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    It should be towards the rear of the vehicle. If you get out of the driver's seat and turn 90 degrees to your right (assuming RHD) take one short pace (for a 90) or a long pace (for a 110), turn another 90 degrees to your right and crouch down you should see it underneath the vehicle craftily hidden by the wheel. Good luck!
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    Thanks again for all your advice and observations, will be ordering some new discs and brake pads, along with a couple of hub seals. While I am at it I will replace my brake flexi hoses (noticed slight perishing cracks). Will hopefully get all the bits together to coincide with my next holiday ! Its always awkward when you need your vehicle to get to and from work. Has anyone got any views on Halfords thread locking stick, ( looks like a Pritt stick) is it as good as the expensive, miniscule amount of liquid compound in the bottles. On the other hand maybe I was using to much, might be cursing next swivel strip down.LOL
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    Ingersol Rand 2135 TiMax. Look for a decent name and compare loosening torque.

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