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    Depends on damage. You have given us nothing to work on really. Pics would help. From your description I reckon there is very little real damage. Nothing that a competent home mechanic couldn't fix for a few hundred quid and some free time. On the other hand it may be much worse than you make it sound. Has all the plastic on the inside of the buylkhead melted? Dash etc. Is there a hole in the aluminium of the bonnet? This would indicate a major fire and a fair bit more work.
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    I have the opposite problem. My wife's got a list of things she wants doing on hers, and every month she buys a few parts which I get handed to fit!
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    Shackle angles don't look too bad. However I can tell you for certain from personal experience that the launching of stuff from the back on bumps you describe is down to those terrible procomps. Furthermore damping a parabolic is much harder because it has way less friction, I've tried many things when I had parabolics, and only four dampers per axle did a decent job. I've since converted back to stock leafs and will never go back, with the 11 leafed versions you can really fine-tune the ride
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    Probably wait and renew on the 1st of October and keep proof. Unless you really want that last disc so you can see what your hard earned cash has bought you? Because it isn't going on the roads!
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    You mean after that enormous thread on d4x4 where competitors could ask questions directly to the scrutineer and rule makers some of them still failed? What a waste of entry fees

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