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  2. mad_pete

    Ms1 to ms3 upgrade

    Seems I would need to swap to VW coils and leads to get s 5v input. Anyone know what the part numbers are for the VW coils and leads please?
  3. mad_pete

    Truck cab headlining

    Got through but the factory has been a pickle for them I think I will try LaSalle
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  5. Stellaghost


    To be honest I,m not bothered about MOT exempt as a yearly MOT stops you putting jobs off I'm more interested in getting it tax exempt the DVLA guy asked about age related plate but I told him it was'nt an issue Will keep you informed on progress as sending docs away this week DVLA recons about 4 weeks to process Regards Stephen
  6. Thanks Western. So the early ones use M6 x25mm (these are the only ones I have come across) And the later ones use No14 x 25mm self tapping screws, and a spire nut. Anyone know what the M6 bolts screw into on the early ones? I guess the changeover was around the same time as the 200TDI?
  7. trickydicky

    low coolant warning light

    the same theory as this
  8. supaimpy


    with a Q reg you wont get MOT exemption because they class it as substantially modified, unless you can get it classed as historic for RFL, the other issue is although its 40 yrs old if the Q plate was issued in the last 30 years its unlikely it will be MOT exempt , as the date of registration will be the date the 'modification ' so cast from service and given a Q in 1996 will mean although you can prove manufacture date , if it retains its Q you need to wait til 2026.
  9. trickydicky

    low coolant warning light

    cheers guys I was thinking of using a 5 pin relay . what do you think?
  10. From parts book, note the extra info for item 11
  11. trickydicky

    Simplest 300Tdi coolant alarm

    I was thinking of using a five pin relay in the same way and connecting it to an ignition switched live so when the keys off so is the power to the relay.what do you guys think?
  12. Both the splitters pictured look up to the task. +1 on winding it up and going for a break or tapping the tool. I have some 4" diameter taper joints to split shortly... Even works on them!
  13. Puffernutter

    low coolant warning light

    It's not a simple switch, there is some electronics involved. I fitted one, so search "puffernutter" if then helps. Cheers Peter
  14. Where possible I use two hammers im;pacting on opposite sides, all you need is a slight deflection in the cone for it to come apart. I have never used that type of splitter I used to use the fork type you hit in between but these ruin the rubbers.
  15. steve b

    Simplest 300Tdi coolant alarm

    I was about to go down the route Nick took and was chatting to a fellow local LR Independent about it , he turned round and pulled one of the circuit board jobbies out of his tool box and slapped it in my hand . It does indeed work fine so all done , any further vehicles in need of it will have the float switch in Nicks link - nice and simple . cheers Steve b
  16. ianmayco68

    Roof to windscreen bolt and other roof questions

    The side fixing is the self tapping screw , make sure it’s the correct one or you’ll have a bugger getting it to screw up , don’t ask how I know , the middle fixings are a nut plate that slides into the channel on the roof then a m6 bolt goes through the windscreen frame into the roof can get a few pics tomorrow for you off my rebuild if you’d like ? Would do it now but I’ve been drinking wine as I’ve had my father over for Father’s Day and I’m just going to start another bottle hick .
  17. western

    low coolant warning light

    Look in tech archive there is at least 2 previous links in there
  18. trickydicky

    low coolant warning light

    hi iv decided to fit a low coolant light on my 200tdi so I brought a range rover coolant cap .I assumed it would have made contact when the fluid was low but its the other way round .so it brakes contact when the fluids low .now I have no idea how to wire it .can anybody give me a clue ?
  19. And if that does not work then you can also use hammer shock technique while under load from the spliter
  20. I made a new gasket for mine when I did my roof. I used some self adhesive closed cell foam (12mm wide & 3mm thick IIRC.) It seems to have worked well so far. The roofs that I have fitted have had threads behind the hole, but the threads move around a little, so I guess it must be a nut plate. (M6) Not sure how the nut plates are fitted, but I assume that they feed in from the front edge?
  21. Stellaghost


    I'm doing something similar at the moment as my Q reg ex military lightweight was built in november 1973 I phoned DVLA and got a really helpful guy who told me I need a V10 form filled in for historic tax a current MOT, my proof of manufacture certificate and my V5 Might be easier than that for you as not having to prove age but you will require the V10 Hope this helps regards Stephen
  22. In cleaning the roof it loosened up. Will repaint and put sealant on the lip when it goes back In.
  23. With the sun roof is it best to use the water stains as markers to seal or remove it before painting and seal when reinstalling?
  24. I am preparing to get the roof painted on my 110 rebuild and wondered what goes here? The parts diagram has either a self tapping screw or m6 bolt. There is no nut plate that I can see.
  25. The type shown is pretty much the same as the one I use. One hint - if the joint's taper doesn't seem to want to come apart don't just keep tightening and tightening until something breaks. Tighten it up reasonably-tight, then go and have a coffee (or a beer). When you come back half an hour later chances are the taper will have 'popped' as intended.
  26. Anderzander

    kiwi series build

    Looking great and really starting to come together 👍🏻 Whats your plan for painting or costing all this lovely steel work?
  27. FridgeFreezer

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    @deep it's a good point, but it's still better than if they'd bulldozed it to build a coal-fired plant there... electric's gotta come from somewhere and I'd rather have a wind turbine in my back garden than a traditional power station.
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