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    Yesterday my good friend David and I were out playing on a local farm where we able to get permission to enjoy the weather with our Land Rovers. Basically we decided that David can break trails, he drives with 35's year rounds. I drive a lot of miles during the winter so I opt for studded 235's. Even with the 35's it didn't take very long for David to bury the 90. Even though I was following David, I was still plowing snow and as we can see in this picture it was up to my headlights. No chance, David never even saw the ditch and when he felt it, it was too late. Lunch on the trail.
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    Giles - there was nothing xenophobic about that comment. Its a simple fact that different countries have different standards, and differences in the way people drive and what their experience in certain areas are. I'll give you an example. I live in France, and since roundabouts are a relatively new addition to French roads, a good proportion of people just dont know how to use them, some have never been trained or tested on them. Its not being prejudiced or xenophobic to say that, its simple fact. And for balance i'll add that i often forget about the unique French 'priority to the right' in towns & villages, and when i'm in Paris or Florence, i'm sure i'm not up to 100% with the local style. Please we've had enough snowflakes this week.
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    Ok I'll (reluctantly) bite... would it be ok for your to keep your xenophobic (being polite) comments off this forum? Thanks very much
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    Surely there are VW lumps we could use... they'll pass any test.
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    Managed to get some time this weekend to finish this off, had to get some bigger circlip pliers to put it back together but other than that there were no issues. CHRA back together with the cold side: Then the exhaust side in place (you have to put the bolts/clamps in place before assembling like this): And finally all together with wastegate actuator back on: I tested the wastegate and it opens with about 15psi so hopefully all okay there. The spindle spins smoothly without hitting anything, there is a barely perceptible amount of radial play but nothing in the axial direction which is what one would expect for a new unit. Old one had a bit of both. Turbo now stashed away ready for the re-chassis in a few weeks, just needs a new hose from the spigot to the actuator when the time comes 🙂
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    This is my great grandfathers workshop - note the lineshaft in the roof The car is a De Dion Bouton , not sure what the bikes are , and no I don't have any of them unfortunately . Fred Dibnah's presence on TV has certainly helped to raise the profile of engineering imo Steve b
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    So I have a trailer, a towcar, a dry workshop, all (ok most) the tools in the world, a phone for which you have the number, and several of your other dead cars already in my garden? What did I say to offend you
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    I had to go into Bromsgrove today so that our 9 year old little one could buy a birthday present for her friend. I decided to drive the long way back via the (tarmac) lanes between Stoke Prior, Tardebigge and Finstall. Impressive snow drifts in places up to 4 ft deep! The local farmers have cleared most of the lanes. Apologies for the poor quality phone pics, but Leah did the best she could!
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    If they can't see me in a big yellow van adorned with flashing blue lights and a quite loud siren (and believe me they don't), what hope have you got ? Mo 😂
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    Took the day off today so got a lot done. Starting with the fabbing of a front bush-bar/nose-bar/bull-bar or whatever you wish to call it Had realized that the radiator was way to vulnerable at the top as it sticks out a bit further from the front than the tubing, and I also needed a place to put the Winch-Line where it would be easy to reach. And finally it had to be removable for engine swapping: After that I drove out to my welder and told him to give it the usual treatment I then moved on to fitting some arches I had laying around just to stop the some of the mud before it hits my face And finally some poser-pics in the lovely Sunshine:
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    I note the document says responses can be on behalf of a club or other organisation - so presumably if the mods or someone came up with a sensible & eloquently worded response they could submit it on behalf of the membership of LR4x4. People on committees of clubs could do the same - I'll look into it with miketomcat as we're both on a committee.
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    Am based in Scotland and in Glasgow fairly frequently so could be persuaded to go and look at a Range Rover lol
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    Thanks James. Stephen, I just fancy something new, the 200 has done wonderfully for me and there's nothing wrong with it, just time for a change 😊 Mo
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    I've gone down a slightly different route, designing and printing an under dashboard vent that can be rotated to point towards the windows. Seems to help and also allows me to keep my feet warm by redirecting the passenger one when I'm on my own !
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    This is my, now complete, 'Ex-box'. The inverter is only 300W continuous (pure Sine Wave) but seems to cope with 550W for 2 mins until it overheats & shuts down. It's enough to run most small things like laptop chargers or a grinder for a while anyway. Si
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    Well.... They weren't steam powered.
