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  2. 19J suffer from heat stress which due to no intercooler can & does cause piston & cylinder head cracks, my 19J died of 3 cracked pistons & cylinder head cracks around 102000iles, it wasn't mistreated, it was replaced with a new 200tdi in mid 1994.
  3. Hello fella, had a look at your link, quite impressive to say the least Thanks for the info and has definitely and finally made sense, ill tell you what it was, I have or had a two spigot filler cap on the 19j im trying to fit and you are telling me to leave the rocker cover breather in situ, I suppose im quite lucky as I do have a couple of 19js engines kicking around(not that I paid any attention to them) and the MOD 12j, you know when you suddenly get that lightbulb feeling, as simple as this, took the rocker cover off with the spigot back and left of the of the cover, and an old pipe that was with one of the other engines and the lightbulb came on, so I followed your plan with the MOD 12j sump and breather equipment and it all seems to look like I know what im talking about, so thanks, I haven't fired her up yet, still waiting on my turbo getting back which should be by the end of next week, so if you don't mind and your interested ill let you know how it all goes, the other thing is am introducing a catch can which im sure your going to say is not needed but belt and braces fella. The only thing and concern to me is after looking at your link about your rebuild and with all that effort and obvious expense you still found it necessary to still modify the breather system, my old na never had any breathing problems, just a swirl chamber doing its thing flat out at 45mph, a compression test says that the "new 19j" is sound although the fact it has been sat around doing bugger all for 6 months lends to change the head gasket and check the pistons(done almost everything else) once shes up and running, but have these 19js got a big problem with the breathers? Someone has also said the run really hot, is that the case as well? ill leave you alone after this, promise!!! all the best
  4. On a 200tdi defender spec engine the alternator vee pulley should align with the rearmost groove on crank pulley, centre groove is for air con pump, forward groove for pas pump, make sure the alternator bolt lugs are forward of the engine bracket lugs.
  5. My rebuild id 1987 110 with Disco 300Tdi and LT77 box. Hitting problem after problem with engine been about 6 to inches further back. solving slowly them one by one. Here is my next one in pic, is running out of funds now to buy conversion kits ect, Is ther a DIY way to get round this, think I will need to do something with oil cooler pipes to.
  6. I'd say that the v8 R380 is going to be a tight fit in an 88". The short case 380 or LT77 with a v8 conversion kit may be better to package behind the series grille, while maintaining reasonable propshaft length.
  7. Today
  8. Hi I'm after a decent quality RRC v8 Stainless Y pipe - the bit that goes from the cast manifolds back. I'm currently using NTC7320 from Britpart, but the quality is utter carp: https://www.devon4x4.com/ntc7320-exhaust-front-pipe-358758.html Where each of the pipes merges they are basically squashed in half which must hurt flow, , the slip joints needed welding to stop them leaking and it's starting to rust out even though it's only a couple of years old. Any suggestions for decent off the shelf stainless ones? ISTR one of the manufacturers did one as part of a sports exhaust package but I can't find it at the moment... Thanks Jon
  9. The alternator pulley is a good inch behind the crank pulley in my 110 i assume this is not supposed to be like this, guessing alternator or pulley on alternator pulley is wrong has anyone ls had the same issue or dose anyone know of a way to fix this
  10. Don’t worry the carpet is going in the bin going black 👍
  11. I have a full set of superpro bushes except for the damper upper & lower fittings, ride is good & handles well. Plus the are oil, grease resistant so won't deteriorate of oil, power steering fluid gets on them.
  12. That’s great advice. Thanks a lot guys.
  13. call the rac or a locksmith. the rac have got in to a few cars for me, and my local locksmith (lives opposite to me) to my certain knowledge has never been beaten.
  14. bit of chassis chopping done today. (would have finished but ran out of cutting disks.) plus, this axle stand (my dads) compared to my big pair, is just terrible. same design as mine but the welds have no penatration at all. do you remember dads horsebox mot repair list from last year? (edit, you wont this is a copy and paste, again, cant be bothered to re write it...) i had to repeat the bushes yesterday (aftermarket garbage, went genuine this time) and when i lowered it onto the stands, the stand broke its welds and the lorry promptly hit the floor. no harm done but have you ever had to lift 7.5 tons up that you cant get a jack under. :shock: que one forklift truck later and it was sat on my axle stands and i got the job done. the repair? bash them straight again and some decent welding...
  15. With a 1" difference from side to side obviously at least one axle is not perpendicular to the chassis. It would probably be worth taking various chassis to axle measurements to try to identify the culprit(s). You don't want to apply corrective measures to the wrong axle end, and end up with the two wheel base measurements the same, but both axles non-perpendicular to the chassis. That could make steering very interesting! Whilst doing my ground up rebuild, still in progress, I recently checked my chassis alignment by using a plumb bob from various chassis locations to the garage concrete floor, chalk marking the concrete, and then measuring between marks. I found this was much easier than trying to measure directly on the chassis, even with the help of SWMBO. The result was a mis-alignment of just under a 3/16" on my front axle, and identical measurements on the rear axle. Since I have never experienced any steering issues I don't intend to take any action. I assume that this discrepancy is within the LR build tolerance. Best of luck with your detective work. Mike
  16. Cool thanks yet again. I’m guessing everyone gonna say original bushes over superpros ?
  17. unfortunately it is off.
  18. A little progress today, roof struts and repair patches to the GRP roof inside. i did fit some gas struts but they didn’t work as planned. Gas struts don’t lock themselves into a pre defined position either, if I did use them then i’d need to come up with a locking rod of some sort, I dropped the idea and went back to the original spring loaded arms, which after 47 years are still in good working order. ive created a timber bracket to hold the struts and to take the bunks, I will drop it down to my steel fabricator and get him to fashion replicas out of box section. and my my assistant for today was Millie looking her best....
  19. Might be worth leaving the hand brake off, if it's safe to do so, to stop it binding on. Griff
  20. Ignition on or off? If it's on can you put a screwdriver / crow-bar to prise open the window and trigger a window to go down?
  21. Paul The owner is incommunicado and don't know when he will be back. I have had the car since March. All the other buttons are down and yes I have tried all the doors and the boot. It is currently in front of my trailer but if I need to move it I will attach my Disco to the front of it and tow it out of the way. THe handle does feel like it is connected.
  22. Is there any resistance to the door handle? It's not unheard of for the cable to the handle to snap and thus won't allow you to open it from the outside.
  23. Hi Simon , I would see if the owner had a spare key first before putting a window through mate . Have you tried the other doors & are all of the buttons sticking up ?
  24. I am looking after someone's L322 and it is currently parked in my field out of the way and doesn't really need moved often. Today I went to jump start it and left the key in the ignition and shut the door. When I went back to it to try and start it the doors were locked and I now cannot get into it. The button on the drivers door is up suggesting it is unlocked but the door handle isn't doing anything. Can anyone tell me how to get into this car or is it a case of putting a brick through the window?
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