rush surge!
  16. Gazzar

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    The motor, has a six terminal block, with two hard links turning it into 4 terminals. The advice I've seen suggests remove the links, and have two pairs of L&N coming from the direction switch. But I don't think my direction switch gives me that. It just reverses polarity. I think.
  17. Gazzar

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    I think I need help writing the motor. The lathe has an electrical reverse switch. This has three pairs of terminals. In direction 1, two input terminals connect to the straight opposite output terminals (all four are connected. The third pair also connect straight across. In direction 2, two terminals connect with the diagonally opposite terminals and the third likewise.
  18. bear

    strange problem with not starting

    Hi, Was the red imobilizer light on the dash flashing when you tried to start it? If so the starter motor won't operate. I've had this a couiple of times and simply locking with the fob/unlocking and starting straight away solved it. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will be along soon. Griff
  19. Happyoldgit

    Where to find a 130 ambulance?

    There's a 127/130 club on Yahoo Groups which is a good resource.
  20. Eightpot

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    The air suspension on discos/rangies seems well thought of in southern Africa, especially on corrugated dirt roads. I've done thousands of miles on them myself in various coil sprung land rovers, and traditional springs can give a vicious ride leading to broken coils, shocks, spare wheel carriers, doors, exhausts - even had a windscreen fall out once! So overall maybe one set of maintenance traded for another, but I'm still happy to get shaken to bits with no A/C, leaked on and deafened.
  21. dantastic

    Where to find a 130 ambulance?

    Interested in getting an ambulance to convert to a camper. I've found one or 2 ex-mod outlets looking for pretty big money. Can they be sourced from anywhere else?
  22. Snagger

    Any enthusiasts from Ghana ? (Looking for parts there)

    Shame you didn't get the one that Britannica Restorations is working on in Canada, shipped from Ghana by a customer - it appears that it's only good for spares! 😨
  23. Thanks. That was basically what I was thinking. Outside of the Artic Circle, it seems an Airtop type is more useful. They certainly seem cheaper. I had also been toying with the idea that Lo-Fi mentions - use the Thermo top type, but have a dedicated cabin heater/hot water heater (shower, hand basin etc) circuit that can be run from the Thermotop, isolated from the engine and cooling system (perhaps using the original heater matrix too) for maximum flexibility. The downside is the complexity and reduced reliability of all that extra plumbing and the isolation/bypass valves. It's a tempting idea, though... I think Gaz should prototype it! 😉
  24. Snagger

    Freewheel rear axle?

    If you are making a 4x6 rather than 6x6, you'd be better off removing the shafts and diff and just fitting a blanking plate over the diff housing, or even making a straight axle outright. Assuming you want the rear axle to be powered, then I can't see a major issue - the floating shaft is not going to move so far as to contact its opposite number in the diff or apply a significant thrust force inside the FWH. It does seem a bit pointless, though - FWH make no difference to performance or economy, and only anecdotally improve steering on UJ equipped front axles - I have read a few claims of lighter steering, but it made no difference to anything on mine and I regard them as nothing more than a weak link, rock/stump risk and waste of money.
  25. Snagger

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    That wold make it a good option in milder climates, or even the harsh ones if the customer is content to deal with the increased maintenance to gain the EAS advantages. I think they need to make it a customer choice, and hopefully they have already decided to.
  26. Snagger

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Air suspension gets hammered here in the UAE. Winter temperatures are lovely, around the high twenties to low thirties. But summers are brutal, sometimes exceeding 50oC, and that causes the rubber to perish and crack. Ad very abrasive sand that blows everywhere (honestly, cars look dirty half an hour after washing them in summer), further damaging the air springs but also clogging the filter on an already overworked compressor and it's just a ridiculous system to have. The seven seat D2s all got refitted with coils (unless that was standard spec for them here, unlike the rear EAS and ACE in Europe). Discoverys, L322s and L405s need new springs every three years here. Coils will be an absolute necessity for any serious offroader here or in other harsh climates.
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