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    Worked for Eberspacher for nearly 20 years and don't think a week goes past when I dont see a complete horror story on installations where people have ignored the instructions, so if anyone wants any advice on Eberspacher heaters or if you have a Snatch with an Eberspacher AC system feel free to PM. Just to be clear and no dig at anyone on this thread always tricky to write and not come across or be interpretted wrongly
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    a locked door only stops an honest person.
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    Update although I hadn’t received word from the dvla yet I decided to do a vehicle check on their site.... looks like its all gone ahead ok! I enclosed a receipt for engine purchase, photos of corisponding engine number, photos of the engine in the truck and a cover letter explaining what had been done which included terms like “new genuine parts” and “factory defender parts” happy days!
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    Ahh, copper slip. It really needs to be added to the duct tape/wd40 meme. If it moves and shouldn’t...duct tape if it doesn’t move and should...wd40 if you’d ever like it to come apart again...copperslip lol
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    If you have rubber mounts in the trailing arms, and they ahven't loosened the bolts in them on the axle, they will try to twist the diff forwards. That misalignment doesn't look bad at all I think its just the assembler not taking everything into account, and not having ALL bolts Loose, you really need to because it sits so tall without any weight on, even on genuine springs
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    Built from whatever they had laying about, tuned to move a small plastic car around at high speed... the state of tune may not be ideal for a 2-ton wardrobe
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    YEBBUT! they are £25, my 2 bulbs were 75p
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    I went back under the truck and used a micrometer this time to measure hole depths. The actual hole depths vary with the shallowest being 22.50mm and the deepest being 23.74mm. Not sure why they vary so much, but since the oil pan itself is approximately ~1.96mm thick, I guess they toleranced it. Funny that 22.50 + 1.96mm is 24.46mm. Per your recommendation, I've updated the photo annotations to use the workshop value of 25mm, but I guess if anyone in the future tries to tighten a screw and it doesn't go flush, then feel free to go down to a 20mm And just to show that i'm not imagining things, here are the screws that came off my factory engine.
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    I pulled a Mercedes out of a ditch this morning: In the evening I towed a polish articulated truck up a hill. No picky as my phone was flat. Great day! Daan
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    A wee run out this morning......
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    The normal hay delivery couldn't get through, so the rural life support machine did its thing: The little sankey behaved so well on treacherous roads, I was very impressed. It did amuse me having a mini snow drift inside the window in the morning: Blew in through the tiny gap between the two window panes.
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    102_0168_zpsa30b9ab4 by mark tilley, on Flickr
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    CHRA arrived the other day so this weekend should see it put back together all being well 🙂
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    My view. It’s minus 5 and the snow has blown around a lot. We have been in prime position to receive streamers from the east. Almost continuous snow this morning but now it’s turned scenic.
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    No.... but I do go and 'Fire up the Quattro', as I have a CQ20V for my daily...
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    Haven't got any here......yet I'm still hopefully though. Mike
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    I'm guessing along the lines of... And I second that driving around schools (by the parents) is about the worst. My mum's house is near a private school and she's seen SUV's drive up the road on the pavement so the little darlings don't have to walk 200yds from the large, free, public car-park at the end of the road!
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    Riding a motorbike helps.
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    that contains - Dodge Power Wagon, real cool truck, but don't remember them being build as station wagons
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    Started to snow here, looks like it will be testing my £90 gazebo to the limits over the next few days and it’s lasted so well so far
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    If it's just me or we go away last minute then we tend to sleep in the back of the 110, with the bike removed there's space for 2 of us, I am 5'11" and can lie flat / stretch out without hitting the back door. The lockable boxes making the floor have chequer tops so there's some rubber backed carpet door mats on top for insulation and then we on sleep self-inflating camping mats. Plenty of insulation in the roof/side panels keeps it warm and condensation free. Best of all it's pretty subtle and doesn't attract the attention that a roof tent or large camper might do. For longer trips we tend to take a tent to get a bit more room and you don't have to move all the kit around in the back before sleeping or pack up everything to fetch a pint of milk etc. We use a Quecha XL3 which goes up in a couple of mins and has held up to some awfully strong winds. There's an awning on the side which gives room for cooking / beer drinking in the rain. Very happy so far with the set-up, compared with a roof tent it's much cheaper and flexible. Overall height of the vehicle remains below 2.2m which a lot of car parks seem to be across Europe.
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    The irony being that most Euro6 compliant vehicles have worse emissions than 1980s vehicles...
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    Perhaps i should have worded it differently :P, it is possible but I know of 2 people who have done it and both have said they'd take the body off next time or simply not take on the job. Not trying to scare anyone off doing one, it's just best to go into it knowing what's involved.
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    Why not make them yourself ? Flare tool is not expensive and you get to make the 100 % correct. We did on several vehicles and it is just a matter of doing a few and it becomes quite easy..
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    Well I got the glow plugs to work... drum roll please... it started up in two revs. Monkie is right. Even if it's sunny and 70F (actually about 65 this evening, brrr), lack of heat from glow plugs delays time to start when cold, even if "cold" is 65F. At least this is the case for my 19J. Thanks monkie, my battery and starter motor are grateful!
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    I have experienced a broken operating arm and countless lift pump failures. The spacer that comes with the kit normally is too thick for a Tdi and moves the arm away from the cam. However, knowing Glencoynes experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for things Tdi, I'd give it a go. Anything has got to be better than jacking a wheel up to turn the engine over to find the sweet spot allied with the blisters on your hands from where they rub on pipes as you frantically pump, turn the wheel and slowly lose the will to live. Mo
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    Think his daughter has his Landie
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    Rattler I’m glad you’ve got a week off and can crack on. I’ve been waiting for your updates 😀
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    I have one, brought it back off holiday. Also have some others. Don't use them a great deal, take them caravanning or to the beach or woods every now and then. There are some really active groups on Facebook that go out most weekends and there are trials etc, even a national championship. There are also indoor off road courses for the fair weather folk Mines been Good, it's downside is it's weight, it's a big old thing compared to the others I have. I've put metal wheels on it to try balance it a bit better too. It's expensive upfront but cheap if you look at the cost of putting a 2 speed box, portal axles and difflocks on an axial kit. Put a light kit on it too to amuse the kids
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    As Sierraferry says they ARE important,but also that your engine starts well without waiting for them is a good sign.It means that the fuel system is in good shape and the engine has good compression.Look after it well and it will do alot of work. Also be thankful that it isnt a TDV6 D3 etc, once they get to around 80,000 miles most if not all of the glowplugs will be dead.Also engine compression will be down a bit... When the temp drops below about -3 they won't start. Not an easy task to replace the glows on them.
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    Think of it as a triangle, is what Carlos is getting at, I think. What you've designed makes a very shallow one, which acts as a force multiplier when pressure is applied pushing the point between the short sides towards the longer one. The shallower it is, the more mechanical advantage it has. Whether that's a problem or not for the exact geometry and forces involved probably needs some calculation. I'm sure you've covered this, so apologies if I've no doubt missed it in long threads, but wouldn't 1 link have been a much simpler, more compact and easier way to go? Pick up on the original axle mounts to an A frame (which could itself have that cunning box section stiffener/steering guard built in) with a large spherical or multi axis joint at the chassis end? Ought to be skookum as frig as AvE would say...
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    Thanks very much for all the replies. Jon, the Volvo definitely is the most sensible choice but having taken it to 160,000 miles and a few niggles started appearing, i sold it, unfortunately anything newer (quite like the V70 that came after mine) is still fairly expensive. Still, it was definitely one of the best cars i've ever owned. Well, i took the plunge, bought a 51 plate Vogue 4.6 on gas. It has a full service history and has very recently had all the brakes done (discs pads and calipers all round), new air suspension compressor, cats, full exhaust etc etc. It did have a leaking airspring but i negotiated £300 off the price and i've just changed all 4. So far it's lost no water, runs smoothly and everything seems to work (right down to the heated seats, which is pretty unheard of). Useful to know about replacing the timer relay, what are the benefits of swapping it? Now that the springs have been changed, it doesn't drop overnight so the EAS doesn't have to work particularly hard. I'll take all the other suggestions on board, it's had blend motors and o-rings within the last couple of years so they should be good for a little while. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes but i don't think i can lose too much at the price i paid... Cheers Dave
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